And when Ronna started whining, perhaps the CNN host should have said "if you don't want Republican's violent rhetoric to be linked to an assassination attempt on the target of that rhetoric, perhaps you should dial down the violent threats against your political opponents". But that would be far too much to ask of our access driven, Republican loving, corporate media, and would get in the way of a continuing quest to normalize the MAGA horde and return Trump to the WH.

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What a pitiful herd of miscreants these republican leaders are..

Each one more obtuse than the rest.

They play the most dangerous game of verbally assaulting Nancy Pelosi’s name.

They have continued this miserable , nasty tirade even after her husband was attacked and seriously injured in their home in San Francisco .

This deranged gunman was looking to kill Nancy Pelosi, who wasn’t home at the time .

But he’d been groomed to hate for the sake of hating and killing political opponents of the Republican party..

This has been created by attack rhetoric, that flows freely from their mouths.

These are not a few twisted characters of their cult. It is the leaders of this tawdry gang that carry this message of pure hate.

They know who they are and they know what their words mean and the damage they cause.

Talk to the folks at The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ask them about the statistics on violent crime

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Oct 31, 2022·edited Oct 31, 2022

Here we go into another election season and the other side is once again showing their true colors. The right says the left hates and wants to destroy our country, but who is actually showing the hate and who is it who supports and enacts policies that hurt people? Every potential voter needs to ask themselves a few questions like this before they go to the polls. And please educate yourselves on the players in the local races, with special attention paid to the judges, since they often slip in under everyone's radar.

Judd, you provide a critical service to my way of thinking. I have and will continue to spread the word about Popular Information. Especially since the musky one from SA has taken Twitter and now is busy twisting it to suit his needs.

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Where are the sane and ethical Republicans?

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Thanks Judd as always for your in-depth commentary & reporting. I'm losing hope..

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Well, here are the questions: Why WOULD the Republicans express any contrition for their rhetoric? Why WOULD they apologize? Polls show that they are paying just about no price for doing what they are doing. They look set to gain an increasingly large majority in the House, as the public forgets about the Dobbs decision, and may very well retake the Senate. In short, why would you change your behaviour when voters seem set to say "Hey, that's okay by me!" to them?

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Continued comment.....since 2016, since Donald J Trump was elected president . I dare you to ask them about the data they’ve collected.

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Idk how anyone on the left can look at this crap and not want to fight back. Start putting out ads that say the same. The only good democrat ad I've seen is from Tim Ryan here in Ohio and Vance's campaign already responded with a good ad for their side too. Stop trying to play nice on the left. Put out ads demonizing the right. They supported stimulus checks for criminals. BLAST THAT ON TELEVISION. Show their votes. "The party that claims they want to 'fund police' is literally funding the criminals they put away. McConnel and McCarthy will lie to your face and say they love the police but then will vote to send stimulus checks to criminals behind closed doors. They love crime and hate the police. They prove it with their votes" - there's a commercial. I don't understand why the left always pulls punches. There won't be a country left to defend after the right wing effectively kills democracy.

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I'm disheartened we are still surprised by the GOPs response. Why are we surprised - they are consistent with their lies, hate speech and turning a blind eye to violence? It's exhausting and demotivating reading about it without a strong Dem counter-offensive.

I'd rather and hear what Dems are doing to counter and get on offense with the good legislation passed (infrastructure, climate etc), how they will fight crime (gun control), support women (abortion rights), protect seniors (SSA), protect our democracy (voting rights and elector laws), etc.

Not sure we can win by only focusing on the egregious acts and words the GOP is 'doing' to Dems...want to see Dems FIGHT BACK with facts, simple talking points on policy proposals helping the working class and contrasting vs GOP plans and how they voted against and will overturn what Americans want!

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Judd, I will be leaving Twitter also. I will absolutely double down on efforts to get you advertised. I don’t usually send friends too many links as it can become annoying. But this is different.

My anger is focused on DOJ and every avenue blocking the arrest of these maniacs. I know we have the number of votes to win and I stay positive. Remember, only these 30% fringe maniacs buy this well advertised BS. HOWEVER!, if this giant coup takes place, we must prepare for a revolution that will ultimately defund Twitter. It cannot be solely supported by the freaks.

We must prepare to shut companies and the nation down and embrace massive non-compliance. It is time to get real patriots..former military, FBI etc who are incensed at this to fight. I will not live in their Fascist women-demeaning, LGBTQ+ - hating, dark-skinned American-hating world.

No one wants violence but it will end up inevitable if they continue the coup. Imagine what Iranian women felt taking their head scarves off IN PUBLIC even though they faced murdering Taliban!

We must draw a line. No more whimpering about fear of their made-up fairy tales.

We need Judd Legum, Robert Reich, Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann and others to remain visible!

I am sad to leave Twitter. I will do so in the next month after DM ing a few people I want to stay connected with.

Perhaps get a subscription to these authors for holiday gifts!

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I'm not a huge fan of Nancy Pelosi, but this goes beyond the pale. The Right absolutely has blood on their hands. Jan 6. was a herald of the type of threat they've created with their rhetoric. Like Frankenstein's monster, it's promising to be something dangerously out of their control.

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While DePapa is obviously mentally ill, the continual smears and threats to women in high ranking political positions, and of course on Jews and BPOC (a given now) seem now to be a catalyst for many of the violent reactions we see today. Republicans cry ‘mental health’ as responsible for all mass shootings their loose take on the 2nd permits, yet their rhetoric appears to be the thing tipping the mentally ill over the edge. This attack on Mr Pelosi draws a direct line from a guy who was a little ‘weird’ but good, to a man who is now drowning in cult madness and acted on it. We’re all familiar with the tropes and conspiracies espoused daily, we saw Jan 6 with our own eyes, now imagine the insane things we may not actually hear or see. If Republicans truly believe Americans mental health is an issue, they can prove that by discontinuing and discouraging this hate speech. In ads (some are deranged), in their online presence, wherever the MAGA crowd gathers. And put a stop to the election fraud insistence-it’s been 2 years and they’ve offered no evidence. If they’re not following a fascistic playbook by muddying minds and smearing non white males, then veer from it. PROVE to all Americans they’re not the cause or catalyst of mentally deranged acts. Otherwise we have no choice but to call them out as directly responsible. And it’s time the lawmakers of this country help put a stop to it.

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One thing I think is important to mention whenever the right says talks about "lone wolves" or lone actors is that the lone wolf strategy is a coordinated strategy of white supremacists to avoid being investigated as one single organization and easily prosecuted and brought down. I tried searching for the author of a great book on this topic, but I can't remember the title or her name. If anyone happens to come across it, please let me know. Otherwise I'll pop back in when it eventually pops into my head.

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Hitler had his Brown Shirts. What does Trump call his thugs and his rhetoric that put them on the streets? Seems the same to me. Life in the US has gotten truly frightening.

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There are millions in this country who have been radicalized by hate. Anyone acting imorally now concerning this violent attack on an 82 year old man---including the GOP politicians mentioned in this article, Elon Musk, the right wing media, etc.---are monsters. Winning for them means everything, including abandoning basic decency and empathy. I see them as ghouls grasping for the almighty dollar with greed and the lust for power emanating from every pore of their bodies and blood dripping from their hands. They've joined the side of evil. We are a country filled with immature, poorly educated, and spiritually/ethically underdeveloped people who are easily led astray by a culture that has lost hold of its core values that help hold us together. May we learn from this dreadful and painful period what our weaknesses as a nation are and how to improve. We need only look at the areas our enemies like Russia and China are attacking to know where are vulnerabilities lie: race relations, K-12 education, toleration of extremes in political parties, overemphasis on money and fame, a poorly regulated social media industry, naivite about infiltration into our government, media and society by foreign intelligence services, dark money and transnational crime are some areas that come to mind.

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The Republican politicians are disgusting in their insistent indecency and willingness to talk up violence, even while sometimes (a la McConnell and Youngkin) supposedly denouncing it. Our democracy cannot withstand this. And yet so many good, pro-democracy candidates and politicians, most but not quite all Democrats, are running into major Republican opposition. This demonstrates that a HUGE number of Americans favor the violent and demonizing rhetoric of the right, or at least accept it as their view of what is best. Can anyone who's not a Democrat dogmatist seriously explain this? It's not as though these Republican politicians are being rejected -- they're often winning! What the heck?!

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