Liz Cheney just said it best: 'We're electing idiots.'

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When kids ask what does it mean when someone says, "Give him enough rope..."? It's stunning that anyone would vote for this idiot a 2nd time, much less a third. We really need to step up critical thinking and bring back ethics courses.

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"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." -Aesop

"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." -Thomas Sowell

Mr. Sowell, if you're reading this, it is far worse than that. Many of those people making those decisions are rewarded for them through bribes and insider trading. This is a potent recipe for unimaginable corruption that has lead directly to immense societal degradation.

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What’s that saying? “Better to leave one’s mouth closed and let others think you a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.” Normally this sage advice is reserved for small children who’ve gotten a bit mouthy, and that’s so obviously not the case here.

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Looks like the twice-impeached one-term confirmed sexual predator newly indicted on espionage former Liar-in-Chief is a one-trick pony.

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But trump does this all the time , and still hasn’t been held accountable in any real meaningful way - trump puts his stuff out there - he keeps talking - and ( for his base) the product is, it diminishes his crime / in their eyes it’s no big deal - it’s not that bad - but oh look look - Joe Biden did worse !!! Trumps tactic does work ! For the republicans- until it stops working - which hasn’t happened yet.

Trumps mentor Roy Cohen- taught him well I guess - deny it - then lean into it - admit to it / and just render IT, a matter of fact with a shrug !

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Uh, too soon?


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I was reminded yesterday that in the trial, his defense attorneys need just a single juror to find reasonable doubt and decline to move from that stance. Everything done to normalize his behavior adds another step on the path to a hung jury.

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One point that seems to get lost in the shuffle is that it doesn't really matter whether or not Trump actually had a classified Top-Secret document in his hands.* His verbal admission that he knew he previously had the ability to declassify documents while President, and now no longer has that ability as a former President, is the smoking gun. It proves he was fully aware of the regulations associated with declassifying documents, and undercuts all his claims about these being "his boxes", and "I can take whatever I wanted when I left", and "declassifying things just by thinking it".

* This in no way minimizes the fact that he was still in possession of classified Top-Secret documents and was waving them around all willy-nilly in front of a group of people whose level of security clearance permitted them access to the rest rooms.

We'd all be better off if he had just done what other 60 year-old men with small penises do - buy a sports-car.

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Always thought it’d be his mouth that would ultimately do him in. So yes, tho I’ll never again willingly endure his pitiful syntax, he should most definitely keep talking.

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He has zero credibility already. Keep talking. An orange jumpsuit awaits him.

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As has been said before, Trump has the right to remain silent.

But he does not have that ability.

It's not because of his age, but because of the personality deficit programmed into him by those who so badly raised him. He is admired by his followers precisely because they, on the one hand share the same personality deficits based on similar bad parenting coupled with the destructive attitudes and behaviors of the friends, communities and churches which surrounded them as they grew up.

Trump's followers are also psychologically dependent on him because of what he appears to be - strong, decisive, and powerful enough to get away with whatever he wants to do, all the aspects of their own personalities that were beaten out of them, verbally or psychologically, by those who so abusively raised them.

Trump demonstrates those traits, but they only come out when he's triggered by a crisis (which is most of the time). Then they come out as if he were suddenly an adolescent or child, with only the maturity he possessed at the age those traits were beaten out of him. His followers love it and love him, but the last thing in the world we need is a nation run by very belligerent child who has only the awareness, understanding, stubbornness, and emotional maturity of a child.

"The Twilight Zone," episode "It's a Good Life." was uncomfortably prophetic in this regard.

I can only hope that, after the era of Trump, as areas around the nation look for leaders, we finally come to realize that the loudest, most confident, most-self aggrandizing individuals, especially those who really, really want to be in charge of everything, are exactly the wrong people to put in charge of anything.

We used to recognize and denigrate such people as "blow hards," but the media loves them so much (because they grab eyeballs, ears, and mouse clicks) that we seem to have lost the ability to realize what they are and shunt them aside.

There's an old saying, "You almost always get more of that to which you pay the most attention." Good strong leaders and well-functioning political bodies are generally quite boring in their efficiency and effectiveness so the media ignores them, whereas total governmental or religious chaos is far more exciting so it gets continuous air time,...

and here we are.

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I wrote about this the other day. It’s amazing to me how one, like Trump, can’t keep his mouth shut. But, the more he yaks, the better Jack Smith appreciates it!

This just proves how sick Trump really is. He has no concept of this nations security. No concept of “Secret”, “Top Secret”, “Classified”, documents really are, or what their contents really mean.

He’s sitting there gloatingly describing the contents, showing the contents, to some of his workers, who you can tell are women (wonder what he was doing with them).

Trump is a narcissistic sociopath and a sexual predator/pervert. He has absolutely no concept of his actions, and doesn’t care who he implicated to suffer the consequences of his devious actions or behavior.


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This recording is indeed damning but Jack has a whole lot more to share, I bet.

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Jun 29, 2023·edited Jun 29, 2023

(If) found guilty, hang 'em by the yard arm...figuratively speaking. He can't seem to help himself. He is such a narcissist, he has to continually open his mouth about aspects of even legal cases he is being held culpable for, to show his importance. Grandiosity, thy name is trump.....His Achilles heel, so to speak.

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Open mouth, insert foot repeatedly Trump. Keep it up.

Jack Smith is waiting for you.

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