Judd, I don’t know what we did before you started this information site. If people would just do the right thing and STOP USING FACEBOOK. Shut your account down. Send a message that Zuckerberg and his cohorts cannot ignore.

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How much more evidence to people need?

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a relationship with Shapiro, who Zuckerberg has hosted at his home. According to a source who has spoken with Shapiro, Zuckerberg and Shapiro remain in direct communication”

Judd, you’ve done more than your part in exposing Facebook’s dark & dirty secrets. Zuckerberg is a key piece in the conservative conspiracy to take advantage of how easy it is to misinform people by exploiting hate, gullibility & an unwillingness to put forth the effort to see past ones own prejudice. Christy Pepples said, “We [all] like division…We thrive on it,” but the truth is actually much darker.

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I listened to that podcast about the couple who runs Mad World News in 2018. It’s called “The Business of Internet Outrage” by The Daily. If I started a new network of pages that just posted Judd’s columns, would FB say it violated the rules.. I wonder

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Facebook has got to be the most efficient propaganda tool we've ever seen. When I ponder, as I often do, the root of our highly polarized, divisive society where people are constantly acting (and voting) against their own best interests, I always end up at propaganda outlets that exploit common, normal human emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc.

In a society that largely prohibits us from feeling and processing emotions healthily, this strategy works every time. They know that people are hurting (part of being human), but they also know that people generally have not done the work to or felt the permission to acknowledge their feelings and truly heal. This is why we have a mental health crisis.

So the subliminal dialogue is this:

Propaganda Outlet: "You're suffering."

Suffering Searcher: "Yeah! Wow! You're right!"

PO: "These people/ideas/policies are why you're suffering."

SS: "Yeah! That works! Down with those people/ideas/policies!"

It is so much easier to blame others than to do the work of discovering the actual root of your pain. And these outlets know that it works, and they do it constantly. I'm sick over it.

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If this wasn't so disturbing it would be laughable.

The ignorant masses buying snake oil from the huckster. Thanks for the insight, Judd.

FB preys on the ignorant, that's for sure.

Zuck Sucks. I despise Ben Shapiro. Not surprised they are tight.

My 2020 Mantras:

Stupidity is killing America

Zuck Sucks

Damn the 1%

Trump is a criminal and a dictator in the making.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Trump confirmed his 200th lifetime appointed Federal judge.

Yesterday one of them freed Michael Flynn.

Aww the smell of the conservative GOP court system in the morning...

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Zuckerburg is such a POS. He needs to be ousted from Facebook.

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Thank you for your excellent investigative reporting.

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Judd, your investigations are extraordinary.

So good and hitting big/profitable organisations so hard (and perhaps wrecking huge revenue streams), I actually worry about your personal safety. 😥

Please consider this. Thank you.

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Fantastic work, again!

Zuckerberg has a personal relationship with Trump and Shapiro. Wonder if there’s a story there - about Zuckerberg’s own extremism. I mean beyond stealing student’s personal info to rate their “hotness”

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Judd, thank you for your continued effort to expose all of these Facebook shenanigans (probably much too mild a word). Keep it up. I am not only a subscriber, but I am also forwarding this to my friends and urging them to subscribe. Most people are just blindly using FB without knowing the full story...myself included. Groan.

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Is Daily Wire the only publication to take advantage of Facebook this way?

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My daughter says FB is "good for memes" but I see it as cesspool.

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Thank you for your continued, excellent investigative reporting. Note: in a number of places in this article, you refer to TadHaps, but it should be TapHaps.

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So Ben Shapiro is a grifter on top of being arrogant and intellectually dishonest? Good to know.

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