No shock about the firing of the IG, and once again, his supporters will see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

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Greed and being for the 1%, in this administration is always on the forefront, while forethought for the rest of us is in the alley thumbing through trash cans and dumpsters.

I have verifiable accounts from two friends about the nightmare of using the websites of their banks to get through this loan process. One secured the loan in 48 hours the other in 72. The secret it seemed was staying up most of the night.

Of course he fired the Inspector General.

The Republican Senate gave him a pass to do anything he wants until election time. Evidenced by the new Mantra "back when that Impeachment was on his mind" as Moscow Mitch stated as the reason who couldn't think about coronavirus.

Trump could golf, party at Mar A Lago and hold rallies, though.

Wonder if Trump's interests, Ivanka and Jarad's were at the front of the line to get their share of the SBA loans?

They have more shell corp's than the Easter Bunny has chocolate eggs. You can bet if those grifters have the chance, they will bird-dog their way across the hunt to kill it!

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This c*** makes up to $1m per year, and his wife has applied for a small business loan. Each of you are borrowing $18,000 to bail out the rich (not counting Nov 2017), and you get a $1,200 check in return. Get it? Sometimes I just have to scream into a pillow.

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Hey Marco: Sucks to actually have to, you know, govern, doesn't it? What an ass.

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Nancy Pelosi sucks.

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