Trump campaign accepts cash from notorious white supremacist

The Trump campaign has accepted three contributions in 2019 from Morris Gulett, a neo-Nazi.

The Southern Poverty Law Center summarizes Gulett's activities:

Emerging from prison in August 2010, Gulett wasted no time in setting up shop as the real Aryan Nations in Converse, La., and using the Internet for weekly “Sword of the Truth” sermons.

“I am the senior pastor at the Church of Jesus Christ Christian,” Gulett says on his website, using the longstanding alternate name for Aryan Nations, adding that his group is the “most-feared and revered white supremacist organization the world has ever known.”

...Gulett’s racial hatred is visceral. In one podcast sermon — he practices Christian Identity, a pervasively racist and anti-Semitic theology — he said he would celebrate Black History Month “when every Negro becomes just that – history.” And just as Butler did for three decades, Gulett closes all his sermons with a Nazi salute. “Heil victory,” he shouts. “Brethren, you know what to do. Let’s be out there and be busy about our Father’s work.”

In 2016, Gulett started a new racist church and singled out Trump for praise.

“The ideas that Donald Trump articulates about America now and where America is going as opposed to where it should be going in my opinion is admirable from a Patriotic Nationalists point of view,” Gulett said.

He said Trump “sounds committed and sincere and at this point in our political quagmire we can only hope that he is serious about freeing our nation from the parasites of the Republican and Democratic parties. We can only hope that he is a man sent by God to lead us out of the wilderness. But do not expect perfection.”

The Trump campaign cannot credibly claim they are not aware of Gulett's background. The campaign was put on notice when The Forward reported contributions from Gulett and two other white nationalists to Trump last year.

Gulett donated several hundred dollars to Trump and the Republican National Committee and 2017 and 2018.

None of the money has been returned and the RNC and the Trump campaign did not respond to requests for comment from The Forward.

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