That these right wing BS stories continue to spread in viral fashion is incredibly alarming.

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I look forward every morning to what popular info has waiting for me! Thanks!

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And the damn Labradoodle mainstream media rushes off to chase the ball.

Stupidity in this country is the reason where we sit today. Those tax returns should be end of story.

I have figured the mail-in ballot would re-elect Trump for this very reason. In person absentee is the way to go, but once again, the Labradoodle public has rushed in for mail ballot in a year that it should not be the top way to vote.

Too much at stake when a criminal is president and another in the Attorney General position and another at the helm of the USPS. But wait their is more...

Court challenges, state legislatures primarily controlled by Republicans nationwide and of course, the corrupt Republican controlled Senate in DC.

We are screwed. I feel it in my bones.

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It would do our country a world of good if people could stay off Facebook prior to any and ALL elections. FB has proven over and over again that it does not have the ethical or moral backbone to follow through on its promises to take down false and misleading content in a timely fashion.

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Great article!

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Cathy Benson is right. It’s the rampant stupidity that is the problem. Just because something is in what passes for news anymore doesn’t make it right. People used to be smart enough to discern truth from fiction just by who was doing the reporting. People began hanging their brains out to dry when Face Book began throwing anything and everything out in the atmosphere with no accountability required of it. What we have now is one huge game of “Gossip” where the lies fly around the world while truth struggles to get its pants on.

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Not to sound defeatist, but how do we beat this? If major media outlets and social media are helping amplify this BS, how do we counteract that when lies seem to travel faster than the truth?

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The problem is that James O'Keefe will not go away. He will keep telling lies and doing these erroneous sensationalist stories and feeding it to the gullible FB minnows.

That does not mean that Popular Information et al should not keep turning over the rocks to expose the slimy little bugs living under there. Someday those bugs will be fed to the minnows and there will be schadenfreude across the nation!

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I'm so glad my money spend on PI helps to harass Facebook to enforce their own damn policies. Thanks Judd.

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I witnessed this in real-time on Sunday night and of course it was no longer trending on Monday morning.

Also, watch out for the breathless 'Biden campaign worker ballot harvesting' story. Trump and fam were pushing this story on Twitter last night.

Google it. Only right-wing sources.

Here's a good link-


The Texas Supreme Court's response was priceless.

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What bothers me most about the false Fox News report, is the race-baiting by choosing a clip by someone with traditionally Muslim name. That's a dog whistle for Fox News viewers. I think it's wonderful that someone, during COVID would help take friends and neighbor’s ballots to be counted. We are taking our neighbor's ballot (she just had back surgery) and it never even occurred to me that dropping off of a neighbors legal ballot could be illegal in my state or others. How do voters find out about these laws made to suppress votes? **That would be a great story Judd, looking at laws in various states that restrict the way ballots are delivered to the election office. **

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I wonder? Did you cover the 3 years of "Look over there" misdirection that was Russia Russia Russia? And the impeachment of Trump for looking into what Biden had done in Ukraine?

Somehow I doubt it

Fascinating too that you open your article with reference to an article first published in the NY Times October 2016. It's as duplicitous now as it was then, the quote "journalist" correctly assumed the Times'reader wouldn't be familiar with business tax law, so they proceeded to dissemble and distort in order to depict Trump as a tax cheat. On the news pages no less

Of course what Trump had done was perfectly legit, a deduction called a NOL carry forward. If a business loses money one year it can deduct that loss from subsequent years earnings. Perfectly normal

Trump should've sent the Times a thank you note, I know several professional people that decided to vote for Trump instead of Clinton because of that article Making it perfectly obvious that the Times was no longer a journalism outlet but was the propaganda arm of the Clinton campaign

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