I really want to know why Trump and a long list of big name traitors are running around having meetings and rallies! This is a red alarm crisis and Trump et al have committed the highest level of crimes against the US. 45 is well qualified for the death penalty and that’s what we should see. But we’re not at the arrest stage after almost one year!! Are we under mafia rule and not being told? Will our military refuse to help? Police? I want to know why the overwhelming Democratic winners of the past 30 years continue to ultimately lose despite their win. When we get into office, addressing the biggest crimes and civil rights of people gets on the slow train.

And for those who dare try to impress the right with their gun love, will never ever get my vote again. When will we stop being the embarrassment of the world as over 100,000 people are shot each year with 40k dying! Numerous children die from gun shot every single year! What the hell!

If we didn’t have Judd Legum, Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Robert Reich and a long list of small scale media on the left, we’d be in bigger trouble. And of course, major right wing media wouldn’t report anything the Democrats are doing or saying. So there’s that.

This is the most dangerous situation I have ever seen for our country in my lifetime.

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#democracydying right before our eyes

It's getting worse and the Dems are not making this a 5-alarm fire is allowing it.

What happened to Lewis Voting Rights Act? The Dem contributors don't want it. If they did, it should be easy to message this into the same frenzy as the Anti-CRT crows screaming at local Board of Ed volunteer parents

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And again I must ask why people wonder why I am so pessimistic about the future of democracy in this country?

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The Democrats have made some notable progress, albeit scaled down, but that can be fixed if the Republicans can be overwhelmingly voted out. With bigger majorities, the Democrats can push the original agenda through. However, it’s a bigger challenge to do so with roadblocks to vote and gerrymandering.

We need fist-pounding, and shouting about the republicon atrocities every single day. We need the admin cleaned up as soon as we see a lack of proper rage (eg. Garland) We need the Democrats to shove the filibuster down their throats, to pass Voting rights as if tomorrow is the deadline. Most of all, the biggest traitors to our country must be shown in documentaries, online everywhere, everyday. The media is owned by the right, so no help will be found there. 20 years not six month sentences. 10 years minimum. For Trump et al, the maximum penalty.

We need to be convinced that they WILL produce protections for our rights or I fear, it will be detrimental to overturning this nightmare. Seriously, without an 85-90% Dem turnout, cheating can work for the re-cons.

We need to see the Dems in war mode to save our country, not lecture mode.

The only bit of optimism I have, is for the massive Dem turnout. But our party can’t keep letting us see unpunished crime for a deadly coup attempt, but death for American-Africans who commit alleged crimes or petty crimes.

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Meant to say with 85%-90% Dem turnout, cheating canNot work…

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34% of the Dems did NOT vote in the November Virginia Election. Thus we must endure 4 years of Gov. Youngkin. Yu might want to adjust the rose colired glasses. Democratic Party might be too late growing a set of stones. I am with the pessimists.

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Rose colored glasses? Your state isn’t the United States..just FYI.

I stated a suggestion and that I thought ignoring Jan 6 was detrimental.

Maybe you need to adjust your reading skills and attitude.

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Ha. Up until Nov. We were a blue state. BLUE.

43 State legislatures were Republican on Halloween. Make that 44 now.

Maybe you should research better.

Have a nice day

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Apparently you still didn’t read my original comment. Read the comment before giving another non-sensical rant. You sound unhinged.

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Of all the ways to break down and interpret: "these 24 lawmakers have received $2,199,455 in corporate donations since 2018", money is the engine fuel. Greed and profit operate like oxygen. Why is our country so shallow? Is it capitalism? Is it the imbalance of so much wealth being in the hands of very few? I think so. Our planet is out of balance, but it is our responsibility to make the corrections. Thank you, Judd for your meaningful contribution.

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I think we need to focus on your point and lessen the oxygen given to "political/democratic process failures, etc." "Capitalism, Neo capitalism, Laissez fair economics, trickle down, etc." as practiced in the US is a perversion of an exchange economy. In turn it twists everything it touches into a form unrecognizable to a reasonable definition of politics, exchange, democracy, etc. The question is can it be reformed in action, not the empty words of its beneficiaries?

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Helpful analysis (both this column and many of the below comments, which I didn’t read yesterday due to baking pupcakes for my boy’s first birthday).

Corporate donations are only part of the problem. The Uber rich (like Ron Weiser in MI) who crave access and visibility are even worse and how to boycott them?

I agree with the commenter who notes that US capitalism, with multiple anticompetitive breaks for the worst offenders (whether climate, labor practices, or political/lobbying) is a pale imitation of a free fair transactional economy. Let’s all remember this as we celebrate commercial Xmas (if we do) - emphasize local, handmade and experiential gifts and remember those for whom a hot meal is a real luxury.

(I’ll be sharing this column with my sole MI news media contact of course.)

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Editorial comment:

Regarding Ford and GM political donations in Michigan: I take issue with noting their donation totals from 2018 vs 2021, specifically January 6 and forward. I also I take issue with the amounts mentioned being donated to the number of politicians: do the math - each one maybe got a little over $1,000.00. Did these donations occur after the insurrection? Or, in the preceding 3 years? I feel the positioning of your commentary on these donations miss the mark. Thanks for all you do.

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Most resumed giving donations within a couple months. Ford was back in by the end of Feb. GM was back in by June (might be off by a month)

Corporations care about ONE thing, (and, hint: it isn't doing the right thing). If they aren't returning to shareholders, nothing else matters. They all hire PR firms to help them massage the messages, but they honestly only have one real responsibility, ROI.

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