Finally! It takes Judd Legum to finally call out the fact that the Republican Party acts as ONE and EMBRACES TRUMP. They love his policies, they support his policies, and they sometimes don't like his antics but only in private. A good follow up piece is to document the vast support from the GOP of Trump's policies (92%-96% support in the voting record in Congress) during his presidency. But also document the architects of the GOP train wreck. They are all long-time Republicans going back to Goldwater, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and II. Biden doesn't want to call this out. I believe it's partly because of his experience and age and he has worked with Republicans in the past. But that era is over. Holding on to the past is dangerous. The Republican Party acts uniformly and is enjoying winning over a good percentage of the population through stoking fear and waging a culture war. They do not govern and they don't deserve the public trust because they are manipulating the public for power. Let's face it, Republicans, not Trump, are the problem.

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Don’t be fooled by Youngkin. He posed as “responsible” to win NoVA votes. His true colors are flying now and will be undeniable when he releases his first spending plan for the commonwealth. Note the late Friday policy release on transgender students. It shows classic MAGA marginalization of a vulnerable population.

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Thank you again for your review of the present gubernatorial candidates put forward by the Rethugs. I was honking last night about your particular approach to political and social commentary, and I think that your focus is most like that of Benjamin Franklin, who in Poor Richard’s Almanack mostly focussed on one concrete thing, idea or event in order to illuminate a broader problem. You are doing the sam thing to great effect. Thank you, and keep on truckin’.

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This man, colleagues and his staffers weighed the risks of retaining his elected position with or without the future alliance with the MAGA Republicans... and as a Republican and having vested time with the party determined that he had no choice if he didn't want to have to work like Cheny with the voted out of office results, all to save the democracy with no help or support from his party's majority in the way of campaign dollars "$". In this way he can remain in office and ride the money train and perhaps retire before the country collapses. Otherwise he will fight an uphill battle in which he might very well lose his job for no other reason than by not supporting the MAGA monster appetite for what they perceive to be RINO's, all the while pandering to their ignorant Republican MAGA base that is hell bent on reshaping the country into one where "might makes right", with no knowledge or understanding about what the reality of the operational complexities of country in terms of historic perspective, evolution, or balance.

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The entire media is covering the 2020 election results. They're just not covering it the way the MAGAs want it covered. And, as a woman of a certain age, I've been told that I'm too emotional to do things like hold public office. If Kemp is signing voter suppression laws because he's frustrated, then he's too emotional to be governor.

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I really appreciate the concise and thoughtful commentary, free of sensationalism. Your "just the facts" presentation makes the content even more chilling, and leaves me asking "What can I do to change this trajectory?" I do find the Lincoln Project has taken action in the past that has been very effective against the MAGA Republicans, and I strongly support that organization.

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What Biden said earlier this month was historic for the country and for Biden. Who in their wildest, pre-Trump dreams predicted anything like this? Yet here we are. As for Biden, like him or tolerate him, he hasn’t been the guy who wrote anyone off and even for him the switch finally flipped. Maybe it’s a culmination, but I think something meaningful to him happened and he decided he couldn’t ride the center any longer. Kemp seems to have made the same decision, but in his case to become MAGA. So the mid-terms really are MAGA vs everyone else and I think MAGA will lose. My glasses aren’t tinted rose, I’m not hiding under a rock and I’m not in denial. MAGA got real after Dobbs. The 2020 election fraud fantasy can’t hold a candle to what MAGA is doing in reality to outlaw abortion. Everything changes once something does or could affect your life forever, and even MAGA people get abortions.

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Sep 22, 2022·edited Sep 22, 2022

My God these miscreants won't quit and they are taking an appreciable segment of the populace with them on this twisted joyride to Neverland, where facts don't matter and all that counts is WINNING, no matter how! The projection is terribly strong with these unfortunates. There is no "fix" for them.

They have a preferred narrative and facts be damned, this is what they told me to believe and I WANT to believe it! "Now leave me alone you damned leftist, liberal, socialist, communist, Marxist, terrorist, satanic, pedophiliac, traitorous, abortion loving, rainbow flag waving, tree hugging, cross dressing, Jesus hating, DEMONCRAT you!"

I don't have any answers. I just hope we collectively mobilize at the ballot box and drive back the hordes, then make some fundamental changes to prevent this hijacking of the system from happening again, in the near future at least.

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Judd brings up the facts. Nazi Germany could not have gained power if there weren’t those who went along for the ride. They don’t have to be outspoken. Not to say anything for fear of alienating your “voters” or “base” or whatever you want to call it is the same thing as agreeing with the outspoken MAGAs. People who are running for office have a moral responsibility to lead the “Base” to see the truth, not follow it.

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Worse yet, Lake is likely to win in Arizona. I have stronger hopes that Nixon will not win in Michigan. Sad as I am to write it, at least at the state level Georgia is still ruby red. Kemp will win there, and I am increasingly worried that the incoherent Herschel Walker will win the Senate seat in Georgia.

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Stand up and be counted or run. It’s a choice. Youngkin made the wrong one.

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Thank you Judd, for this important update. Let's not forget though the 2

very important hits to Trump yesterday:

James lawsuit in NY against the Trump

family and the 11th federal circuit Court

ruling in favor of DOJ vs Trump on the

100 classified documents. Their ruling

alone (2 Justices appointed by Trump),

were a resounding rebuke to judge

Cannon, Trump and his $3 million dollar

attorneys on the rules of law. The

criminal investigation of Trump and

the hundreds of classified documents

he stole can continue. And NO, you

can't declassify anything just by

thinking about it. Trump may think his

base is dumb enough to believe that,

but they're not. Keep faith! Have hope!


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All great points, as Judd teaches us his Master Class.

But is there a Republican Party anymore? Trump the Grifter came in and preformed a coup on the Republicans in 2015 and they still do not know what hit them. They stand for nothing but division among the people, money for the rich and so on.

McConnell and McCarthy have no idea what happened to the party they cant think straight. McCarthy blasts Trump then goes to the Trump Castle in Florida and kisses his ring, really, and people vote for him.

Its a shame what happened to this country, there is still a civil war going on, but now done with social media, and the media it self. So sad.

Blessings to all and have a great weekend.

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Thank you, Judd, for filling in the details that rebuke any suggestion that Glen Youngkin is not an extreme new breed of Trump Republican. I distrusted him since he fully endorsed the absurd idea that CRT was hurtful to our children. David Korn's new book American Psychosis uncovers the origins of Republican obfuscation about coming clean about The John Birch Society because at the time William F Buckley saw that the "Christian" voters were a major voting block--so best not to criticize them fully and appropriately until after the election. WINNING AT ALL COST. WINNING AT ANY COST? We are so grateful for your honest and painstaking work to expose all this duplicity.

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Here in NY, we have Republican Lee Zeldin running against Kathy Hochul for Governor, and he voted against certifying Joe Biden as president on Jan. 6th, after the violent rampage at the Capitol ended. He's not only running as an election denier, but he also supports a total abortion ban.

The extremists are banging on the door even here.

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People like Kari Lake are why I don't believe in God. She's an unserious demagogue, beholden to trump, and will ruin Arizona. Far right extremists need to be as far away from public service as humanly possible but they are somehow being nominated across the country. When all of these clowns are elected, our country will be destroyed. trump cannot be allowed to run again. It can't happen. And if Biden is considering another presidential run, someone needs to put a stop to that immediately. He shouldn't be in office now. He sure as hell will not have the mental capacity to do the job in 2024. Democrats will lose in a landslide if Joe Biden is our nominee...

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