UPDATE: Disney and Papa John's drop Tucker Carlson

Yesterday, Popular Information reported on several major companies that publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement but still advertised on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News. Carlson, who has a long history of using white nationalists rhetoric, had recently attacked and denigrated the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The piece spread rapidly on Twitter. 

By Wednesday afternoon, Disney contacted Popular Information and said it would no longer advertise on Tucker Carlson's show. "The ABC advertisements were placed by third-party media buyers who were unaware that we do not advertise on that show, and they have now been officially notified not to place any further ads," a Disney spokesperson said. 

A few minutes later, Papa John's, which on Tuesday said it would continue to advertise on Tucker Carlson, sent a new statement. Papa John's said it would no longer advertise on Tucker Carlson (or any other political opinion show). 

Veri, an office furniture company, also contacted Popular Information on Wednesday afternoon and said it did not plan to advertise on Tucker Carlson in the future.

The actions of all three companies illustrate the power of independent accountability journalism and public scrutiny. You can support this work — and help Popular Information do more of it — by becoming a paid subscriber.

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There is also an important correction to yesterday's piece. Popular Information reported that Johnson & Johnson had advertised on Tucker Carlson 25 times this year. But those ads were for Nizoral, an anti-dandruff shampoo that Johnson & Johnson sold in 2018. We regret the error. 

This will probably not be Popular Information's last mistake. But we will try to make as few as possible and, when we do screw up, we will be transparent about it. Accountability is a two-way street. 

(Photo by Jeff Gritchen/MediaNews Group/Orange County Register via Getty Images)