Cigna double speak makes no sense. Until you recall: The health insurance industry stands to lose big with Dems in control...Medicare for all makes them shake in their designer shoes.

The right to bear arms means more to the 2nd amendment freaks than the children of this country. Their verbage and action has made that loud and clear.

I visited the Virginia Tech Memorial Saturday. I was a reporter for a weekly back then. It was a day of horror and a version of "where were you when April 16" to those of us in the area." One of my youth group members was in a dorm facing on the drill field and described to me by phone the victims being carried across the field. 19 year old in tears because it was unfathomable. 14 years has passed. It still is. And getting worse.

The Roanoke Times won awards for their coverage 4/16/07. They were featured in The Newseum in Washington DC. When I went to work for TRT we had over 120k subscribers daily and 150k on Sundays. Today daily circulation hovers at 30k. I was laid off in 2017. The Newseum was shut down in 2019 I believe. The voice of reason today is from people like Judd picked up by major media, mostly print media that too are in struggling to maintain an increasingly falling readership. Encourage your friends to subscribe to Judd and PI.

We cannot rely on the gun owner proponent of his "Rights" to stop this carnage. Yesterday one of my son's HS friends posted a Boogaloo Bois gun thing on FB. He also lamented how hard it is to find 9mm ammo. This after giving me hell over taking the Pfizer Covid vaccine this past weekend because he believes it's just another government way to take away his freedom. Yes. I unfriended him. But I have unfriended over 500 in the last year. You may not live among them, I do. I watched a Miltia form here last March. I have seen them go underground since Jan 6. In May 2020 the FBI reported 4million gun purchases. Think of all the owners that bought weapons at gun shows in the south, midwest, west that had no background checks, that are never reported. Above all else of the Bill of Rights, these people support gun rights first and increasingly hate the government.

Judd is exposing you to the mechanics of it. From the ground, it is far worse than you can imagine.

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"Currently, firearm safety is regulated by the firearm industry..." Always a recipe for success, he said, sarcastically.

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I have never understood this country's gun fetish. We lose thousands of people a year to gun violence and the response by so many is a collective shrug of the shoulders. I guess that I shouldn't be surprised, though: In 2012, the country's lawmakers watched as kindergarteners and their teachers were gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut, and they did NOTHING. That's when I knew that the battle for gun control was truly over.

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Thanks again, Judd. Your clarity on this matter is awesome. To paraphrase, "your kid's teddy bear is more regulated for safety than her uncle's handgun." It's a good argument, that the regulation of tobacco, cars, alcohol - all those potentially dangerous things - haven't taken away any of our "rights."

People are blind to change, though. I live in Boulder. There is an area of town called Gunbarrel, named after a path into the city that a farmer once made, "straight as a gun barrel." It seemed odd when I moved here but over time the name came to seem normal, a part of life. When I've randomly suggested that we should change this name - which lies in our subconscious as a threat of violence - most people shrug it off. Or go on the attack. The Murder Hornets are always lurking online. I don't know how you stand it, Judd, but I'm glad that you do.

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AMERICA! Where guns are the most important thing in the world. Kids getting killed daily? Who cares as long as we're still allowed to own guns, right? I hate this country sometimes...Keep up the excellent work Judd.

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