Thanks for providing the names of the lobbying firms, the leaders, and companies playing both sides and counting on most people being too clueless or exhausted to notice or care.

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Thanks for keeping them honest by explaining their lies.

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Just goes to show how much of politics is performative. The behind-the-scenes spending tells the real story.

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Thanks for getting the truth out there about the GOP “war” with woke corporations. It just shows how much corp/lobbying money drives our politics. Corps & the GOP are just playing a game to sucker more voters into thinking that they both care about regular Americans. It’s all just a cynical game to them for control of our government- Republicans want unbridled power, corps want to determine that policies heavily favor corps most of whom are already sitting on record profits - all while the everyday American worker loses. Democratic operatives must be aware of this, or should be, and had better develop a plan to counter the R false narrative that the GOP is populist, non-woke, and on our side.

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Is it just me or is the Congress filled with man/woman adolescents with way too much power?

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If only those silly republicans would put as much effort into equitable governance instead of this intrigue, subterfuge and gamesmanship these guys engage in, I suppose at the behest of their bribers, er rather "donors."

We need a responsible 2nd party to keep the dems honest and these mopes ain't it!

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Remember in the 1990s when Gingrich and the House GOP had the "contract with America" which was actually the "contract ON America"? Corporate America has joined the GOP in dismantling our democracy to create a nation of uneducated, misinformed consumers. The pursuit of wealth and power is all that matters to them. Not a "government by the people and for the people".

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Do you mean they are following their "populist" leader who wanted to defund Social Security?


And tried to end the Affordable Care Act:


And made a deal with Russia and Saudi Arabia for them to control the global oil price by reducing their supplies, while Americans were lined up in food lines and our European Allies were largely dependent on Russian oil.:


And told the country before rubber-stamping the R 2017 Tax Act that it was a middle-class tax cut that wouldn't help people like him and would reduce the Fed Debt and Deficits to zero in 8 years, by increasing economic growth. Yet the economy began to slow in 2019, before the pandemic and Trump left office after adding 10 trillion of new debt, and an economy that required an additional 10 trillion Fed "backstop" to avoid another Great Depression.

During Trump's 4-year term no Fed investments were made in our declining infrastructure or the challenge of transitioning to clean energy to avert what we have experienced as a global existential threat. Also, not a single penny was spent on reducing Fed debt and deficits. However, let's give the R's credit where credit is due. They have managed to make the very wealthy even wealthier. They now own 90% of America's corporate wealth:


And as a result, it is easier to raise prices by buying back stock to justify higher stock valuations and then repeat driving up profits, valuations and inflation and income and wealth inequality. Now the current R House wants to do some mopping up, so they can rinse and repeat as they've done since Reagan. The last thing they are worried about is Fed deficits and debt because it results in rewarding their sponsors and themselves:


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Nowhere else do I get this kind of in-depth information. A lot of work. Thank you.

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So the GOP is going to help the ‘little man’?

The GOP is who pushed the little man down , over and over again.

Now , we’d all love to believe the Republicans had a spiritual awakening .

That they realize their promotion of corporate moneys for election have destroyed the American economy. Ruining any semblance of Progress re reigning in Global Warming. Fairness in Taxation , Equal Rights , Accountability for criminal actions against our Democracy, marked increase in Poverty, increased murders and violent crimes , primarily in Red States, Suppression of the Rights of LGBTQ and minorities. Public School funding stripped away for wealthy alleged ‘ Christian Schools’ ( Jesus is weeping) . Ruining the right to vote for many , establishing Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis as front runners for president. Lies about elections and a strong Commitment to destroy America for the sake of Greed and Power. All

of this done to the tune of their perfectly selected

Right Wing Justices of the Supreme Court to skew the law more blatantly in favor of their twisted beliefs.

Destroying 50 years of precedent in Roe vWade

To suppress women . Allowing mainstream White Supremacy in government.

All of this for only a trillion dollars and Corporate/ GOP greed .

What would it look like if corporations paid taxes . We would have an excellent public school system. Such as in the sixties .

We’d have teachers willing to teach . We’d have nurses willing to work in non corporate hospitals . We’d have solvent roads and bridges. We’d be welcoming people from other countries in desperate circumstances to our country bringing w them their skills and work ethics. What if we had kept treaties and honored the Native Americans in this country.

Please remember we began as a yearning for justice and equality under the law.

Is that what Republicans have and are pursuing ?

No .

So if they tell you they want whats good for our very fragile Democracy,

They are lying .

Kevin McCarthy sold his soul to the Magas .

Speakership in return for no Medicare and No Social Security.

Why are we still without a plan for Universal Health Care?

Corporations . And ask the Republicans .

No , don’t bother.

There Lying,

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Thank you for exposing who is really running things in DC.

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The Democrats biggest failing is in underestimating the extremity of avarice in the Republican party and not playing hardball in response to the GOP treachery

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There is so much intertwining of pay to play in politics it's more disgusting by the day. You can't come to my party if you don't give us (insert Dollar amt) in the $10s of thousands! I guess it's been ever thus, but this is just blatant corruption and blackmail.

You know, guys, none of us "little people" care or want to give you any money because it's so bottom of the barrel. ETHICS AND MORALITY ARE BANKRUPT IN DC! No wonder we're losing our democracy. If it's still standing by '24 wake me up!

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Excellent journalism

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You cut the fog better than anyone. Thanks again for helping us see the man behind the curtain.

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Love how you work to reveal the facts about ongoing events.

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