Request for feedback: What's next?

Tesnim and I have been thinking about what topics to focus on for the remainder of 2021. Of course, we will continue to keep you fully updated on corporate PAC donations to Republican objectors, the nationwide effort to restrict voting, and the other topics we've covered so far this year. 

But we also want to take on new stories in depth. Here are a few potential topics under consideration:

1. The ongoing genocide of Uyghurs in China and how United States corporations may be benefiting from forced labor. 

2. The treatment of pharmacy workers and others on the frontlines of the vaccination effort. 

3. The impact of the end of the eviction moratorium, which now expires on June 30.

Today, however, we want to hear from you. Are any of these topics of particular interest? Are there other issues you'd like to see Popular Information take on? 

You can leave your thoughts in the discussion thread linked below, starting now. I’ll be dropping by to participate in the discussion and answer your questions at 9:30 AM Eastern, for about an hour.

Popular Information will return to your inbox on Monday, April 26.

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