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They are building a wall. A great and beautiful wall. To keep out uncomfortable ideas and give themselves something to hide behind. What joy it would be to have the power to extend such a wall around only those who wish to cling to the hatred and outmoded ideas, so that they and only they are ensconced in their own little pocket universe, unable to affect anyone but themselves. Dream a little dream indeed!

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Whenever I read something like this, I immediately think of it in context of myself and the people I care about, and ask how I would feel if it was happening to me or them. This isn’t about a book or a pronoun question that’s tough to explain, nor is it about keeping kids safe. It’s not about education. It’s about discrimination and re-education and it’s damn scary.

This makes me think of RBG’s case involving discrimination against a man in the 70’s who wasn’t deemed qualified to receive govt’t financial support for the same kinds of situations women were qualified for. RBG argued on his behalf, demonstrating anyone can be the target of discrimination. It was brilliant in its simplicity - anyone can be a target of discrimination in any situation. And of course Marc Elias is the most visible example in this moment with voter suppression.

Florida parents need to find their RBG or Marc Elias to keep the legal issue in the news, demonstrate to parents in general that someone has their back, and fight like hell.

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The Repugs harped over abortion--a red herring to distract from their cynicism and corruption. We all know how that went when they followed through with their threats to Roe v Wade. Now, it sounds like SEX and Marriage are going to serve as a red herring for the Bible-thumping, flag waving hypocrites. Ironically, the preponderance of Republican sex and child-abuse scandals were no deterrent for the Holier-than-Thou coalition (think: Matt Gaetz, Donald tRump, Jim Jordon, and an array of Southern Christian pastors, including Falwell, Jr . . .), so, imagine how the country will respond when collective sex lives are scrutinized for attack.

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DeSantis. This is the guy that is the golden boy for the GOP's future. If that doesn't scare the heck out of ya, it should. Meanwhile in FLA the home insurance companies are leaving the state and residents are scrambling to get coverage. A real crisis. Yet book removal is so trendy for the GOP.

I had a female Goose that raised ducks of many species and I can't help but think this crazy "don't say gay " application towards 2 male penguins raising a chick couldn't spread to people of different races, adoptions, bi racial kids and couples and everything else.

Where does this mentality against the LGBQT community end? Makes me sick and angry that so much personal life is being legislated by the likes of DeSantis and the far right in our country. In DC Gaetz of Florida who is an alleged pedophile is leading the charge against McCarthy a seditious cover-up'er. How in the world does someone find a book about 2 male penguins, a boy who likes to wear dresses or anything mentioned here, worse than reality in America today?

Love is Love.

Judd have you any word on DeSantis war against Disney? Thanks for this story. I have a few new books to order as gifts.

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Imagine what a President DeSantis would do...............

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This is just so incredibly sad. Being different doesn't mean it's wrong. If you don't want to be gay, don't be gay. I genuinely don't understand why people have such a hard time with what other people do in their private lives. Indoctrination simply isn't happening. It's just not.

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DeSantis is GROOMING his state populace. Dumbing them down.

So 2 penguins, both males, take in

inan orphan chick and raise it. I guess DeSantis doesn't realize there are birds in his state that

raise the young of other birds and

gee, female cats will take in other

females, nurse and raise them. An

ignorant man with Fascist leanings.

The new golden darling of the GOP.

By the way, Judd what's the golden

boy doing with the billions he's raked in from disaster relief and

and the 1 5 billion his state got

from the opioid settlement?


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So, think about all the actions that Ron DeSantis thinks will win him the Presidency of our country! We have work to do. He promotes judgment and unkindness: self righteousness and a lack of love.

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DeSantis reminds me of George Wallace and other southern legislators who embraced “The Lost Cause” and ultimately were left on the roadside of history. That the GOP is willing to bite the hand that feeds it like in the case of Disney, these are the last desperate gasps of the apartheid regime that is the south.

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This makes me so sad. It’s essentially book burning. The books described show young readers the different ways that people (& penguins) choose to live, who they are, and promote an understanding. It’s called learning. There’s also a benefit to those children who worry they’re not like everyone else, to learn a better awareness and acceptance of themselves. This book banning is plain mean-spirited, another way to divide us and to fear and shun the others. Better to know others. For the love of god, humanity, and the world around us, can’t we just be kind?

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First, DeSantis came for the gays. Next, DeSantis will come for people of color,. Then DeSantis will come for anyone who looks or thinks differently. Without a moral compass, he will only accelerate these values. Speaking of moral compasses, the business and faith communities have stood up before to government officials who spread fake news and hate and discord. Business and faith groups can stand up to DeSantis and say I am a brother, sister, son, daughter , employer of LGBT community.

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I remember my instruction as a Catholic elementary school pupil in the Midwest (at the local Cathedral, no less) as being completely indoctrinated in every aspect of life, with sexual repression and anti-other aggression being core underlying elements. I distinctly remember being taught the Roman Catholic religion is the only "true" religion, and we would be the only souls allowed into Heaven. ALL other religions were heresy and their followers were infidels. So much of what I read today about the White Christians' message is a verbatim regurgitation of Catholic educational instruction of the 1960's. Talk about moving backward! I sincerely hope the good people of Florida, Texas, Arizona ... unfortunately, the list goes on ... stand up for expansive education, not repressive indoctrination.

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This is all part of the radical right’s attempt to use fear to achieve power. They use words like “indoctrination” to raise stress levels.

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Well documented as always Judd. I'm not convinced this works in the Republicans favor even in the short term. LGBTQ peoples and their advocates are certainly negatively affected by this terrible law, but these anti-LGTBQ actions continue to further erode support from libertarian and "center" conservatives from the Republican voting pool.

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We live in “interesting times”. As life around us, changes dramatically, people react by clinging to what they are most familiar with. Those who most need stability will fight for it no matter how little sense they make. It’s just that they do a lot of harm in the process and things change anyway.

As applies to the Florida law, this way of doing things in a state where the GOP has locked up the power, they will continue to try to” preserve” the status quo that makes them feel stable.

I wouldn’t mind so much, but DeSantis and his crowd are a bunch of bullies. The law was written specifically so it could be applied “ liberally” to make them feel comfortable and in charge.

Pay attention, people, because DeSantis is getting a body of conservatism around himself. But it’s always done in an underhanded fashion with portions of the law being quite vague, so that they can prosecute “liberally.”

The point of this law is to attract similarly conservative people who think they are protecting the public and doing so out of good “Christian” righteousness. (I am a retired pastor, and this kind of stuff makes me sick. It has nothing to do with the tenants of Christianity.)  DeSantis has a weakness: he can’t see how out of step he is and he stretches the truth to fit his needs. He’s a grand example of the wrong kind of conservative. 

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I wouldn't worry about it. These people are so scared of change because they know they can't stop it. Meantime, their political leaders are taking special care to shoot themselves in both feet.

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