Complete scumbags... No accountability on abetting the destruction of our democracy, and only one heroic Substacker (Judd) calling them out.

I so wish the Democrat party leadership would support this reporting and promote the sharp descrepency between the GOP and Democrats. Today's news is mostly dominated by unfathomable "compromise" on financial amounts of the infrastructure effort, which is too arcane to be a framework for supporting the Democrats.

Is it just me or do others think that the Democrats need better messaging? And, if so, is that by design?

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Better Messaging Please. Call out these untruths and falsehoods wherever lies are found.

We are all so weary of these political games, yet, we must tighten our belts, arm ourselves with the truth and carry on.

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Run a commercial on NBC (Prime Time) that more or less televises Judd's eloquent presentation.


"Shortly after the January 6 attack on the Capitol, which was motivated by Trump's lies about election fraud, Comcast — the parent company of NBC Universal — released the following statement:

The peaceful transition of power is a foundation of America’s democracy. Consistent with this view, we will suspend all of our political contributions to those elected officials who voted against certification of the electoral college votes, which will give us the opportunity to review our political giving policies and practices.

This was significant, especially because Comcast was the second-largest donor among corporate PACs to the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election. In the 2020 cycle, Comcast donated $755,000 to 95 Republican objectors. "


NBC will need to decide to run the ad or be faced with news about refusing the ad.

This strategy was used recently by the PAC Meidastouch. They approached Fox News to run an add about the insurrection. Fox refused to run the ad and very quickly news of the refusal went viral. The ad eventually ran on other networks.


This strategy can be used again:

- Run ad with Judd's presentation

- Pay (or try to pay) NBC to run the ad

- If NBC refuses to run the ad, post news of the refusal to other news services and social media

- Run the ad on other networks

As Meidastouch has operated with this strategy before maybe they would be interested in a replay with NBC.

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I’m completely sick of all the Republican BS but am far less worried about this than I am about the failure of Democrats to set the world on fire about avalanche of STATE bills, almost all of which are being passed with a SIMPLE MAJORITY, while the U.S. Senate is being held hostage by the minority and a few Democratic senators who hold the filibuster sacrosanct, thus requiring a 60 vote SUPER MAJORITY to get anything done including protecting everyone’s right to vote. This is not going to end up being a partisan problem. These restrictive state laws will affect democrats, republicans, young, old, Black, white, Latino-everyone! I don’t know why people aren’t taking to the streets, legislatures, DC and raising holy Hell. Everything else will pale if voting, our Constitutional right, is abridged and our choices are negated all by republicans.

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Which companies *are* holding to their pledges in ways that would make a difference to Republican members of Congress and PACs?

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The fact that the corporate PAC members stopping contributions to to those supporting insurrection have contributed to the GOP Senatorial campaign headed by Scott is really disgusting. I wrote Scott an email yesterday to express my support for the Manchin compromise and discovered that he has changed the standard format all elected officials use to that of a dog whistle. Instead of the usual choices of Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. etc. he now only allows Mr. and Mrs. there is not even a Miss. and if you don’t use one of those two, you cannot contact him. I used Mr. figuring that they would automatically give that more weight than Mrs. Now they will probably think I’m transgender!

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As study after study has shown, letters from the average constituent don't do anything to change their votes. They vote where the money comes from, which is why the corporations give it to them.

In a democracy, the situation would be reversed, where your letter means more than the out-of-state corporate check.

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Sadly, I am aware of this but I still write.

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I continue to write Susan Collins, knowing full well she never reads my comments. I do this because it is what I can do. If I haven't done all I can do, then I have already given up. We can't give up. Keep the letters and emails coming. My next attempt will be an old fashioned snail mail letter on real paper in a real envelope. At least if someone goes to the trouble of having to open it, the letter might be seen by human eyes. The letter may not make it to Collins, but the person who opens it might be persuaded they are on the wrong side of history. Who knows?

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Judd, maybe you have shared this before and I missed it. How do we go about "pushing back" on these companies, some of which we have to do business with because options are limited (e.g., Comcast v. Verizon in PG County)? Overall, what's the best way for us to raise our concerns?

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I have to be careful bcz I do not favor Corporatocracy. That said, heads up corp.s. I'm voting at the ballot box AND with my wallet. Do your part to bend the political calculations toward statesmanship or lose my business. As America's best and brightest your responsibilities extend beyond next quarter's numbers. There are multiple bottom lines. Statesmanship must prevail and should be the focus of your political influence. But, like our military, business leaders must influence, not dictate. You choose which ideas to fund with your political contributions. Extremists may be useful pawns in politics but must not be allowed by cooler heads to tear the fabric of society. It's bad for business. Do not sweat the petty things, and do not pet the sweaty things! Just say no. It does not enhance our reputation. Follow the shining light on the hill toward the Statue of Liberty. Your business will prosper in the long run.

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