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I believe I see the threads forming the web more clearly now. There was talk the other day about dropping birth rates around the world in developed countries like the US. There is fear in these white supremacy groups that white folks will be outnumbered by brown and black people either because whites aren’t reproducing enough or because of immigration which would alternatively be necessary to be able to support the aging population. So now Pence and Trump’s push to overturn Roe vs Wade and thus ban abortion and the desire to subjugate women so they can just become baby machines for some white man makes perfect sense. There’s no morality here. There’s only hate and fear of losing power. Go back in time. And who supports this? Why old Aussie Rupert Murdoch Oligarch owner of Fox News. Statements by the racist Carlson and Pirro support that. We have a big problem folks. We have a weak Congress, we have the Executive Branch encouraging far right groups, we have far right hate groups actively recruiting young white men. Same problem all over the world, those young men. So easy to radicalize and often by old old men who treat women badly. And of course, political leaders only survive because of Oligarchs. What to do? We know the problems. How to fix it?

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