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The party of criminality seeks to criminalize the party who is trying to do the most good for the people. The democratic party is far from perfect, but to have the same folks who support an insurrection minded and criminal former president claim the "law and order" banner, should be insulting and offensive to any thinking person.

These guys believe in boldness and guile. They display their malfeasance for all to see. They vote against legislation designed to help the regular folk, then claim credit if said legislation passes. They pound the "fear" button every chance they get, because that's all they have. They don't care about you or me no matter what they say. They see people as objects to be used until no longer useful.

Who was it that lied about the ACA, then tried to quash it while taking credit for it, at the same time? And that is only one example of the RW trying to undo legislation that is good for everyone!

Can we vote them all out of office, please? Vote for real patriots, not self proclaimed ones this time?

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I find it hysterically funny the Rs refuse to support any D legislation including ones on crime. The very nanosecond Ds make a move to address crime, to talk about it and try to make sense of how to fix it, Rs descend into madness and begin attacking with such fervor that it almost seems as though Ds and Rs are mortal enemies fighting to the death. It’s a R tragicomedy, only it’s not funny at all. Just sad.

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Wow. The gate opened and the liars came charging out of their Republican caves.

All have set up the circumstances to weave intricate lies regarding their Democratic opponents.

This whole GOP thing has been planned and instituted over many years.

Back to Reagan and beyond, where dirty dealing became dirtier , to the present where filth is the law of their land. Attacks constituted by more and more situations , set up by Republicans votes, or votes against. These get twisted up by their authors to attack Democratic candidates for what they,republicans have created.

They then, in a Nazi moment, paint themselves as opposed to their own design.

They , the Republicans actively and repeatedly lie again pretending to be disturbed by their own promotion.

This is “crazy-making” behavior. It creates chaos , hate and total misunderstanding , as is their aim.

This all, from the playbook that authoritarians wrote.

Donald Trump perpetuated it because he could. So did Mitch and , and Marsha, Elise S and all the other dishonorable Republicans, willing to win no matter how filthy it gets and what destruction occurs because of it.

Their lust for money and power is matched only by that of their consultants, Hitler , Putin and ( V.Orban, )who was their invited guest speaker to their own conservative convention.

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Attack ads by RNCC in VA against Spanberger claim that she supported millions of dollars for luxury hotels and golf courses, citing her vote for the American Rescue Plan. Which passed with GOP votes. Turns out that Red Florida and Iowa used money designated for helping revive local tourist economies. The money was essentially a $350m block grant for states to use at their discretion. The attack ad is full of these distortions. Spanberger is running a positive ad campaign but these attack ads are damaging. She needs to counter.

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Thank you Judd for this well-researched and timely journalism.

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We don't have a democracy per-se... we have a Ruling Class that funds their way to run the country with their hand picked puppets

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Political ads on Television were a large reason Youngkin in VA defeated McAuliffe for Governor. Fanning the anger of the base works. The Dems have a hard time other than Twitter where the Blue membership rail "Roevember," I have yet to see such an ad on TeeVee fanning the base of supporters of R v W.

Assuming people will get out and vote "just because" was the end of McAuliffe.

Thousands of Virginia high school and middle school students staged a walk out on Youngkin's repressive Transgender policies last week. We are just getting started. If the VA Senate falls to Republican control, it's toast. If ever a story you missed the mark was on Youngkin. He is capable of being the DeSantis of Virginia.

Otherwise people get out the vote, join a call bank, throw dollars to Dems who can win and write postcards.

Make sure if you live in a Red State that you haven't been purged before voter registration ends for Nov. Know where your polling station is as they have become fluid in many red states.

You can check at your Registrar or


Vote like your Democracy depends on it.

It does.

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Political ads have nearly always been full of misdirection, lies and innuendo. The problem is not the ads, however. The problem is the abysmal media literacy of many of those who see or hear this junk.

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The irony of attacking Senator Warnock as soft on crime is just so appalling when the Republican candidate, Hershel Walker, has actually been accused of criminal conduct toward his wife (pointing a gun at her head). Nevermind that he lied about the children he fathered and ignored or that he bragged about being an honor graduate of UGA when he never even graduated or that his business dealings were shady. He will do as he's told by his Republican sponsors. I guess I'll have to send another donation to the Warnock campaign, even though I really can't afford it, and I'm not sure it will matter.

Having been raised in the fifties when girls who got pregnant were shipped off to relatives or homes for unwed mothers, I wish Democrats would remind people what an awful time that was. How are Republicans going to treat all these pregnant girls? Will they be allowed to stay in school? Forced into shotgun marriages? And what about those children being raised by mothers practically children themselves? Talk about a school for crime. We can't adopt or homeschool our way out of this.

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I've seen a number of these ads before reading this excellent work, Judd, and it made me want to throw up. Now that urge is even greater.

How do we end this madness? Wouldn't it be nice if we could either ban political ads outright or ensure a third-party independent fact-check organization has to approve anything before it runs? Taking a page from the MPAA?

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We've been getting the same sort o of ads here in WA and I don't know why our state party (or someone) isn't countering them.

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I'm disappointed that Dems did not have a plan of attack knowing this is always the GOP go to...GOP are better marketers and it's always the same line of attack and yet Dems are not aggressive or do not go on the offensive. There so many ways they can mitigate by focusing on:

1) how GOP voted against infrastructure and relating it to regular citizens including Rural voters, or

2) how they stand for no exceptions and thus willing to kill women AND their babies in schools by not even requiring basic screening or closing of loopholes for buyers of AR15s, or

3) how GOP talk about crime but then scroll a list of all the solutions to fight crime that they voted NO on so they are complicit

4) play the verbatims with their key talking heads admiring Putin and other leaders and how they are going to force all Americans to live by their ultra conservative Catholic beliefs and authorianism whether you want to or not and that this includes eliminating ALL Americans right to vote and forcing you to depend on your State officials only to decide your vote (see Supreme Ct docket)

5) that they will eliminate SS and Medicare (FL Senator) - this will get the voting seniors to pay attention!

I can list a ton of issues that would mobilize women / voters and be impactful yet Dems complain / whine and don't TAKE ACTION to change the game! Frustrating when Dems have a solid chance to win both Senate and House and is essential as democracy is what's really at stake...get strategy suggestions from the new Twitter Lead for the White House from NJ - she gets it!

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I listened to a podcast with Sarah Longwell and Tim Miller from August. Sarah conducts focus groups all over the country specifically to gauge voter attitude. Two points stuck with me. 1) When she tells a group they were all Trump 2020 voters, the voters get animated and suddenly the mood is like a “family reunion” where they talk about the most fun thing they did at rallies. 2) Voters, including past Trump voters, are responding to a different “vibe.” There’s a shift from nasty to calm. I can’t relate to the first point, but the second tracks to my personal and general experience. I am so sick of the vitriol we’ve been living with.

I hope the Ds don’t resort to the R brand of attack ads. There is way more than enough ammo to run attack ads that feature facts.

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There's a Republican former police chief here who resigned and is now running for Congress in my district. Rather ludicrously, he's blaming the Democratic incumbent, and our Governor (who is also a Democrat and has signed into law a bill making it harder to purchase semiautomatic weapons in my state) for crime that is "out of control." The real reason is that since the pandemic began, hundreds of police officers walked off the job, and there are still hundreds of vacant positions unfilled. And when this guy was chief, he wasn't exactly the cream of the crop. He was pressured out of his job 2 years ago due to allegations of mishandling the case of a mentally ill Black man who was mistreated by police officers, resulting in his death. https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/09/08/910791494/rochester-police-chief-laron-singletary-resigns

Oh, the irony of a police chief who chooses to cut and run when he's criticized, and who points fingers at people who believe in protecting the innocent.

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Abort the GOP and all of the capitalist fascism that comes with it.

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While I can appreciate the reporting here, I have to disagree with crime being the big issue voters will be looking at. Despite the ads slinging soft on crime BS, I worry voters will be blaming Dems for our economic woes. Seems it’s always money in politics, from whichever angle it’s viewed.

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