For the record, Mayor Pete has something off about him in mho. I just do not trust a guy who was a mayor and record was not all that great in his city, has some rough stuff on video tape, too. I appreciate his military service more than his mayorial ability. Do we need another guy with no national or international government experience?

Do not get me started on primaries. Iowa, a state who has nothing in common with most of us and elected White Supremist Steve to Congress over and over and South Carolina Lindsay Graham land, Nikki Haley land, oh my God picking good candidates to run for president. The madness must stop!!

After reading this I hope that college becomes more affordable. Here in our area, community college is free for many who qualify financially.

It does not solved the baby bust in college debt-laden millenials, however. The workforce of our future isn't there as few babies are being born. Look up the stats on it. They cannot afford to have kids. I volunteered for a Reality store finances program sponsored by 4H/ VTCE in a Middle School last week. Two biggest expenses for the young family. Housing and childcare, sliding right behind in close third, student loan debt. That should be addressed by candidates. Millenials don't vote and should.

Old people vote. The MSM is ignoring the big proposed budget cuts with their usual tone deafness instead featuring the likes of Kennedy on Ukraine/Russia.

Trump is going after social security as well. It's been all over Twitter this week end. Will the old people notice. Will FB allow it to be spread? That's where the old people are. Sucking up fake news from Trumpists sites.

Trump has been playing nice for days on Twitter.

That makes me wonder what he is up to. What will he do to deflect the impeachment articles???

Good reporting.

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Write what you will about the presidential race but PLEASE keep your pen pointed to the senatorial contests! If whats-his-name gets re-elected AND the senate states in republican hands, we are screwed. If we can make the senate safe for Dems, then trump can go whistle in the dark. That’s where the power is, as we have seen, in Mitch’s place.

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Funny how a young(er) Pete Buttigieg went from writing an essay citing Bernie Sanders as an inspiration to disingenuously trashing Bernie's and Elizabeth Warren's plans. And no, not ha-ha funny.

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