A very bad day for Big Oil (+ discussion)

One consistent theme in Popular Information's reporting is corporate accountability. Yesterday, there were two dramatic developments on that front.

First, ExxonMobil shareholders, over the opposition of company management, installed two board members that will push the company to take climate change more seriously. The WSJ described the shareholder vote as "a historic defeat for the oil giant that will likely force it to alter its fossil-fuel focused strategy." Meanwhile, "a Dutch court found that Shell is partially responsible for climate change, and ordered the company to sharply reduce its carbon emissions." The ruling "could set a precedent in other Western jurisdictions, particularly in Europe, opening oil companies to new legal jeopardy over their carbon emissions."

I will be monitoring these developments closely. Today, however, I want to hear from you. What stories have you been following? What topics would you like to see Popular Information take on? 

You can leave your thoughts in the discussion thread linked below, starting now. I’ll be dropping by to participate in the discussion and answer your questions at 11:00 AM Eastern, for about an hour.

Popular Information is taking Memorial Day off and will return to your inbox on Tuesday, June 1.

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