It is unbelievable that we are STILL dealing with this oozing, infected, putrid wound that is Trump, nearly 10 years post that cheesy escalator descension.

He is promising to do more harm despite the fact that we are still in triage over the harm he’s already done. What does it say about this nation that he still has so much unending, rock solid support?

His support has nothing to do with Biden. It’s not like “oh, we support him because we don’t like Biden” There are other Republican candidates they could choose if that is the case.

The bottom line is they like his hatefulness, and his nastiness. His unique brand of ignorance + arrogance is considered strength to his MAGA. They aren’t alarmed at all that he’s literally promising to end democracy. They love him for wanting to do so.

I know one day, dear God, I hope it’s sooner than later, we will be rid of him as a person, and there will be no consideration of him as a president ever again. But we will never be rid of the kind of people who support him, and that is a problem that goes beyond Trump and his fascist wish list.

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This list of ‘Trump Commandments’ is necessary and should be blared from the rooftops! Thank you!

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(Sigh) Well, his followers will excuse him likely by saying something like "Big deal! It won't affect ME." I recall a certain priest in Germany to remind them of the possibility that it could be them. Trump survives by making sure there are blameable people. If he runs out of his current targets, he will look for new ones to attack.

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Thanks Judd. Just the tip of the orange pile of garbage.

Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon,

Kash Patel and a few others

have gleefully shared more

bullet points of Trump's next


Not one step back!

Dump Trump - Vote Biden!

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I am so proud of you! Keep going!

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Beautiful coverage! What an important exposé of all that we're facing! Everything you and your team address must be repeated and be given a loud and clear megaphone! Including the Washington Post's apology and correction. Please, continue to be "harsh"!

Trump is displaying the rambling of a mentally ill paranoid mind. Whoever is assisting the shaping of his agenda (Bannon and Steven Miller, plus others) should also be held accountable.

[Re drugs: So where's he going to get the pot that helps him have sex?]

Trump always looks for Ivy League graduates to add luster to his gold gilt (guilt), but he's anti higher education. Remember how he thought Jared was smart enough to run everything? His handling of Covid by him and his buddies was a disaster!

The Ivy educated Elise Stefanik knows how to work it--she's bound to win more power if T is elected.

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I have a recurring dream in which #MangoWanker #Turdking #Mobster is at a rally, pisses himself, and has a massive stroke...

Disabling and debilitating, unable to speak, type or tweet, incontinent and helpless, fed through an IV, but fully aware of the prison hospital for life.

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If all this sounds familiar, it's because when the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933, they followed almost exactly this same roadmap. And they did it very quickly; within weeks, Germany was essentially unrecognizable from a governance and cultural standpoint. So anyone who's not scared is not paying attention.

But don't just sit there being scared. Register. Vote (and vote Democratic all the way down the ballot). Help register others. Make phone calls. Write postcards. Donate to strong Democratic candidates if you can. Trump's support is formidable, but it is also beatable.

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All I wish for Xmas is for the name of that GD, MF'g former president be erased from human history!!

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The big picture. Mobster Trump owned by Moscow and Saudi for 25 years, owned by FBI/CIA before that, mob stoolie to Giuliani before that! And Trump being the student of obscenely EVIL Roy Cohn, one of Joe McCarty's scumbag liuetenants during the 1950s commie witch hunts. Ugh. https://gregolear.substack.com/p/give-me-secrecy-and-give-me-death\

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"When someone tells you who they are, believe them." You'll notice that much of this is made up of things that "conservatives" have projected onto the rest of us and accused us of wanting to do to them since the Rush Limbaugh went on the air.

If you look at the accusations of "conservatives" against their enemies, you'll realize that there is far more that Trump has NOT admitted he will try to do, but which he will. As we see in the current Trump legal cases, our court system does not seem to be well equipped to stop him since he does not believe in "regular order," the "rule of law," or the Constitution of the United States.

The news media has the MOST to lose if Trump is reelected, since he will shut down any media outlet that has not been sufficiently loyal to him and throw their owners, investors, and spokesmodels in jail. Education will disappear since teaching facts and accurate information on any subject always runs counter to "conservative" ideas and ideals, which are always built on fervently-believed lies and misinformation.

We're really talking about something akin to Mao's "cultural revolution." EVERYTHING that we have loved and valued, all the things that have TRULY made America increasingly "great," will be wiped away in favor of making America Trumpland (and Stephen Millerland, and Alex Jonesland, Seban Gorkaland, etc.).

If those in a position to do so, especially the witless, quaking, cowering, too-cowardly-to-be-anything-but-"conservative" media, do not begin to loudly tell the truth of what Trump has told us about himself and what he'll do, they will be signing their own (probably literal) death warrants. It is far past time for the media to do everything necessary to make sure the truth about Trump is inescapable and "trending" every day from now until the 2024 election.

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As for polls I call BS

Since 1976 I have yet to be polled.

If true most, no diversity in who they poll, and they only call 1,000 people out of 154 million people who voted in the 2020 presidential election.

That represents 0.0000064935% of the voters used in these polls.

Who besides me thinks relying on these polls is bogus?

I fear he will get the nomination no matter what Smith does at the Kangaroo Supreme Court. Every one of our "against Trump" Twitter statements is online. I have checked several sites. It is scary. We know Elon would do nothing to help. We would be brought to Trump Justice.

We are on the precipice. No matter. Get off your Duffs and get the vote out. Or democracy will be offered a cigarette and a blindfold and be gone by dawn.

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The media is the conductor on this rolling train wreck of democracy destruction. Time after time, reporters fail to ask follow up questions after a demonstrable lie is told. It’s bad enough when a politician is allowed to get away with an unchallenged falsehood. It is worse when an “average” citizen is allowed to do so.

Just recently, I watched an interview of an African American woman who claimed to have been stabbed in the back by Obama after voting for him twice. She went on to say that she was now going to vote for Trump because in his first term “he got things done.” End of interview. Two questions: who decided that this was the interview to air given that it is clearly not representative of African American opinion, and why was this woman not asked what Trump had accomplished? This interview was broadcast (cabled) on MSNBC. WTF is going on?

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I often react badly to “Trump hysteria” posts because I usually feel they are overblown. This qualifies. Yes, he could win again. And yes, that would be a terrible thing for this country in many ways, though probably not in the ways described in this post.

The last section:

“Trump says he will order the arrest of all urban homeless and relocate them to federally-run tent cities.”

The paragraph that follows does not support this statement - Trump hedges quite a bit in his comments about homelessness, does not say (in this writing) that he will “arrest all urban homeless.”

He is plenty bad enough that we don’t need to embellish his ridiculous statements or overstate them. Accuracy is extremely important! It’s important to report also that he says a wide variety of things that he has no intention or ability to put in place.

I need sober analysis and accurate criticism when it comes to Trump. This does nothing for me.

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Let us hope when he goes up for election in November 2024, Trump is already a convicted criminal.

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Send this to Kristen Welker and Lester Holt - who gently stroked agent orange rather than hammer his lies with tough questions. So if agent orange becomes dictator orange, bye bye NBC and Kristen Welker and Lester Holt. Holy cow?

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