So, according to Mitchell, only women are apparently having sex. No men are seemingly involved, and only women have the responsibility to "stop" this whole process.

Pardon my language, but on what f'ing planet is this ass living?

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Ironic that Jonathan Mitchell talks about women "controlling" their behavior when this is all about a consolidation of power for straight cis men (presumably "good Christian" moneyed whites, at that). What a monster.

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I'm not easily shocked these days, but I found Mitchell's statements about how abolishing Roe is about 'getting women to change their behavior' truly shocking. How should women change their behavior towards a rapist? Thank you for getting the news out about how radical he is. And congratulations on your perfect score from NewsGuard!

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"The facility will initially house 5,000 but will ultimately expand to 15,000 employees. That is "expected to make Apple the largest private employer in Austin."

This will make homelessness exponentially worse in Austin. It will also fuel an increase in sex trafficking by creating more male dominated tech jobs (most sex buyers are economically privileged, while the people they buy tend to be poor, mentally ill, and addicted).

A woman who works at Apple can probably afford to cross state lines and get a safe legal abortion.

Vast numbers of poor & working class women don't have that option, and have effectively been denied their reproductive rights for decades.

The consistent backlash against Second Wave Feminism (the only "wave" during which anything tangible was accomplished) has helped to create this problem.

There is no strong anti-misogynist movement in this country, and the superficial anti-racist movement has been weaponized against women (google "carceral feminist" for one egregious example).

The pearl clutching over the Texas abortion law is a joke.

Women's rights have been eroded and ignored for decades, and the so-called Left participated in this erosion.

Now - when it may be too late - the Left suddenly cares so much about (middle class) women's rights.

Meanwhile, they continue to defend the right of web sites to profit from the sale of raped kids online ("Repeal FOSTA") and to shame women who want to incarcerate rapists (as a survivor, I can think of a cheaper & more permanent solution).

Anyway, the phony hand-wringing makes me sick.

The Left abandoned women decades ago.

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Apple has invested a lot of money into building a facility in a state that has long been hostile to women’s rights. It’s not like this couldn’t have been predicted. What can we do to pressure Apple at this point? I’m open to suggestions.

Mitchell is another issue. He is a virus infecting the American population and his type has been tolerated for too long. Tolerance of extremism in the name of their free speech is what has gotten us to this point.

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Cook said that "the company was looking into whether it could aid the legal fight against the new law."


At the same time, Cook got a $750,000,000 bonus.

Wonder how much of their lobbying spend has to go through "looking into"?

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Wouldn't Apple's assistance in providing out of state reproductive health services, itself, violate Texas law?

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why aren't men punished? Do they bear no responsibility for a pregnancy?

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Anybody else notice that all these right wing anti-democratic and anti-(real) freedom problems all find their roots in white Christian nationalism? Or is it just me?

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It appears as though these companies signed up for the fiscal benefits and now hope someone else handles the issues before the social chickens come home to roost.

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It is all about how much money these corporations can make. States with less safety regulations for workers and states with less taxes make corporations more money. These corporations in Texas do NOT care about women’s rights, voting rights, responsible gun ownership, etc.

They just care about making money.

Mitchell’s arguments are horrific, with regard to women’s sexual rights. Maybe he should have voluntary castration? About as ridiculous as his statements.

Outlawing abortion is just going to take the cars from safe health clinics to “back alley” abortion clinics. There will be more death and maiming as there was prior to Roe v Wade.

Maybe the Republicans are so far into their bubble that they do not see they no longer represent the majority of people.

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