The secret life of Stony Rushing

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Steven ArmstrongMar 4

Excellent story, Judd! Keep digging, please. There's more than likely several other instances of this kind of behavior. Fine writing, sir! And the video clip is priceless.

Sherry WoodbeckMar 4

Great read. That video, WOW!!!

BruceFMar 5

Not surprised by any of this. I have some passing acquaintance with Stony and his father Rocky. My parents lived down the road from them in the late '80's. My brother went to school with Stony. Right wing nut jobs then and seemingly still are.

Tom KephartMar 4

Well, he’ll fit right in.

DanaMar 4

Wow! These “you just can’t make this stuff up” stories just keep piling up, mostly involving republicans, of course.

Ian SirotaMar 4

Sounds like a great guy (sarcasm intended)!