So glad this is a public post. Facebook’s role in spreading disinformation MUST be exposed repeatedly

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Zuckerberg has the shits because if Bernie or/& Warren get elected he is going to have problems & not only in the TAX department, I wonder if the Democrats do well & win the senate if a big increase in Tax on billionaires or anyone with over 10 million is in the pipeline

Plus Mr Zuckerberg may find himself in the regulatory sights along with if they have any brains Murdoch/Fox News, Truth in advertising & News broadcasts legislation might finish both

If Zuckerberg' wants to kiss right wing arse he may regret it, as most of the Right in the US are well disguised Nazis who would have no love of Mr Zuckerberg at all, as I have said before Get rid of the Murdoch Press & FOX NEWS and watch things quieten down

I have watch in Australia Murdoch who controls 70% of the Paper wreck democracy here by backing the Liberal who are right wing Conservatives who are running this place into the ground

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Call me old fashioned, but I loathe, hate & despise Face Book! It is now a purulent pustule of national infection. If Face Book & it’s spawn are not making us better people then they will ultimately ruin us. Zuck’s actions speak ever so much louder than any of his convoluted excuses before the American people ever could. If his political platform isn’t soon regulated, as the press is, he will have singlehandedly killed any chance of us getting out of this mess that we have put ourselves in by thinking his platform is harmless.

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