I am disgusted.

MSM Labradoodle chased the ball again, brought it back and dropped it. Owned by the 1% they are almost as bad as FOX.

You are for us again us mentality of Bush Cheney has MAGATS telling us to go live in Iran.

Hopefully that 80 million dollar bounty will bring the Liar in Chief some pause and maybe some of the thieves in his administration.

I have mountain top property in FLA for sale for anyone who thinks John Bolton would tell the truth in a Senate hearing.

Lindsay Graham is a jackass of top proportions, too.

I am that mad.

I just hope that the rest of us do not get caught in the crossfire.

As for @Jack at Twitter. Any of the rest of us would have been permanently tossed off for the crap Trump tweets.

Damn Twitter and Facebook. I am sick to death of people who are crooked, The 1%, this president and ignorant MAGATS.

Off my soap box for tonight.

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Trump’s talking heads got exactly what they wanted, justification. And Johnson’s loyalty to his pocketbook played right into that plan. ‘Great journalism’ @ Sunday ‘news shows’ 🙄

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Hey Cathy, Are you screaming in your living room? I think I may be hearing you.

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Well, yes, the paid pundits banging the drums of profits, but really the story is the story. When will the NY Times, Wapo, et al learn? They were so complicit in stirring up WMD fear and not doing their jobs as investigators. We the people could see and smell the Bush bullshit but somehow the big media could not. Will they continue to fall into this trap? And why didn't Chuck Todd follow up the Johnson answer with the conflict of intere$t question?

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They can't play Trump's old tweets about Obama starting a war with Iran to get elected enough. Now if only his fellow Republicans, the media, and Democrats will stop enabling him...

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So why didn’t meet the press disclose to its audience who Jah Johnson work for? Super lame media strikes again!

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“WAR! Ugh! What is it good for? Absolutely........”everything, especially when it comes with padding my own already fat pocketbook. Not a good look Jeh or anyone else for that matter. Most people with half a brain cell left know that this, as with most conflicts, is all about maximizing others already overstuffed bank accounts and this country can just be damned!

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