I've never seen anyone who *had* a reputation for being powerfully-persuasive make such a non-sequitur of an argument. He's talking about "logic," but there is none to be found.

Does advertising on Facebook make her a hypocrite? Of course not.

But, your typical GOP supporter doesn't know hypocrisy from democracy! Most GOP plebs believe hypocrisy is: "Being objective," "seeing the other side," "compromise."

The GOP base treats life like a game of football. They root for their team (no matter what they do!) And, *anything* that makes fans of the "other side" suffer--is a good thing.

They've lost sight of reality.

They care only for "the win."

"Don't let the winner belong to the spoils." -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Thanks for an important update on just who Messina is and who he works for. A shame that MSNBC and others aren't paying attention.

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You nailed his sliminess: "Messina's willingness to leverage bigotry for political gain..." Why do the most egregious hypocrites look like they are wearing skin suits?

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