5 months, 75 days

Today, instead of writing on a new topic, I want to hear from you. We are five months into a pandemic and 75 days away from the presidential election. 

What's on your mind? What topics would you like to see Popular Information cover in the coming weeks?

You can leave your answers to those questions (or anything else) in the discussion thread linked below, starting now. I’ll be dropping by to participate in the discussion and answer your questions at 10:30 AM Eastern, for about an hour.

These occasional discussions are usually only available to paid subscribers, but I’m making this one accessible to the entire community. Please be kind to each other.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The Popular Information team is taking next week off. Popular Information will return to your inbox on Monday, August 31.

UPDATE (11:30AM): I’m jumping off the chat but please feel free to continue the discussion!