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We are already in a "tyranny of the minority" situation, where the far right, which is firmly in control of the Republican Party, imposes its will on the entire country. Again, I will remind one and all that this will not end with abortion, though I stand by my prediction that the Republicans will in 2025 try to pass a national law banning abortion, assuming that they win the presidency, and have control over the House and Senate (and maybe even if they don't win the presidency, assuming that they have large enough majorities in the House and Senate--watch how quickly the filibuster is dispensed with if/when they do so). Obergefell is next. It will be followed by Griswold and Loving and I wouldn't even say that Brown v. Board of Education is safe. Alarmist? Very possibly, but people laughed at me and told me that I was nuts six years ago when I said that if Trump won in 11/2016, that would be the end of Roe v. Wade. People aren't laughing now..............

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Ugh! I don't want to live in a Christian patriarchal society. What will it take for Americans to overwhelmingly vote against the GOP? I'm losing hope.

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Thank you, Judd.

This is all VOTER SUPPRESSION in disguise

The Red states are desperate to become MORE RED.

And getting the young and liberals to leave does just that

And if you think this is bad, just wait until they BAN ALL BIRTH CONTROL.


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Codifying Roe is the only option. In the Senate we need at least 60 plus the VP (due to Manchin), which means a net gain of 10 seats. Attempting to pressure SCOTUS accomplishes nothing. The only way to accomplish anything is voting. Thirty-five Senate seats are up for grabs and 21 are held by Rs currently: AL AK FL ID IN IA KS KY LA MO NC ND OH OK PA SC SD WI. Fourteen are Ds currently: AZ CA CO CT GA HI IL MD NV NY OR VT. It absolutely is possible to keep and grow the Senate majority, but only if Ds, including grass roots, focus strategically. Right now, the Ds don’t have anyone focused on making this happen, at least not noticeably.

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"The Handmaid's Tale" has gone from a novel to a documentary.

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The Republicans “compassionate” talking points also seem to include support for providing “help” to the women who will now be forced to become mothers against their will. We know these promises are empty because they vote down any chance to improve the social safety network. Why don’t the Democrats call them on their b.s. by proposing legislation to provide socialized maternal and pediatric healthcare, increased support to children in foster care, etc? When the Republicans balk, voters will know exactly how little they care about women and children, even unborn children!

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It feels more important than ever to me to get the word out everywhere, ie all social media and even billboards with list of corporations supporting GOP/end of RvW. Women have a lot of economic power.

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Thank you for writing.

It would be prudent while these measures are legislated against, it should be legislated to:

1) Any state going against the federal law should be sued for damages.

2) SSN’s and life certificates should be issued for every confirmed OTC pregnancy test.

3) Life insurance and all standard benefits federal state and local will be immediately afforded to the unborn and their caregivers.

4) Mandatory pregnancy leave with the option for an expectant pregnancy vessel to work double time at their discretion.

5) Establishment of institutional caregiving homes (i.e. orphanage) fully funded by the federal government.

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Thank you, Judd—great report as usual.

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I don't trust the Republicans from my butt to the toilet. Perhaps we should support Trump's advice to Esper and shoot them in the legs.

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You know what the name is for controlling the fertility & reproductive cycles of a species? Livestock.

Republicans are reducing women to livestock. Enslaved peoples were referred to in terms of livestock because they were considered property. I don’t know what it will take to galvanize the majority of Americans out of our collective stupor and apathy, but we need to do it now.

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