I'm not even sure how to state this but why does mainstream media report the news from a traditional Republican/traditional conservative viewpoint? Why do they report extensively on President Biden's low polling numbers for example, but ignore the growing danger of right-wing fascism? Why are the lead stories not about the danger to our democracy but about how Trump polls higher than President Biden? Why do they not counter right-wing misinformation? The media has a very important role to play in the next election. Are they up to it?

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Hi Judd! I'm interested to learn of your thoughts on Project 2025 and how it informs and steers the Republican party's actions.

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Christian Nationalism impact on US Foreign and Domestic Policy: Importance of knowledge about this interplay ahead of the election.

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This is an article about Sir Matthew Hale, who Alito quoted in his decision paper ("abortion is murder") to overturn Roe.

Alito also wrote "According to the Constitution Women do not have the right to an abortion."

According to US Constitution, Article IX, "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." Also Article XIII "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude...shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

What is FORCED BIRTH if not a form of slavery? MEN are making laws based on personal convictions without any medical knowledge of what it means to 167 MILLION girl's/women's life and safety.

Mis-named "abortion" is a life saving MEDICAL PROCEDURE

conducted by DOCTORS for various problems with pregnancy. How many girls/women have SUFFERED/DIED since June 2022 without legal access to an "abortion" MEDICAL PROCEDURE?

Heather Cox Richardson in her post quoted AMA Journal:

64,000 raped girls/ women have had forced pregnancies without access to Doctors.

There is a constant cry for "saving the unborn!" without supporting pregnancy, paying hospital bills, or help raising children for 18 YEARS.

13 YEAR OLDS, not having the ability to travel to a state where abortion is legal, are FORCED to BIRTH their FATHER'S, RAPIST'S, ABUSER'S BABY.

Rapists have no responsibility to the females they rape, and the greater majority of rapists are not prosecuted.

Worry and anger about Roe being overturned is with women 24/7. Women, their daughters and granddaughters are vulnerable to rape, violence, pregnancy because MEN impose motherhood on them WITHOUT the RIGHT to do so. Being responsible for THOUSANDS of women SUFFERING/DYING, without a cogent explanation,


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Why, why, why are we still being inundated with tRump's comments, opinions, point of view, etc? He is not our president. As a potential candidate, the election is still far off, but we're constantly hearing his take on everything. We really don't need to know. He could pass before he has a chance to run for president. He's already losing it. As one wouldn't ask any nursing home resident with dementia for their ideas and opinions, who cares about his?

Also, how does one reach a large portion of the public with a possible way to defeat Project 2025 (if it's not already too late)?

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1. Why is the MSM totally ignoring the simmering constitutional crisis in Texas? (per your excellent thread yesterday)'

2. Why is the CDC continuing to understate the severity of covid risk, the need for masking (in hositals at least!) and the risk of long term effects?

3. Who is making money (and how) from the antivaxxer movement?

--And thanks for what you do!

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still focused on Louis Dejoy and why he is still running the postal department..I love what you do it is powerful...thank you

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Has the Republican Party become a Russian fifth column in the USA?

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Any statistics on the ratio of national news media (ABC just last Sunday, NYTimes, etc.) group interviews/focus groups with Trump supporters (often with no fact correction or pushback) versus Biden supporters?

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I am worried about the future of the country, especially the neo-secessionists who we've been increasingly hearing from since the Bush II era. The growth of the "states rights" claims of the Civil Rights era that have morphed into a cluster of theories revolving about ideas of state sovereignty, nullification of federal power, sovereign legislatures, and other pernicious notions that work toward de-federalizing and dis-uniting our country. There is a tendency developing toward people cabining themselves into like-minded communities, not wanting to live with others of differing political philosophies. When this tendency gets legal backing at the state level, a new Civil War becomes a possibility. Any attention this newsletter can give to this would be much appreciated

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I'd like to see more reporting about education subversion, and those funding Hillsdale College's push to establish charter schools across America. Today, I received a well-crafted direct mail piece promoting a 'drive through' petition signing for Valley Forge Classical Academy at several locations in Chester County, PA. The PA Dept of Education has repeatedly denied a charter for this school, so they are mounting a petition campaign under the seemingly innocuous banner of 'school choice' in an effort to override the will of the local school district and the Commonwealth. Shining a light on who is funding initiatives like this for the public to see would be a great service.

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From WaPo:


An ex-IRS contractor who leaked Donald Trump’s tax returns was sentenced.

The case: Charles Littlejohn leaked a slew of confidential tax records in 2019 and 2020. It led to reports showing how the richest Americans for years paid little or no federal taxes.

His sentence: Five years in prison. He received the maximum punishment because he had targeted a sitting president and thousands of others, the judge said yesterday'

Trump refused to submit his tax records which is just highly unethical but understandable since he's a financial mess. I think this guy is a hero and yet he got five years.

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I'm from Texas and another big issue here is private school vouchers taking money from public education. Please investigate how Abbot is trying to oust GOP state reps from rural districts that voted against his voucher scam repeatedly. As we've seen from Arizona and Florida there is no oversight on how people spend the voucher money. It was noted in your newsletter that parents there used the money to buy TVs and Disney vacations. The passage of a school voucher bill would be a disaster for Texas public education especially in rural communities that do not have access to private schools.

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Who keeps overthrowing democracies -- can you articulate the historical pattern now coming home to us?

The year I was born the CIA led its first post-WWII overthrow of a democratically elected government -- Iran. They installed the famous Shah, who set up SAVAK, the secret police, and turned the country into a veritable CIA research laboratory in torture. After the Shah's notorious son succeeded him, their dynasty was overthrown by the current religious repressive leadership. Thanks CIA.

The next year the CIA bombed Guatemala by air, overthrowing their second democratically elected government. To train this and future secret police in torture (becoming death squads), the U.S. set up in Georgia (where Cop City is now trying to be built) the "School of the Americas."

When the School of the Americas was tied to too many Central American massacres and atrocities it changed its name to the current "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation."

Iran in 1953 and Guatemala in 1954 were the CIA's warm-up projects -- many to follow. Honduras is one of the latest, thanks in major part to Secretary of State Clinton's support. (Sorry Judd.)

My point is that we have been unwittingly funding the establishment of right-wing dictatorships for decades, such that the rich White guys who invest and profit in so many ways from these overthrows seem to have finally, successfully put the U.S. on their wishlist and in their sights.

Can we have a history -- not of all the weeds, details and names of individuals but of how wealth systemically, recurrently turns on democracy? So many massively funded candidates and media turned with increasing force on 'the richest country in the world' to get rid of regulatory oversight and get their hands on huge funds like Social Security. (They already privatized our health care.)

I know it sounds easy, but this big picture seems ripe for accessibility.


Thank you.

Robert in Vermont

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Passionate young progressives, who still believe in ideological purity, have decided that Joe Biden is personally and purposely responsible for Israel’s crimes in Gaza. They skip over Netanyahu, the Likud party, the IDF and Zionism to rage at an American politician, swearing they will refuse to vote for him.

These same voters represent a critical margin for federal elections this fall. What better means of vote suppression can you achieve than getting people to stay away “on principle”? The Internet Research Agency (Glavset) was supposedly dissolved last summer, but this looks exactly like their work.

It might be a domestic group, too—but as we saw in 2016, the Russians are better at it than the GOP.

Can you look into the possibility that outrage among sincere young Americans is being deliberately stoked to damage the Biden campaign?

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(1) How in the hell is Steve Bannon not in jail yet and attending events where he causes trouble and (2) any is there any progress on investigating the complicit congress critters who aided in the January 6th insurrection (like Laudermilk and others).

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Hi Judd, I want people to know more about the horrible conditions on the border and the way the Republicans are using our broken immigration system to stoke xenophobia and nationalism. I fear that these are the forces that will catapult Trump into the White House. I live in Massachusetts (as far from the border as you can get) and yet people are talking about this issue as a threat and discussing it in really uninformed ways.

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Health care... republican governors forbidding public health care workers from speaking up about the impact of inequality & discrimination on health care outcomes... I have heard this is going on big time in Florida...

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What about the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza? So many younger people are getting their news from tiktok - as the commenter above mentioned, which is likely because there are no trustworthy American media sources on what’s happening - I want that statement to say “except for you” but I can’t say that yet, Judd. We get our info from brave Palestinian journalists, like Bisan Owda, Motaz Azaiza, Wael Al-Dahdouh, Hind Khoudary, to name a few. These reporters are often in their 20s, and have experienced their friends, families and colleagues targeted and murdered by the IDF. 120 journalists so far have been murdered by Israel. According to Al Jazeera “more journalists have been killed in Gaza in the first 10 weeks than have ever been killed in a single country over an entire year” Is this not worthy news?

It feels noteworthy that so many of the initial stories reported on about Oct 7 and since (mass rape, beheaded babies, use of gazans as human shields) have been quietly retracted, including much of the recent NYT article being debunked! The Daily podcast episode on this piece has yet to come out because of how many reporters are calling out that it was bullshit! Younger people (and people of all generations) are talking about Palestine whether you are or not, we are getting organized, protesting, shutting down highways and airports, committing to not “voting blue no matter who” and ignoring us won’t make it go away. What about the quarter to half a million people who showed up to march in DC not once but TWICE now for Palestine? No coverage? Why not?

What about the ICJ hearing? South Africa taking Israel to the international court of justice over Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians - a deeply historical moment where South Africa came very prepared with evidence and an excellent argument that was entirely ignored by American media - we only heard about Israel’s defense which was basically them arguing semantics! How is this not covered, Judd? South Africa made a deeply compelling case, have you seen it?

Why are we continuing to jump through hoops trying to justify Israel murdering over 30,000 people, 2/3 women (2 mothers die every hour) and several thousand children, in their “search for hamas”? You’re telling me one of the most powerful militaries in the world can’t help but kill thousands of children seeking refuge in tents, in hospitals, IN LINE FOR FOOD AND AID, or their own hostages which they claim to be trying to rescue? The video evidence of the IDF targeting civilians waiving a white flag? We are still not talking about how this did not start on Oct 7, even though that’s what every political figure wants you to think - look at that recent interview with Harris and Couric. This started over 75 years before and continues with an occupation, mass death, air, land and sea blockade, crumbling health infrastructure (look at covid in Gaza vs Israel for example) never mind the fact that there are currently NO working hospitals in Gaza, doctors are and have been doing surgery on patients with no anesthesia on dirty floors for weeks). Israel is not letting aid into Gaza, despite their claims that they are - Look into it!

Remember when Israel vehemently denied bombing Al-Ahli hospital? When IDF soldiers pointed to a paper with arabic writing inside a different hospital saying this was shifts and names of Hamas militants but it was actually just a calendar? That was over 30 bombed hospitals ago at this point. Judd, you and your team are better than this, please cover this genocide. What about AIPAC, and how the politicians who are the biggest supporters Israel get the most money from them? We’re supposed to think that’s by chance? We are smarter than that. Tracing back the money trail to see the bigger picture is something you and your team do very thoroughly historically, what about now?

Even last week in the US - ex IDF soliders used chemical weapons made by Israel on a group of peaceful protesters at Columbia University and there has been no action taken against the attackers! Several people were hospitalized! Both the attackers have been identified and still nothing. You have so much content to choose from.

At this point it feels intentional that you’ve written only one piece back in October on the crisis in Gaza, and didn’t even call it what it was. I’ve been reading your articles for years and years, I know there is so much to cover but Gaza needs our attention - our most powerful currency as Americans.

I think anyone can see that this will dramatically impact the 2024 election, so if one of the most well documented instance of genocide CURRENTLY HAPPENING, FUNDED BY THE US isn’t motivating, I hope that the election would be. Please be better, you and your team have never shied away from telling the truth even when mainstream media hates you for it - can you show up for this now? if not, then I think we deserve an explanation.

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Good morning Judd. Thanks again for the excellent reportage that you and your extremely capable staff provide.

I wonder where the money that Texas is spending to send unwary migrants all over the country actually comes from. It would also be of interest to know if there are "favored" contractors that benefit financially from the arrangement.

Political theater with an attached grift sounds par fpr the course doesbn't it?

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I'd love to see you do a story on how the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts won't allow certain registered voters to cure their provisional ballots unless they can do it by the close of polls on election day. That defeats the purpose of provisional ballots! And he's made up his policy out of thin air. And his policy affects over 10,000 voters. See my just-drafted petition: https://chng.it/PHJD9BV7DT

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Please explore the sudden huge increase in the number of people attempting to cross our southern border since Biden has been in office. Why? And why now? I suspect, but cannot prove, that 'social media' is being used by the Russians, and possibly the GOP, to encourage people from Central America, South American and elsewhere to flood to the US to intentionally make Biden look weak on immigration issues while the GOP refuses to help solve the problem expecting the chaos will lead to Trump's reelection. That would clearly be a "win" for Putin and Xi and Iran and...

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I would like to see a focus on unions and the communities that they serve. We (USA) have been stuck in this cycle of individualism, where the good of the individual is at the expense of the community or group. I would like to see that flipped, where the cornerstone of our democracy is the common good not the individual. Justice will prevail for the pendulum has swung too far and only has one way to go. I intend to make things better for the future generations that come after us, so please join us in making our communities vibrant and healthy again.

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Why do people not know about Leonard Leo, Charles Koch, The Federalist Society, Neoliberalism, etc.?

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Patience. Be assured that your work over the few years has made an important difference in important issues. As I wrote many months ago: "This article is an example of a story that Popular Information comes up with to reveal what needs exposure if we are to clean up what can threaten our government's health."

After a cursory review of the Popular Information archive, we can be grateful that you have covered some important issues in many of our states: Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and...more. The readers familiar with the questionable issues in need of greater exposure in their states: please alert Judd and team to specifically what issues invite their scrutiny.

Meanwhile, you have covered important and misrepresented issues such as Retail Crime, the laws to help our children not face food insecurity, Boeing. And, then unknown ciminal issues such as the murder of Mika Westwood by a drunk and high driver, and "Police raid Kansas newspaper office and owner’s home, seize records and computers" to expose more of what motivated that travesty.

So, please, be confident about your discernment to select important topics!

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General topic: how did “assault rifles” become unregulated? What might bring their regulation/prohibition back?

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How about the Tik Tok generation of millenials and Gen Z getting their news of Gaza from pro Palestinian reporters on the ground there. Brutal photos and harrowing reporting. I don't think most of us understand the impact it is having towards Biden's re-election with young voters. When the US and others immediate clapback of funding the UN after the revelation of UN workers allegedly being involved with Hamas really rang a bell with younger people I know. They think Netanyahu is a mobster/dictator causing genocide.Those photos and reports are damaging. Dead children never make a positive impression. Never dreamed Tik Tok would be a news source. I try my good side vsvbad side on this conflict to my young friends but they aren't having it. After being shown the devastation and death on these videos I can see why.

I am no fan of Tik Tok, not sure it is trustworthy, but the reporters of this hell are targeted by the IDF.

Seems to me that the conflicted middle east and these alleged Iran-backed groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthi's and the one in Iraq claiming the drone that hit the Tower in Syria killing and wounding Americans are a powder keg in the midst of what is going on in Gaza. Help us understand. It seems more far reaching than what I hear elsewhere in news sources.

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We are Kentuckians, and on a recent visit to Washington DC we visited the Congressional office buildings, as we have several times in the last couple of decades. ( WHAT A PRIVILEGE! )

We found the place abandoned for the most part, in recess, but what struck us most concerning was that in the Congressman Comer's office there was no greeting book. The staff there gave us a sheet of paper, at our request, to leave our contact information, but the visit was very unfriendly. The office of Congressman Massie was much more friendly, by comparison, at least they had a guest book. The staffer we spoke to was focused on a problem described as the ruination of the neighborhood where she had attended college, by illegal immigrants, the current Bullet ( point/phrase ).

What we don't want to see, is the Congressional office suites becoming a war zone. In reflection, we cant honestly say we witnessed normal business, as Congress was in recess, but what we hope to see, again, when we visit those halls, is a welcoming and friendly appeal, the one we remember, where at least in appearance there is an attempt to appear civil.

I've read some good insights from Heather Cox, this last year, that help me, through history lessons, see that Congress and the business of Politics hasn't ever been what in a Nationalist viewpoint might seem to be patriotic, but rather always churning away at themes to un-divide the Republic. What the Founders left out of the Constitution, as it seems, is a good method to sift out corruptive influences, like bribery. When Congress is behaving like leadership, through appeals to the mind instead of the passion, when we have models that inspire thought instead of emotion, when we receive concepts for improvement rather than rhetoric bent on destruction, then, Congress will have returned to the Founder's aspiration, a civic voice for the people, and an intelligent benchmark of civic responsibility.

Texans need to consider how difficult their prized security will be to defend once they have bordered their whole perimeter and are defending from all sides with no support form the union. Even in a North vs South scenario, history confirms, a handful of ruthless and self-centered individuals, in powerful roles, can bring families , friends, and neighbors into conflict they would normally not be in. Our cicvc leaders should be bound by their oaths, and at least appearing to be protecting the union.

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The effort for an Article V constitutional convention to rewrite the Constitution that the right wing is actively getting states to sign on to.

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How /Why is it possible for a potential convicted felon (very likely that he will be) to run for president, but they (felons) do not get the right to vote??? The double standard is beyond hypocritical... and speaking of hypocrisy... can you even imagine the rhetoric we'd be hearing if a Democrat with 91 indictments was running for office? In fealty to Trump, his base (which includes many in Congress apparently) will overlook things that would make them LIVID if a Democrat considered doing them. Do we no longer have a collective conscience? Do we no longer care about the "greater good"? Silence (the media choosing not to report something) is complicit...

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Is Mike Johnson beholden to Russia/Putin through dark money? What about the radical rightwing loudmouths in the US House who are blocking military aid to Ukraine?

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A stupid electorate is much easier to rule than an educated electorate. Stupid citizens are easier to influence and intimidate than well educated citizens. The destruction of a public education and the constitutional violation of religiously bastardized public education must be told and emphasized. Shouted from the proverbial rooftops.

The Constitutional bastardization by SCOTUS and the Republicans and each element of the coup plan of project 2025 needs to be explained on every media source possible and especially publicized by today’s influencers (Taylor swift comes to mind)

Biden and every Democrat running for office need to be shouting out how insulting the Republican Regime is and how they have taken and bastardized our

Our return to The Dark Ages and takeover of all media /educational sources is our demise.

PS. We need to utilize AM radio, Ham radio, public pamphlets, billboards and whatever advertising and broadcasting means possible.

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Even if dRumph loses the 2024 election, flees to Russia, goes to prison, and/or dies, does anyone actually think that the threat to our country will be over?? I mean, the governor of FL has removed dictionaries from public schools!!! We are in the deep end and cannot be less than vigilant.

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I donate to nearly 30 state and national democrat candidates most clearly and continuously stating they don’t use/ rely on PAC money like most of their GOP rivals (relying instead on grassroots donations) . Recently noted The Bidan super PAC has about $225 million to unleash. Since much of the electorate seems dulled to so many rational and irrational political issues, what gives with this “sinful” issue of PAC money use? Where in the heck are investigative reporters, other literary influencers and campaign directors on this issue?

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Why is the Ohio legislature creating up roadblocks to legal marijuana and abortion access after voters passed constitutional amendments enshrining both?

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Why haven't I seen anything about the genocide in Gaza, the over 3 billion dollars the US sends to 'Israel' every year (started under Obama) for all the social safety nets we don't get, the staggering corruption at basically every level of government bought out by AIPAC, the *textbook war crimes* our federal government unquestioningly supports, the climate impact of non-stop carpet bombing Palestine, the US pulling funding from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees on unfounded/uninvestigated claims? How is this not all wildly pertinent?? Why am I not seeing you address any of this? I'm baffled and disgusted to be honest.

Vote blue no matter who is failing spectacularly because those of us with even some level of awareness are seeing things for exactly what they are. .There. .is. .no. .justification. for the wholesale slaughter of civilians. Most democrats have already lost their precious "youth vote" for their silence and worse yet, their endless justification for killing children (closing in on 10 thousand precious little lives). The last ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN DAYS have been a profound betrayal, fundamentally changing me and countless others. Over a month ago, premature babies were found dead and decomposing in Gaza's al-Nasr hospital after a lengthy bombardment. They died alone, terrified, and starving because nowhere is safe, not even hospitals. Israel has bombed and raided every one of the 36 hospitals in Gaza, recently executing patients in their hospital beds. I truly hope this haunts anyone who reads this as much as it will haunt me for the rest of my life because I will not bear this burden alone. Your taxes are funding all of this - billions of dollars to murder kids, not provide you with any basic needs like healthcare, housing , food...

I guess I was naive to expect fidelity in journalism from Popular Information and its readers.

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The near-complete erasure of what is still an ongoing COVID pandemic is the kind of story a pre-2020 press would have prided itself on covering, but that 2024's press ignores with timid complicity.

Thousands of Americans still dying of COVID every week, dismissed with the heretofore unthinkable rationale of "they were vulnerable, not 'normal' people like us." Tens of millions of Americans have Long COVID, an as-yet untreatable disease, but somehow this isn't front-page news. The only way to prevent Long COVID is to not get COVID, but this inconvenient truth remains unspoken by those we depend on to be truthtellers. Wearing N95 masks, or opening windows, or plugging-in air purifiers, or taking a test that costs less than $1 to produce are all easy ways to reduce COVID's spread, but mentioning any of this is Kryptonite to a press newly fearful of "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable."

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I want to know why Ken Paxton isn’t being prosecuted? Why is it taking so long? That man needs to go.

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Hi Judd!

You do good work. Was happy to see you on MSNBC.

Please advise if you have some kind of contract with them.

Also, would you consider searching for income from advertisers over subscribers?

Lastly, Judd, I laughed out-loud when some guy on Twitter wrote something to the effect of,

“Ya, run that plan by a lawyer” when you suggested something. You replied,

“But I am a lawyer.”

Thanks for that!

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I am concerned about the nation’s emotional health, and the impact it has on our perception of social responsibility and therefore national politics. More specifically, my concern is a perception too many of us are adolescent adults with undeveloped concern for others (lack of empathy), wedded, clan-like to others in cultish tropes of reality irrelevance (magical thinking).

Our apparent disinterest in the kinds of empirical truths that are fairly easily established, or the more complex truths of subject expertise suggest too many of us think “reality” springs fully formed from our brains or our group alone, rather than from rigorous conversation with dissimilar others (lack of emotional resilience). The fact that others might have a truth worthy of consideration, or that the capacity to negotiate truth is “reality itself” seem lost within individual and group emotional isolation that is the sine qua non of emotional pathology!

The blame game is alive, but hardly well in our atomized and fragile society. Where are the adults amidst the din of the MAGA cacophony? Perhaps occasionally authors should consider coverage of emotional health instead of what’s wrong with America!

Presumably there are a few adults in the room? People who talk with one another, try to control themselves, instead of the rest of us!

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Jan 31·edited Jan 31

Conversations within the democratic party about how Biden is alienating young would-be democratic voters and if there is any pressure within the party to counter this (since without a decisive showing by young voters, Trump is more likely to take the presidency.)

Also, since Biden is in his 80s, what is the plan if he dies during the primaries or before the general election? Presumably Harris would serve the remainder of Biden's term. Would she likely be the de facto candidate, assuming she accepts, for a November general election or might it go to someone else?

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Judd, I will continue to wonder about sincere people being manipulated by cynical ones—but that's not the most important part of this subject. Alex Papale makes a great case for challenging the current administration and Congress, forcefully and soon. Why have only a dozen senators spoken out against Israel's crimes? Does Anthony Blinken want to be complicit in genocide?

Whichever topics you cover next, thank you—Popular Information is a beacon of honesty.

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Americans are astonishingly poorly educated or otherwise ignorant about the other, relatively liberal-minded, western countries and how they handle issues. News and information taught to Americans is very parochial, self-focused, and yet Americans assume western leadership. This is a topic worth pursuing and discussing to encourage a greater depth of cultural comparisons with how other countries handle domestic issues that trouble Americans today. In a sentence: What can be learned from others outside the American information corral?

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Could you get some information on trumps “brown shirts”? Who they are, where they are, and why they are? They worry me.

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People need a better understanding of the religious myths and prophecies that are driving so many people to support abominable people and behavior in politics and the broader public sphere.

@JasonKirk wrote a novel about growing up and coming of age in the evangelical bubble that helped me understand how the current generation of voters came to tolerate this madness, which may be a first step so we can try and bridge the divide and move forward to *whatever* comes after this election.


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Why haven't the news media demanded of Trump to condemn death threats and violence committed on his behalf? "President Trump, do you condone the threats of violence directed at your political opponents (including fellow Republicans and their families)?"

Why hasn't anyone asked him, on the record "President Trump, should you be re-elected, do you commit to leaving office at the end of your second term?"

I think some of his supporters would expect clear answers to these questions, and might temper their support for him if he equivocated on either or both questions (and probably many other such questions).

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Of the 1079 texts currently in my messages, about 1000 of them are from politicians or political organizations. The notifications are so thick I would never see any messages from people I know. Have you noticed? It is impossible to reply! Oh, you can respond to their poll (Do you approve of Judd Legum? Y N Donate here). But you can't say, "Yesterday's donation cleared my bank this morning." Or you can be treated to disdain--"You didn't respond to our emails, you are a Russian mole or probably a pedophile.". "Respond within 20 minutes!" It's money in politics. The longer I get this kind of "feedback", the less I care about responding. Could that be why grassroots donations are declining? Nobody really wants my opinion, just money. Thin-skinned, I guess. And broke.

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Popular Information

just now

One more thought could someone please explain to all these politicians asking for money 10 times a day to relax... I had quartely payments Jan 15 and my taxes Aril 15th.... give us some breathing room... I vote blue no matter who but please it's insane can we wait til August? Geesh

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One more thought could someone please explain to all these politicians asking for money 10 times a day to relax... I had quartely payments Jan 15 and my taxes Aril 15th.... give us some breathing room... I vote blue no matter who but please it's insane can we wait til August? Geesh

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What’s happening to the defendant Trump - he appears to be mentally devolving- pls keep a spotlight on his unfit gif office he is too. TU

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