The only way to get Facebook to do the right thing is to send them a message that will effect them FINANCIALLY. I, along with several of my friends have shut down our accounts and I’m spreading the word. ‘We the People’ have power when we work together!

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I closed my FB account years ago. I haven't missed it for a moment. With email, texts, IM, etc, unless someone runs a FB-connected business, I don't understand why anyone would remain on a platform that is actively undermining science, democracy, and reality itself.

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Yesterday I was jumped on my FB wall by MAGAS I know for posting the CNN story on Trump's budget particularly the part about SS and Medicare.

I was instructed to read how Pelosi used SSI to fund the House impeachment. The FB news site with that claim was newspro something or other.

When I clicked on the link, the page had been taken down for disinformation but was still flying high in the news feed. My guess is FB knows these idiots just read headlines and share.

That guy is an idiot who posted it. A library assistant and I tried to convince him he was sending money to an email scam several years back.

He told me yesterday no amount of evidence such as the page being taken down will convince him that Trump isn't being targeted by the deep state. I have quietly removed him from my FB site.

The next a retired woman, got on my wall and called me a socialist over the CNN post. I need to listen to Fox News and let them explain it.😳.

So I blocked her. I am not a socialist. If someone is stupid enough to tell me Fix News will explain it to me, it is not someone I want to know.

Thirdly, I was called a Trump hater because an older woman I know is worried about her disability and the future. This came from a retired MS in Engineering. Who said CNN is not a good source. So I sent him the Forbes article on the Trump Budget and reminded him that Stormy Daniels spanked Trump with his copy of Forbes so it ought to be a good source.

I then placed him on he can't see my posts. Unfortunately my son has to associate with the guy.

All of this stems from Facebook the biggest neighborhood in the world, from the incredible bias called Noise. If they post enough of this shit, the clamor and noise knock out the opportunity for the truth to be told.


It is the true new Social Media phenom that is taking in people from a stupid man, to a retired woman to an educated engineer. It seems to be loudest on FB where fact checking is the least thing money is spent on.

Scary times. Good job, Judd.

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Don't worry. It's already too late. The climate catastrophe is going to wipe away civilisation. It cannot be stopped at this point. I just hope I witness Republican leaders ending like Mussolini.


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If FB isn’t biased then why is it so afraid of being charged with bias? I got back on FB for my upcoming trip out of the country but as soon as I’m back home, I’m closing it completely down again. Have been off Twitter now for a year. Hasn’t been missed. Neither will Fake Book.

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RE: FB. As the great Mark Twain said, "Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." I prefer my lofty, quiet place.

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You did some great fact-sharing! I'm wondering too, if they separate the "alerts" in terms of political subjects, and then sort "right"and "left", if they arbitrarily check anything with "Senator" or "Candidate" in the post, or if they check everything accusing another article of "Fake News". One could spent 24/7 doing this!

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I'm an independent, and I can't help but notice the liberal bias of this article. Please learn to compensate for and filter out your bias.

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This story shoudl be updated with the lineup at Lead Stories. Dominated by democratic donors, and accounting for more fact-checking than all the others combined. THAT's the story, not Daily Caller.

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