I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of these people.

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I read online that if Jack Dorsey is the Susan Collins of social media handling Trump's behavior, Mark Zuckerberg is becoming the Lindsey Graham. I like this analogy.

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I am so sick and tired of Donald Trump and his temper tantrums and his “untruths” (which under any other President would be called what they are: LIES). Some days I don’t even want to know what is in the news. Trump spouts off, & then we react, indignant, refuting his tweets with facts, carefully explainIng where he went wrong, or we get angry & call names & shout. Trump’s supporters & the GOP politicians then argue that he’s right, that Obama or Hillary or Biden or (insert some anti-Trumper’s name) has done worse, that we lie, that we are trying to take away their guns, their First Amendment rights, their religion, enslave all the conservatives, etc. Some days I find it unbearable. (Don’t lecture me about voting. I have always voted. I’m old enough that you had to be 21 to vote. I was proud & excited to be able to participate.)

I hope that this rant of Trump’s is something that comes to nothing. I hope that he and the GOP are soundly trounced in this year’s elections. I hope that so much of what has been done to our environment can be reversed. I hope that somehow help will be given to those who struggle. I hope that health care becomes a right, not a privilege. I hope that eyes will be opened, that everyone will see that every person’s well-being lifts us all up. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

Thanks Judd for your writings, keeping us all informed. You are much needed, especially in these perilous times.

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Zuckerwanker is the real danger here. Their repeated choice to take Russian funds to tilt the election towards ‪#Mangowanker‬ Turdking is deplorable.

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Thanks for the great research. I would be curious to know what you unearthed about other relevant platforms like YouTube and Twitter. For most readers, the salacious stories of party operatives running Facebook are more interesting, but it would also be useful to some of us to know that things are better on other platforms, or that you simply don't know.

A general problem democracy is facing is that bad news and bad governance is exciting and interesting, but competent bureaucracy is often quite dull. This puts the good guys at a distinct disadvantage for social media, as it is popularity-based.

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A grown man throwing another tantrum is so distasteful. He is surrounded by many layers of sycophants and enablers who give him his candy when he whines. We do not have to give him anything.

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I imagine his adult diapers are full. I have laughed. I have laughed loudly. Twitter is his universe, his cookie jar. He just got his little hand slapped and he wants to shut it down. What the hell would he do if he didn't have Twitter? I mean it is laughable for him to say he would shut it down.

"I am gonna take my ball and go home???"

That is where he does the majority of his presidenting😂😂

Geezus, he might have to work.

That is what should concern is.

When the Krassensteins got booted from Twitter to FB they have thudded along ever since.

But Donny has friends in high places at FB.

Just how far would they go to help him?

Set up a daily 10 messages to all the FB walls?

He is a psycho. Adding in...

nothing less than power hungry and a grifter with a toy called Twitter he wants to throw away? Hmph. Rubbish from the King of Gibberish

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Can anyone really see even the current right wing Supreme Court upholding any limitations on Twitter, FB, etc.? I can't.

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