And yesterday, Ms. Lake, who is known for her calm, circumspect personality ("eye roll emoji") implicitly threatened to take Arizona out of the Union if she is elected in November, because of the raid on Mar-a-Lago yesterday.

I can only say, "Byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".........................

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Our political system is absolutely insane! Ducey told the stone cold truth about Lake until she snagged the repub nomination then fell in line to toe the line? We are in a topsy-turvy world indeed. My sincere hope is that enough right minded folk right the ship of state thru their votes and we avoid the iceberg that is right there in our path.

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Too many people leading double lives to support their bank accounts. No way to run a sustainable society.

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Arizona is on growing list of states that I wouldn’t live in. I can survive and even thrive with Republicans, Democrats or Independents in office, but living among people who elect Trump version 2 to run their state is something I couldn’t do.

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Corporations do not vote. Political donations should only be accepted from living American Citizens. Federal Elections should be Publicly Funded.


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Thank you for the list and amounts of money the corporations are buying the AZ Republican votes with. This information allows all of us to see how elections are bought and paid for, by big corporations in the US.

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Arizona: Where Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema are beyond disappointing and where Republicans are either feckless cowards or conspiratorial opportunists.

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Excellent fact report, Judd. Thank you for

showing what corporations are backing

these delusional party line candidates. It

continues to show how far down the

rabbit hole the Republican party has gone. As for the FBI judicially approved

search of Trump’s residence yesterday,

for a federal judge to approve that

subpoena, there had to be compelling

evidence to back it up. Trump’s in

trouble and he knows it.

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You have to keep in mind that people vote for these people. While she may be a crazy nut job, the people voting for her are just like her so that is a bigger problem. And we need to promote her opponent and get that person the recognition he or she deserves. I don’t even know who her running mate is because there’s been so much news coverage on her. Just like there was so much news coverage on Trump. Let’s get some positive news out there.

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How are the dumbest people in the world winning nominations for office? Fall people who don't have any morals or convictions. They only see $$$ and corporations see patsy's that will do their dirty work for them.

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Thanks for keeping the truth rolling in in a well-written format, Judd. I share your articles with others.

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Awful! Great report, Judd.

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Lots of crazies running, or trying to run Arizona. I just hope saner people prevail in races. It's disgraceful what these "stop the steal cons" do to keep the lies and liars in power. Feckless is too kind for them, they're contemptible human beings who no longer know or care about truth.

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Is there anything people can do that own stock, have insurance with, or own stock in these companies to show our outrage to these companies?

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She is a Wack. Job. Please do the right thing AZ

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Such a scary platform she has:

- Stopping the flow of illegals into AZ

- Tackling homelessness in AZ

- Improving the education system

- Focusing on families first

- Fix election integrity problems

- Protect small businesses not giant corporations

- Reject all forms of racism

- Protect all first and second amendment rights

- Protect religious freedom

- Support police and ensure strong and effective law enforcement

- Support rural communities

- Increase water storage capacity in the state

- Advance Arizona economic growth

She is for building the wall as Joe Biden was for not so long ago. She is pro-life like Joe Biden once was not long ago. She rejects the woke ideology that Biden has adopted after claiming he was a moderate to get the job. I guess these are the things that the left uses to define her an extremist.

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