My wife and I are time and labor management professionals and worked for a major payroll company. I now assist companies in implementing new tech. The level of failure in execution by Krogers is gross negligence

My wife and I have worked with large companies, some international, in particular to implement t&l systems. The level of testing and verification takes as much time as the configuration maybe more. It sounds like Krogers had a weak or nonexistent pm team or MyTime is the worst payroll system on the planet

Heads need to roll, we were outraged reading this knowing the level of incompetence it would take that got them there, I'm still in disbelief...the illegality of not paying workers alone is chilling, this is absolute failure. No matter what, people need to get paid, whatever it takes, cut manual checks, you can't blame the system and do nothing!

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The shame of this out of control example of capitalism (and any other you care to name), is that the most vulnerable are being sacrificed for the comfort of those who are the least vulnerable. And the shareholders receive a small increase in their ROI.

There is no earthly reason why someone working a full time job, should have to take out payday loans to meet normal expenses.

Other than the fact that we are like "cash cows" to a certain class of being. Can't call them human.

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Thank you again for highlighting these important issues. Even though Kroger is the closest store to me, we rarely IF EVER, go there. The one thing I do have there is my synthroid prescription & now I'll be looking to move that elsewhere. The best way to teach corporations like Kroger, who operate with impunity, is to hit their wallets. Stop buying there & you impede their growth by lowering profits.

Additionally, I hope the acquirement of Albertsons is stopped. We don't need another monopoly; especially one that "cheats" their workers with impunity. They know their problem, yet they have not corrected it....yet? There must be to some benefit to them to not dump the program; or not have IT fix the glitches. More benefit, than to be concerned that folks are going without the pay they earned until they get around it.

If they were a humane company, invested in their employees welfare; provided the money owed their workers, until the glitch was fixed, we might not be having this discourse.

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I am somewhat of a newshound but had not heard anything about this serious and unacceptable tech and human failure by Kroger. Thank you Tesnim Zekeria and Popular Information for shining some light on what gives new meaning to the term 'wage slave'.

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It's maddening that almost invariably, the WORST punishment these companies face (and even then, only on rare occasions) is simply being made to do the thing they should have been doing all along. That's it. That's their worst risk. It's not a risk at all.

If my absolute worst outcome if caught was that I had to give them back the money I stole, but nobody actually made sure I did it, I would be out there robbing banks. There would be no reason not to.

But any individual worker would be in jail for years or decades for stealing even a fraction of that money from their boss, a coworker, or customer. Even a fraction that rounds down to zero.

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Any reason the DOL is not investigating MyTime? Seems like the payroll system is flawed.

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Why did Kroger change payroll systems? I bet there's a story there.

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Another monied corporation refusing to be clean with their workers.

It seems any checks and balances on these corporations are not making a dent in illegal activity in these very wealthy corporations . And they want a merger?

Should not be allowed.

Period .

Their history of screwing their workers speaks for it self.

They can not be trusted and they are consummate liars.

Theres a surprise.

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How are they not legally required to cut checks and make employee whole? Cost of doing business if they can't have functioning payroll system?

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And then a lot of stores, including groceries, close outlets claiming too much "customer" theft.

I bet Tucker won't be reporting this story!

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My son worked for Kroger for several years. The union was as bad as the company. My read on this is MONOPOLY. Kroger has become the Sasquatch of grocery shopping in America. No one chain should be so dominate in food sales. It bodes ill for customers already in a price crunch.


Will be interesting to see if the Union steps up any better than it used, too. I won't hold my breath.

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It seems that Capitalism itself can’t be carried out in an atmosphere of greed and more greed combined with a callous indifference for human life and civil good. If that statement is true than what? That is, perhaps, the defining problem.

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The vast majority of the population not involved in the technology industry have no idea how bug infested and defective enterprise software is. Companies will hide behind the oft repeated phrase “it’s complicated software”, “deployments are very hard to manage” and other such nonsense.

The fact is software vendors often outsource much if not all of their development to third world countries where labor is cheap and quality is so low it is never even entertained. In addition many of these third world countries have no cultural bias towards quality work, it’s just not even in the realm of consideration. If the public really knew they would run for the hills or caves. Who needs a fictional “Deep State” when you have crappy software to break your soul.

There’s an oft quoted phrase among developers “Good, Cheap, Fast, pick any two”, that has been mentioned for over 25 years. Companies know exactly what they are getting when they pick the lowest bidder for an enterprise license and if they don’t it’s because they are lying to themselves and their shareholders. American and European software developers really are good and better than the legions of third world coders that have put them on the unemployment line.

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I'm proud to have Marty Walsh as my neighbor here in Dorchester (even though I admit I didn't vote for him for mayor of Boston). Let's hope he can drive some progress on this end of things as the Secretary of Labor before anyone full stops his efforts.

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Someone (not I, of course) should drop this into mytime's Wiki page referencing this column. Kroger's too, for that matter. That would drive them nuts.

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this is infuriating. WAPO and legacy media cover "crime" supposedly but this is huge and crickets! They breathlessly reported about Walgreens and Walmart stating they were going to fire workers due to increased theft but never verified this was true (FBI stats say it's not) or reported crime is a pittance compared to how much they steal from workers. Thank you for this!

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