Proud to work for Publix

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Honestly, I think the only good move these corporations can make is to shrug their shoulders, sacrifice their perks, and make life livable for their employees. Their customers are watching them and will remember.

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The Democrats better step their game up on the COVID-19 response. Trump and other Republicans are starting to look competent by comparison (even if that is illusory and follows an initial denial of the seriousness of the issue). The types of interventions Maxine Waters recommends are a good framework, or at least a good start.

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As I'm sure you have heard, Governor Walz of Minnesota designated all grocery workers as "emergency personnel" which makes them eligible for free child care. It doesn't help with the sick leave issue but it's something...

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A friend of mine who tracks issues related to first responders noted that the new emergency relief package passed by Congress and signed by Trump leaves out many (all?) of first responders, including health care workers. Is this something you could dig into?

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Good reporting. But the groceries are only symptoms of the larger corporate greed. Read to follow: JCrew, Lynchburg, VA

The number of cases continues to increase with Seattle and NYC areas leading the way. So under control we are not.

Meanwhile our large health care provider in SW VA notified the public in a press conference Wed, they have tested over 160 people for Covid-19 and are awaiting test results😮

59 miles away at JCrew just down the road in Lynchburg, a worker has tested positive. I guess they didn't offer paid time off. He exposed a lot of people when he came to work sick and they are now closed.

Interestingly, Liberty University is very near by JCrew.

I do not know if Falwell ever closed the University. As of last Friday, he had not.

As for Congress. Why should we bail out the airlines. Delta had 5billion profit last year? Help the small . Sen. Cornyn made a very racially concerning statement to the food choices of the Chinese.

I go on record here that I love bacon.

The 1918, 2009 swine flu H1N1 epidemics were animal hop just like Covid-19. According to Smithsonian magazine the 1918 epidemic started in the midwest and our soldiers going to WWI, took it to Europe. Spain was particularly hard hit. Thus it became known as the Spanish Flu.

So Cornyn. Condemn me, too. Pass the bacon, anyone?

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Thanks for this. I’ll be passing it on as well as going to Publix as well until I hear something from my neighborhood store.

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In regard to my comment on JCrew in Lynchburg, VA. They announced last night on local news that first reported this... It was all a misunderstanding. The company notice to employees was not a Covid-19 case after all.

Meanwhile in Spartanburg SC the police arrested a fella for falsely saying he had Covid-19 and his factory was shut down.

Only in America...

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Anyone know if Kroger and Whole Food are owned by Christian families? Hardly Christian behaviour! I believe Spain was only country reporting the flu as was not in WW1. Hence called Spanish flu. But of course the Ugly American is right again. Covid 19 is a Chinese virus spread by non Americans.

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