Mastriano and Cox both support Trump’s Big Lie and had involvement in the January 6 Insurrection. Republicans elected them to run for Governor. The RGA apparently supports them no matter what because they are Republicans? Really? It says to me that companies who support the RGA certainly have no allegiance to respect for truth or the rule of law.

So what drives these companies? It’s the soulless quest for money and influence with no moral backbone. And this also points to how much the Supreme Court needs to be reformed because they opened the floodgates to corporate influence at the expense of the citizen and the democratic structures through their ruling on Citizens United.

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Separation of church and state.

All of this Republican holier than thou

political rhetoric and the money that's

invested in many of their candidates,

especially with this November and 2024

in their gun sight, to say nothing about

their all seeing knowledge of the mind

of God, is reprehensible. Consider that

so many of them have been revealed

as thieves, frauds and sexual predators.

Definitely white supremists.

Super PACs, PACs, corporate backing

should be taken off the board entirely.

Campaign finance must be reformed.

But the bottom line is our votes. Who

we vote for, even in gerrymandered

districts. VOTE THEM OUT.

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Of course the "mainstream" Republicans are getting behind Mastriano. They need him in Harrisburg to deliver PA's electoral votes to whoever they run in 2024 whether Trump or some other extremist. They don't care in the slightest about all of the damage he would do to the state of Pennsylvania during what would surely be a one term reign of error.

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What troubles me most is that these mentally deluded nuts are allowed to campaign as if they are perfectly normal citizens. They are not. We’ve been so fearful of offending the religious and offending the right wing even if they bring in deadly rhetoric and threaten specific groups of people. I’m getting more disgusted by the lack of proper response than I am with the crimes! Do we stand against this or NOT!?

I’m sick to death of politicians announcing something must be done. They need to get on the podium and say, we HAVE implemented this law, the president has made an executive order for ______!

These are not issues of free speech. It is terrorism! Treat it for what it is!

What do the nuttiest people on earth have in common? Religion. Abrahamic ones. Time for this country to act boldly to protect it’s citizens and stop feeding money to houses of superstition. The money not collected due to property tax exemptions can help all Americans.

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If Mastriano is elected, Pennsylvania will veer sharply to the right and will become no different than Alabama or any other red state. You will see a complete abortion ban and the same type of pugnacious governing that we see out of Ron DeSantis in Florida.

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If the good people in Pennsylvania cannot see through this man’s pack of lies and if they should happen to elect him as governor and he has the power to appoint an attorney general then Pennsylvania will be lost as far as democracy goes.

There has to be a way to make sure that the voters know what kind of an extremist he is.

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I'm sure he's having tons of affairs and probably paying for abortions. Can you please dig up the dirt that's surely there? I'm just praying that something comes out soon that derails his campaign. I'm terrified of him - he's a psychopath.

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Republican #1: You want *this* guy to be our candidate? He's a literal axe murderer!

Republican #2: He's a Republican, though.

Republican #1: Well, you have a point.

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This is one of the most disturbing articles I've read recently- I had not heard of Gab, and how in the world do Christians think they're following their "religion" by assuming these kind of beliefs and actions - that God's on board for those kind of beliefs and actions. And I agree with so many of the other comments here - that politics has become ALL about how many vote you can buy - if you are a company, a wealthy individual, a political pac... it's ALL about advancing one's own self, one's own financial succes. Sometimes I feel like our country is crumbling beneath all this crap. It's terribly depressing. Thank you Judd - we need to keep this stuff on our radar, though I don't know what we DO about it. Where has the "hope" side of political reporting gone.

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Now they're saying the quiet part out loud. RGA is a collection of soulless, evil, power hungry individuals who do not care about governing or what the majority of the country wants. So what if he's a racist and a bigot? He's a Republican, so we're going to do EVERYTHING possible to elect him. Oh, he murdered and raped babies?!?! So what, still a Republican, let's vote him in!

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And here I sit, disgusted that the likes of Google and Visa use their profits to enable dangerous monsters like Mastriano, typing on my Android phone, having used both Google Pay and my Visa card at least once today, and Google search several times. Maybe I should go and live in a cave.

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Mastriano is getting a LOT of press lately - all free from MSM, speaking to his ultra-MAGA christo-nationalism schtick. And worse, the Dems are paying for ads debunking his lies and distortions. I'm not sure which is worse, the free ride he gets from the media or Dems pouring money into ads so that he is front and center in voters' minds. No wonder he's only a few points behind Shapiro, who's the best bet for Pennsylvania's next governor. If Shapiro loses, it will be on the Dems for keeping this MAGAt front and center, instead of letting his candidacy implode on itself!

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