Ask Judd anything: 2020 edition

Hello! As we head into a momentous year in politics, I wanted to take some time to answer questions from Popular Information readers. Feel free to ask me about the 2020 campaign, corporate accountability, investigative journalism, Facebook, or whatever is on your mind. If you don’t have a question but want to share your thoughts with other readers, that’s also cool.

I’m going to dive in and start answering questions at noon. But you can start posting now.

UPDATE (11:58AM): I’m going to start answering the questions momentarily. I’ll answer for an hour and see how many I can get to. Feel free to click the “heart” on the questions you most want answered. If you ran across this thread and aren’t a subscriber to Popular Information, you can sign up here.

UPDATE (1:10PM): Whew. That was a lot of questions. I’m going to duck out now but feel free to continue the conversation. As a reminder, Popular Information is on hiatus next week. I’ll return on Monday, December 30!