As I am a stakeholder in USAA, I just wrote to tell them we are watching and deeply disappointed in support of reckless radicals who are putting women into harm’s way, criminalizing a Constitutionally-protected medical procedure, and endorsing vigilantism. If you own stock -- or are a customer of -- any of these companies, it can't hurt to let them know you oppose their political positions.

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It is incomprehensible to me why Biden is dragging his feet on adding SCOTUS judges other than his self-anointed title of the king of bipartisanship. Surly even he realizes by now Republicans want less than zero to do with that and instead are hell bent on obstruction, corruption & singularly focused on single party rule & power. In the meantime Women are being referred to as “host bodies” and people of color are being stripped of their voting rights. All the while Biden keeps reaching his hand out to people who want nothing more than to rip it off his body and hit him with it. 😠

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I can't possibly be the only person to have noticed that the new Texas abortion law, as is usual with most such laws, will have a disproportionate effect on those with little or no income AND that those with little or no income are often from ethnic groups some of those Texas Republicans are worried will "replace" them.

There's a delicious irony in waiting for the white birthrate to continue to fall and for that fall to accelerate relative to the BIPOC birthrate...

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If this doesn’t spark the Democratic administration (that controls the White House and both houses of Congress) to enact Roe v Wade into constitutional law or to expand the Supreme Court to the law prescribed 13 in the next year and a half this country will not survive with a democracy intact!

And why are we allowing these conglomerates to just buy up their competition — whatever happened to the anti-trust laws we are supposed to be such champions of in this country?

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Judd, you are right on top of the LYING CHEATING anti-progress, anti-democratic corporations of the USA. Thank you!

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Your work is great.

But shaming doesn't seem to be making much headway. I fear that many businesses feel like they they can take the flack.

Do you have any strategic ideas for making change happen?

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I'm boycotting Texas-based businesses.

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Thank you, once again, Judd for exposing the injustices in our government, both state and Federal. We are cancelling our extensive insurance coverage with Farmer's because of this and because (according to your previous posts) they continue to support the insurrectionists. I hope that your columns make people realize that our spending is our leverage for change.

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Welcome back, and wow. You don’t miss a beat. (That’s a MUSICAL term and not a reference to a fetal heartbeat. which BTW does not signal viability in any way shape or form, and fairly routinely is followed by miscarriage, aka spontaneous abortion.)

Let’s get real people - Earth is already way overpopulated and if anything we should be PAYING women to abort. Not that I’m opinionated or anything.

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Nice logo! 👏

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In search of an ethical cell phone service. If AT&T and T-Mobile are bankrolling this agenda, is there an alternative? Tough to switch when between them they own all tower infrastructure.

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Women's Lives DON'T Matter in this country, and I blame "progressive" activists for this as much as I blame conservative activists.

The rights and lives of women have been and continue to be ignored by so-called social justice activists.

It's gotten so bad that crap like "Jezebel" is what passes for a "feminist" web site.

This is what "feminism" has looked like for the past 20 years: "Free The Nipple!" "Sex Work Is Work!" "Slut Walk!" "Men Get Pregnant, Too!" "Every Choice Is a Feminist Choice!" "Honk If You Love Pizza and Abortion!"

Gosh, with brilliant slogans like that, why women's rights have fallen into the toilet?

Poor and working class women - of all races - have been ignored by "progressives" for decades.

Access to abortion has always been a serious issue for poor and working class women, and so has vulnerability to being exploited in the sex trade.

But these are not serious issues to upper middle class women - of any race - because they can always find a way to access abortion and they are under little threat of being exploited in the sex trade (though they gleefully watch exploited women being abused with their husbands and boyfriends).

After treating abortion like a back burner issue for years (and treating sex trafficking like a complete non-issue) progressives are suddenly up in arms over the loss of abortion rights in Texas.

Well, you're too damn late.

If you had cared, it never would have gotten this far.

Fake feminists were so busy freeing the nipple that they slut-walked poor and working class women off a cliff.

But hey - no worries!

Since "sex work is work" poor and working class women can trade sex for access to abortion. Right?

It's all good.

Keep fighting the good fight against those micro aggressions while poor women will die of sepsis and hemorrhage from illegal abortions.

What we know for sure is that almost no middle class women will die from illegal abortion, because they can afford to cross state lines.


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My "Libertarian" son who is a Intellectual Properties lawyer, asks how much did they donate to politicians on the other side, the pro Roe vs Wade guys.

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Hi, I posted a link to this article plus the graphic of the corporate donors to the Texas legislators who sponsored SB 8. I got this comment that I am passing along to you in case you want to look into it: " ...there’s a difference between employee contributions and corporate contributions. Go to Open Secrets to find out how much of which. I looked at USAA and found the corporation didn’t give but employees did."

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AT&T donations 2020

Recipient Total From Individualsimore info From Organizationimore infoTypeimore info

Biden, Joe $1,344,478 $1,344,478 $0 Candidate (D-PRES)

One Vote at a Time $1,338,710 $1,338,710 $0 Outside Group

DNC Services Corp $511,750 $511,750 $0 Political Party

Trump, Donald $392,743 $392,743 $0 Candidate (R-PRES)

Sanders, Bernie $317,053 $317,053 $0 Candidate (I-VTS1)

Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte $260,731 $230,731 $30,000 Political Party

Ossoff, Jon $223,416 $223,416 $0 Candidate (D-GAS1)

Republican National Cmte $213,427 $168,377 $45,050 Political Party

National Republican Senatorial Cmte $209,751 $89,151 $120,600 Political Party

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte $204,981 $174,961 $30,020 Political Party

Liberal/Democrat Conservative/Republican No View

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