Of course, FOX News is going to amplify these protests, but even those outlets which don't function as propaganda for Trump and the Republican Party are giving them more airtime than their numbers deserve and aren't providing context about this backing.

That is, the fact people are gathering without respect to social distancing is abhorrent and sad, but they're elevating fringe protests steeped in stupidity to an unwarranted level of legitimacy. And, as must be emphasized, if these protesters were not majority white, they'd be getting outright demonized in the press.

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It should also be pointed out the efforts in recent years by Republicans to quash protest & the rights of those protesting. A few examples:

June 2018 New York Times: In Name of Free Speech, States Crack Down on Campus Protests


Feb 2017 Washington Post: Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states




Of course it’s quite ironic now that the protesters are on the GOP side of things FOX has completely changed their tune. (And by ironic I mean predictable)

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The constant thread in addition to the right wing groups funding and promoting these "protests" seems to be Facebook and Zuckerberg, who seems determined to destroy our democracy. Can't be said enough, delete Facebook. Also, how is Trump not guilty of sedition?

Dangerous, dangerous times in the US.

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These “anti-distancing protests” also serve as Trump rallies in a time when large group rallies are prohibited. Trump holds his daily 2 hour live rally on TV, covered for free by the networks, and his supporters are allowed to have public rallies in the guise of “freedom protests” —also televised widely on TV— to gin up excitement for the base. And of course, there’s no way for the Democrats to do anything similar.

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I have read comments online from various people that these protesters should lose their access to medical care for Covid-19. Seems to me this is a valid position--it is similar to the situation when a hurricane is approaching, evacuation orders are issued and some residents refuse to leave. They are advised that no rescue efforts will be undertaken to save their lives when the storm hits. Here its actually worse, because the protesters are not just risking their lives but others they mingle with, whether family, friends or the general public going about their grocery shopping or other such activities. And those they will seek out to help them will be the medical community, already at high risk for contracting this virus.

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They are all so transparent, aren't they? This new breed of right wing Birchers are just watered down versions of their forefathers. Let them exercise their freedom to assemble, right on! Let them protest, yes! Let them buy their guns. Be careful!

Just for god sake get this man and his troupe of nasty ninnies out of Washington. Good people rise up!

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Just spitballing here, but I suspect strongly that all of these ill-informed fools protesting and screaming about their "freedoms and rights" would be screaming equally loudly AGAINST that same freedom if it involved a woman's right to choose.

Then again, maybe it's just me...............

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This type of activity is a dry run for election day. This isn't just trump but his entire party, marching in lockstep. the people had confederate flags, nazi flags, anti-abortion signs, etc. No local or state police intervention. this bodes ill. I'm wondering if there will be a 2nd wave of states seceding from the union. I am not kidding. These people appear to be quite sincere about their insurrection. They might wave the american flag but they literally hate the idea of any american being non-white, having the rights and privileges provided in the Constitution. trump loves that and feeds that every chance he gets and the media completely ignores that as if blinded by trump's antics.

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Tomorrow in the Commonwealth of Virginia these groups of protestors will surround the Capitol in Richmond. They have been bugling for a week. I read all their FB posts and tweets. These idiots are coming from up and down East Coast andthe Midwest.

It's just another Trump rally with out his physically presence.

Fear, wrath and hysteria contributed to the American Civil War. The foolish lead by the fool #45 in this case, but much the same. Funded by the 1%, they March forward well armed but unintelligent followers.

My greatest fear is a year from now those of us who speak out against this madness will find ourselves behind bars or in the ground.

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