If I was younger I would leave. I’m worn out and exhausted by the craziness and abusive control from the likes of Koch and Fox

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The irony of grown adults going to these school board meetings and acting worse than children...

It is scary to me how well funded and well organized these faux-grassroots operations are. Until the left and center-left can mount a significant challenge to their power, it's going to be hard if not impossible to make real progress in this nation.

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This: "Their interest is less about changing public schools than in creating a potent cultural issue that can be exploited by Republican political candidates."


Why do we keep handing the Right so much ammunition? We are idiots!

Instead of promoting the teaching of American heroes like Ida B. Wells, Pauli Murray, Claudette Colvin, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Mary Ellen Pleasant,Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Robert Smalls, John Horse, Stormé Delarverie, Shirley Chisholm, John Lewis, James Baldwin, Fannie Lou Hammer, etc, we promote the idea of teaching "Critical Race Theory", a vague academic term which the Right can claim means just about anything.

Academics are horrible communicators, yet we allow them to direct our rhetoric. This is a huge mistake.

We also make the Right's day by demanding that the government "Defund the Police!' and "Abolish Prisons!"

Then we are stupid enough to say "Oh, but we didn't actually mean that" which makes it sound like we are liars who don't say what we mean.

If the Left were not so out of touch with poor and working class communities - of all races - the minority Right would not have been so successful at dominating our society.

We can't change the Right, but we can change the way we assist them in promoting lies and undermining our democracy.

We are not pure little paragons of Truth.

We need to get over ourselves and start figuring out how to win hearts and minds.

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Another thing that pisses me off about the whole Critical Race Theory debate is, WHY are we talking about an abstract theory rather than about how grossly underfunded and segregated majority Black & Latinx schools are?

I listened to an obnoxious podcast called "Southlake" recently where the two privileged hosts spoke breathlessly about the racism and homophobia at a majority white high school in a wealthy suburb of Texas.

To me, this was another example of Rich People's Problems being elevated above the far more serious problems of kids in East Oakland who sit in flea infested classrooms with filthy water leaking from the ceiling onto their heads, while armed guards roam the hallways.

In Detroit, for decades, kids have had to ask to ask the teacher for toilet paper before going to the restroom, because the school could not afford to keep toilet paper in stock.

It's hard to do a lot of boo-hooing for rich South Lake kids when there is so much more suffering going on in poor parts of the country.

The worst performing schools are in Mitch McConnell's majority white state of Kentucky, where life expectancy is declining and poverty is increasing. (Note to the Left: most poor people in the USA are white, and most Black people are not poor).

When it comes to poverty and classism, we on the Left come across as hopelessly out of touch and ill informed - and the Right exploits that to their advantage.

We need to learn how to communicate with the people who have the most to gain by progressive economic policies. Instead, we seem hell bent on alienating them.

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School board members along the Front Range in CO requesting police protection, fearing for their families and kids. Parents are afraid to speak up in support of masks in schools for fear their kids will be bullied.

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This is so good, and helpful. It is appalling to me to know that I a close family member who "likes" the Kochs. He didn't admit it directly to me. I'll say no more at this time. And I also have family members who are completely left and I no longer find much of anything to disagree with them about. It's hard. It helps to be well-informed so no one can effectively try any push-back and what-aboutisms on me anymore. Ms. Pollyanna does not exist anymore.

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It’s a double purpose. Bring us into a state of christian sharia law. These groups get widespread support and funding from all of these churches that flaunt their wealth. IRS regulations require churches that preach from the pulpit to be removed from tax exempt status. The problem: the Dems never apply these regulations. They’re too busy catering to and privileging religion! This has to end. And the fact that anyone whines about wearing a mask shows how deep the delusion goes. All of these people have numerous vaccinations already.

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It is tragic that these unpaid volunteers, who raised their hands just to make their community better are being targeted for state and national political agendas. Local government is non partisan but the right wing billionaires want to make it another party battleground. And our kids education is the fall guy, because warding off these attacks is a huge distraction. SHED A LIGHT those of you who are under attack, build an email list, put up a website, get on facebook, you must reveal these connections. Left or right most of us do not appreciate outside influence, hidden agendas and partisan rhetoric in our local conversations.

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Koch Bros have been brainwashing young people for a very long time. They believe they're a cross between Gordon Gecko and Strom Thurmond.

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This (along with a big spike in bad, student behavior) is truly a sign of our social fabric being engineered to come apart at the seams.

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It’s not attacking religion per se. It is obnoxious that they have been given property tax breaks they don’t deserve. Religious institutions should not have to be propped up by the rest of us.

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This movement funded and engineered by the Koch money aims to maintain a dominance that does not benefit those in favor of anti-mask and anti-vax. Reveal their true agenda such as to keep the earth polluted and keep oil, coal, and gas in business so that these funders can retain their inordinate wealth.

Are people aware of the QAnon ideas that are a part of this "movement"? Koch industries, the Federalist Society, and Trump shamelessly use these people to serve their own interests. One friend from my past (a global educator who started wonderful schools in South America and Europe) is sending out info of their latest successes, e.g., Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum, which is to counteract Critical Race Theory.

Suggestion: people can learn to describe what is missing in the history that has been being taught [Columbus 1492, the Indians sold Manhattan to White "settlers" for $24, et al] and correct it in simple language. By the way, in a small town in Rockland County NY, when 9 years old, I wrote a paper on Americo Vespucci's voyage in which HE discovered America. His name fits!

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Can you imagine how insane the situation will be when these clowns (who are now running for school boards themselves, having chased out the sane, rational, truly civic-minded among us) actually take over?

I am relieved that all of my kids but one are done with public school.

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