UPDATE: Intel ends financial support of Congressman Steve King

The October 18 edition of Popular Information focused on Congressman Steve King (R-IA), who has a history of embracing white supremacists and espousing racist views. Most recently, King endorsed an openly white supremacist candidate for mayor of Toronto.

Nevertheless, King continues to attract financial support from some of America's most prominent corporations and trade groups. For his 2018 campaign, King has received contributions from AT&T ($5,000), Berkshire Hathaway ($2,500), the American Bankers Association ($9,000), Land O’Lakes ($2,500), Intel ($2,000), and many others.

But in an internal October 25 email obtained by Popular Information, Intel's Director of Policy and External Partnerships, Dawn Jones, said that Intel was ending its financial support. After reviewing King's public statements, Jones wrote, the company determined they "conflict with Intel values" and "we are no longer donating to his campaigns."

We had engaged with Rep. King because of his support for IP theft protections, which is important to Intel’s business. However, an Intel employee raised concerns about the donations earlier this month. We looked into the congressman’s public statements and determined that they conflict with Intel values. As a result, we are no longer donating to his campaigns.

There has been no response thus far from AT&T or the other corporate donors to King's campaign.

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