Trump is always on the money grab. He tinkled on the emolents clause for 4 years why should a foreign national tie cause him to sweat? Deustch Bank, Moscow, Istanbul --all places in time where his hands have been out to grab the gold.

He got away with it before, even took home classified docs after he left DC and so far it is just another day in his life.

He will not be punished in a significant way, of that I am sure.

Once Jared brought home the billion from Saudi Arabia, Ivanka can stay home with the kids and be a Soccer Mom.

Thanks for the reporting of the TFG gift.

Unsurprising and sickening how he lands on his feet every time

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Brilliant! Keep on this story, please. (Also good to periodically footnote another Saudi political investment, the Musk Twitter deal.)

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1) Trump steals classified documents from the White House.

2) Among those documents are documents about an ally's nuclear capabilities.

3) Rumours swirl that it is Israel whose nuclear information was stolen/revealed.

4) The Saudis invest $2 billion in Kushner's money-management scheme.

I'm sure that it's all entirely coincidental...............

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Fascinating report as usual. Kushner’s position in all of this seems bizarre

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It’s impressive how the Orange Monster is never short of finding lucrative financing for the Trump brand. It would be very interesting to see how the Justice Department ties his classified document heist to the Saudi’s. This man should never be allowed anywhere near our government again! Let’s hope that the AG is busy crossing t’s and dotting i’s to indict this criminal once and for all!

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Thank you, Judd for the breakdown on the money backing Trump. I saw

a lot of questions on how he would

finance his 2024 run since by

announcing so early, he had cut off

his current PACs and the RNC by

current US finance campaign laws.

Russia considered the UK as low

hanging fruit, easily picked. The Saudis better learn, quickly, our

our fruit grows at the top of the tree

and Trump and his ilk are the rotten

fruit laying on the ground, their camels wouldn't touch. Keep up

the great work. Please don't put

put Ron DeSantis on a back burner.

He must be kept as far from the

White House as possible.

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Judd be careful out there. These folks are not fans of exposure. We need you alive.

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I am sure Donald Trump thinks we voters are all rubes. We are just props in his global quest for money and attention and power (aka dictatorship). He will learn differently in 2024.

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None of this is surprising. Also on the not surprising list: All the GOP House members talking today about investigating for Biden being the subject of undue influence by foreign countries after covering up for Trump for the last 6 years.

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If Hitler & Mussolini lived in the US after their reign of terror, we would have provided them with free campaign coverage and permission to choose the laws that govern us. This is the equivalent of what we have now!

Many have died, been exposed, expatriated for telling the truth.

And all the press talks about is TFG’s “announcement”

No consequences = approval to continue!

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Trump would sell Ivanka to the highest bidder if he thought there was a dime to be made from so doing.

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Crooks love to support other crooks. There’s no other explanation but sadly it seems like this family will never be punished. They will live the way they want to live for the rest of their lives. It’s very disheartening.

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Thanks for your work.

As several other commenters alluded to, the fact that Trump probably will not face any adverse consequences from this and his other schemes is still startling. Even after all these years, all these bankruptcies and lawsuits and all the stories of people he's screwed over in the process.

Have we ever elected such a corrupt person to the Presidency?

I take heart in knowing that, ultimately, the American people will tire of this clown and will be quite happy to let him bunker down at Mar-a-lago to scream into the wind.

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That song from “Cabaret” about money money money makes the world go round world go round is going through my head.

Nothing else motivates and moves the way money does.

Perhaps money is the root of all evil.

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Great work, Judd. Keep it up.

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Great article again

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