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I as a young man born in Chicago in 1960, first woke up when at 5 years of age, I asked my Sunday school teacher what color Jesus was. I had my reasons you see. She (a "well intentioned" white lady) said that "Jesus has no color."

So I looked at her, then the painting of Jesus on the wall depicting Jesus as a slight, white man with BIG soulful blue eyes and blonde hair, then back at her, then back at the painting. I said nothing.

She in turn, looked at the painting, then at me with my brown skin and kinked hair, then at the painting again. She said nothing.

Been "WOKE" ever since and I'm not ever going back to sleep.

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Public education educates.

Conservatives seek to indoctrinate.

When Conservative accuse schools of indoctrination, they are telling us what they seek to do. Free marketers do the same. One has to wonder how well the conservatives have indoctrinated their followers in the aspects of the Lewis Powell Memo and the teachings of Jame Buchanan. We are seeing the results.

Followers here need to listen to Deja News - Rachel Maddow's new podcast as it aligns so well with Judd's work. The second episode shows that what Desantis is doing has been done before.

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Follow the money.

Because I believe the textbooks DeSantis DID approve were from one of his major donors.

It will be interesting to see if those were reviewed by the same "citizens' committee."

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What they need to do in Florida is just do away with Social Studies, World History, American History, or any other courses that teach how this, and other countries were developed, live, or how their people live.

I’m a Christian man, and I’m sick and tired of people telling me that DeSantis isn’t doing anything wrong. All he’s doing is bringing the teaching to what the Bible is teaching.

That might be so, but that’s NOT how this world has developed . That’s NOT, how this country was built. That’s NOT how others in this world live.

Having a textbook banned because it discusses the Civil War, slavery in this country, or something that doesn’t fit into DeSantis’ world, or thinking, isn’t right. A lot of our first presidents were Soave owners. Slavery went in in this country until the Civil War was fought. In some states it went in after the war because the slaves lived on doing what they had been doing before so they chose not to leave it.

DeSantis banned a history book because it had one image in the entire book which revealed a child’s buttocks. Now, isn’t that shameful! The image was that of a family living in the Bush in Africa! At their home, in the Bush, in Africa. The mother, and her children were outside the home, wearing their natural attire, and the child’s buttocks were visible outside his loin cloth he was wearing.

Now, my question to Ron DeSantis is a really simple one. When was the last time he visited a beach in his state? Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Panama Beach, Hillsborough Beach, Miami Beach, any of his beaches where tourist, and people that live in his state go.

The last time I went to one was years ago, and I’m positive it’s the same, or worse, that it was then. The women, and half the men, were walking around, or sunbathing, with bathing suits on that had all their buttocks exposed. Women lying on the beach sunbathing with their top’s unhooked, or had in such a skimpy top that the inky thing covered was the nipple. Everything else was exposed.

Mind you, I’m a man. I damn sure didn’t object to their attire in the beaches, clubs, or anywhere else. If they wanted to get nude, it made no difference to me because I stayed in a nudist camp when I was in high school and college living in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County. So, seeing women, men, children, walking around, swimming, living, wearing no clothing was nothing to me. Didn’t bother me one bit.

My point here is this. If we aren’t going to teach the Civil War, slavery, or how a culture lived someplace in this country, or world, then just forget about teaching World History or American History. You will not be able to teach about the Indians, or their culture, because of their attire, and their way of life when this country was discovered and developing.

So there is no need in having history classes as part of the curriculum of schools, colleges, or universities.

DeSantis is pushing HIS ideology on the people of Florida. And he’s preaching his ideology on the campaign trail in his speeches. IF he is elected president then we will have another Trump in the highest office in this country, and we will never have our way of life as we know it. He will continue he with ridding the country of Democracy and our Constitution.

Think about that!

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It appears to me the only “Grooming” being done is by the Republicans. I see goose stepping Fourth of July and stiff armed salutes not to far away.

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Florida should just outright ban all K-12 education and close all their schools. They can then take the money they've saved and open Indoctrination Centers where all citizens can attend misinformation reprogramming sessions. There they can learn things that really matter - science is a hoax, white people - mostly men - are the embodiment of God; a gun is a beautiful communication tool and a sign of patriotism; only Republicans can win elections - if anyone else claims to win, they have stolen said election; girls are for reproducing; minorities are for labor (with NO water breaks); books are for people who don't believe in God; poverty is a natural state; only those closest to God (e.g., GQP legislators) deserve access to healthcare; and the truth is what white Florida males say it is. Seems like this is where they're headed.

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It’s very scary to think that just one man, and a wholly unlikeable and antisocial one at that, could create an entire generation of kids who will not believe that slavery existed. Not just a whitewashed version but they will converse with other adults when they’re older and proclaim that slavery in the US never happened. We have to get rid of this awful awful man.

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This guy wants to be president. Lord help us if he's successful.

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So in a nutshell, a text is “woke” & unfit if it includes facts and real-life family types that white supremacists don’t like. Got it.

He’s desperately pushing anti-woke while ignoring his states very real issues. Maybe that’s part of the reason why he is Polling at 20% vs post-indictment Trumps 54% w/Repubs.


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I grew up in a Southern State seeping with the over toned "Lost Cause." I was in the first desegregated schools. In the 70s and 80s I thought we were growing out of this mentality. My 4 kids graduated HS in the past 18 years. Imagine my surprise around the Thanksgiving table last fall when they discussed what they learned in college and as adults what had been left out of their social studies curriculmn. My State is purple after a few years of blue and a whole lot of red.

Not bragging. I have 4 smart kids. Just thinking the reason why so many people believe the BS DeSantis, Abbott and here Youngkin, (and others in all 50 states spew) is unquestioned doesn't revolve around Critical Race Theory, but around Critical Thinking Skills. Sadly it's lacking in our country in about 74 million people.

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Ron DeSantis and his lackeys are doing everything they can to so devalue and dumb down education in Florida from Kindergarten to college that the next generation will be totally unable to compete in the 21st century. At which point they will attempt to capitalize politically by blaming woke companies for refusing to hire those who can't do the job and woke universities in other states who refuse to accept students without the requisite academic preparation. And it will work, at least for a while.

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I have to wonder: in order to ban a book because it makes someone "feel guilt, anguish, or other forms of psychological distress for actions, in which he or she played no part, committed in the past by other members of the same race," don't they have to find an actual person who actually DOES feel that way? Like, a white kid who's been interviewed by a licensed psychologist who will testify that the kid legitimately feels distressed because he read in a textbook that there were white enslavers? It seems pretty clear to me that if every kid in Florida who reads about slavery reacts by thinking "The antebellum South was a glorious society and I'm proud of my ancestors for fighting to preserve it," then the material doesn't make anyone feel any psychological distress. So don't they have to come up with some actual kid who actually exists and who actually feels guilty about the subject matter before they ban the book? And even if they find such a kid, don't they have to show that he feels that way BECAUSE OF THE BOOK, as opposed to because his parents feel that way and he picked it up from them? Because if they don't have to do any of that stuff, then this whole "feels psychological distress" thing is just a prettied-up way of saying "says that slavery might have had one or two down sides."

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The right wing will always push and push against any limits on their plan for fascism in America.

Revealed: The MAGAT* Republicans’ three-step plan for classic fascism


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Thank you for this critically important report! We are living in a two-realities America... one based on progress and understanding and one based on fear and regression. There are dark forces that want to - literally - destroy The Enlightenment by claiming "knowledge is dangerous"... leaving out the fact that God gave us Free Will (or, if you don't believe in God, just accept the fact that in every situation we have the ability to choose... whether it is north or south, chocolate or vanilla, or to cause pain or understanding.

The facts or history are that slavery has existed in America... racism still exists... homosexuality has existed since the time of ancient Greece.. etc. Teaching that these things exist does NOT promote them. It EDUCATES people ... allowing them to make informed choices in their lives. To think that information offered in school books will cause a choice of "evil over good" is to deny where the values used by the person making the choice come from. I consciously chose NOT to be like my father from a very early age... probably before I was one years old... because I saw that he assaulted my mother (both emotionally and physically). My eyes told me he was wrong because I saw the suffering my mother endured from those early days onward. By the time I was in school, my values were set: Causing pain and suffering was wrong. Helping create healing and love was right. Had I been shown anything in school that dealt with "family units" or "self love" or something else about how people treat each other or themselves, I would have judged the value of that information based on the values I brought with me.

You want to talk about "grooming"? Let's talk about children being taught how to love others and themselves rather than hate others and themselves FOR WHO THEY ARE. I want children to be taught to love not hate. If you are in Moms For Liberty, then you are advocating hate and division... and I am AGAINST the "grooming" you are engaged in.

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Just another example of one of the basic steps towards a fascist government. If anyone thinks DeSantis is a good alternative to Trump, just remember Republicans used to say the government should stay our of citizens homes, bedrooms etc. Now you have government controlling what you can read, what health care you can provide your own child, how you may run your business etc. Is this what you want?

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Thank you for revealing a little more about "Brown Shirt" Ron DeSantis and his plans to make FL and the USA unlike the free and progressive country that people from all over the world admire, and if they have wealth, send their Chinese, Saudi Arabian, and Indian children for higher education. DeSantis has an agenda based on fear and a need for control. Now, reading some of the commentary, what is happening? A reader apparently has a fear of pedophilia, and is finding data that serves European countries (where daycare for children from birth through teens is available and prevalent) can be used to encourage sexual abuse from 0 to 16. How about discussing why DeSantis and some conservatives are so threatened about what could simply described as normal (babies...we spend time cleaning their bottoms, so of course care takers touch and clean those parts if doing a good job), and truthful (about slavery and Jim Crow and racial prejudice)?

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