Sadly, many of the people she is talking to believe her without question. “Radical, extremism, hate America” ravings have become commonplace background noise to most of us but to the audience: it feeds the void where their souls should exist. It fires up the brain, continually reconfirming their hatefulness & self-righteousness. Those poor folks are bombarded by this message all day everyday from Loeffler, Trump, Hailey, Kirk, Graham & so many others.

It seems these caricatures think if they let up for a single hour on making these outrageous claims, their audience might start coming out of the fog.

Without the steady drone of excitedly shouted lies, they might start to look around & see how normal Democratic politics were redefined by an audacious narrative started by Trump & is now the rights rallying cry, despite the words being vastly untrue & despite what these town criers said in the not so distant past...

Unfortunately, Democrats are awful with branding, narrative & understanding the power of the message in modern social media based politics. Their response is tepid, (strongly worded emails), poor, too slow & reactive. Though true messages, often presented in a way that doesn’t have any sticking power. They are outdated & lost ground & candidates by letting the right & hastily thrown together social activist messages, run the message. Meanwhile the Loefflers make a name for themselves on these lies, making it harder to see a path forward.

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Lies, lying and Liars make up today's GOP. Those sound bites are killers out of context. I watched a good VA candidate, Webb go down to this same crap in the fall TV ads.

Good job, Judd. You make me realize why I dislike her so much and now more! Aw. The 1%.

Love Warnock's Beagle ad. My Dad always said the good natured Beagle was a great judge of character. Bet Warnock's Beagle would growl at Loeffler.

This ad stuff should be part of campaign finance reform and soon.

Do go donate to Warnock and Ossof at Act Blue today!

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I had to visit that website and wow did I get a good laugh. It's so embarrassing how far the right is willing to go to cling to power. Keep up the good work Judd and keep exposing loeffler for what she is: A massive hypocrite and a racist. Warnock knew she was only at his church for a photo op. She is pure scum and the good people of Georgia need to reject her strongly.

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Worth reading

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They are all hypocrites. The best gift would be that there are plenty of GA supporters soured by the belief the process is rigged and that they think Loeffler and Purdue haven't done enough to help Trump, that they won't vote! I can only hope. Judd and Tesnim thank you for all the work you have done and continue to do, not an easy job.

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