Every choice that Trump or his select group of admin toadies makes is always the wrong one.


John Bolton was a disaster in the making and had done nothing to dispell my thoughts on this before, during or after his tenure as a member of the Trump team. Spineless.

Many medical pundits have spouted worry more about the flu. I get where they are coming from. But there is a shot. Treatment protocols.

Right now containment of coronvirus and isolation prevents it's spread. That is not a treatment. Watching motorcycles sanitizing S. Korean Streets made me wonder if that could work in America. Not. I just can't see people here staying home and in. Too many cowboys on the range in the US.

Trump and the GOP continue to undermine on every possible level. The CDC must be listened to about how to handle this. Yet he comes up with a stupidly spoken analogy and MSM prints it and off to the next chaos. Labradoodles.

One of my elementary teachers nursed people during the great flu epidemic in about 1918.

She told us they stacked the bodies like cords of wood in the streets where she lived in SWVA.

The CDC has fought for years to stop pandemics of that sort. One greedy imbecile and his party of greed could indeed resurface such a problem if not coronavirus, the next.

Big business and 1% tax cuts, military spending and the Space Force and a wall taking up money instead of funding needed programs for the people.

Hard to comprehend our nation in 2020. Scary. Scary. Scary.

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As I read yet another disastrous "destroy the government" move by Trump and the Party of Greed, I can't help but think about the conversation I've been having with Never Trumper Republican friends, many of them doctors. They despise what Trump has done to this country, but they consider Bernie Sanders to be "one step too far." Better to leave a sociopath and his sycophants in office.

I've sent them this column and resisted the urge to add a snide comment—this emergency and out lack of preparedness is just too important to treat as just another political football. But my colleagues in the media bear a big part of the responsibility. Perhaps the worst aspect the daily Trump freak show is how many important stories like this that are going uncovered by the media who can't pull itself away from the shiny object Trump's throws out there every day, whether's it's an obnoxious tweet or another outrageous statement on the South Lawn. Think the moderators at tonight's debate will ask what happened to the people in our government tasked with responding to this kind of emergency? 

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Love your mind. Thanks for sharing.

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If it effects the economy, it will be interesting to see what distraction Trump admin can come up with to counter it on the news. Apparently the WHO now thinks it has reached it's Pinnacle in China, but is spreading to other countries.

In a world of approx 8 billion people, so far the % is extremely low. However, epidemic s are judged by 1person to the nth power in how many people they exposed. A flu epidemic that trekked the US back in the 90s through Truck Stops was like 1 to the 27th power and it spread across the entire country as drivers stopped at Truck Stops and infected others, then took it home. (If I can find the article I will post. Insomnia does this to me.) The South Korean 61year old church attendee, according to Reuters just now, may be 1 to the 20,0000th power. Which is a helluva huge number.

Our troops have been warned not interact much with South Korean countrymen and troops. Stay on base.

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It's sad to see the U.S Public Health Service disappear. These officers are involved in health care delivery to underserved and vulnerable populations, disease control and prevention, biomedical research, food and drug regulation, mental health and rug abuse services, and response efforts for natural and man-made disasters as an essential component of the largest public health program in the world. This group of officers have been around for more than 200 years.

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Can Trump use this fear to his advantage?

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