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The year in Popular Information

Meet the Florida English teacher trying to ban 150 books from school libraries

The Twitter dumpster fire, explained

UPDATES: FTX's dirty money

Kavanaugh parties with the far right

Walmart claims low prices require long prison terms

How to ban 3600 books from school libraries

Passing the mic

CVS' diabetes scheme

Sponsoring misinformation

Buying the competition

SBF's political scam

UPDATE: A vote for paid sick leave gets fast-tracked

Railroading workers

Normalizing white supremacy

All corporations want for Christmas is a $131 billion tax cut

Trump's paymaster

Seven politicians are returning FTX's tainted money — others are keeping quiet

Fossil fuel industry dupes media, quietly funds non-profits to block renewable energy

The World Series of crypto rackets

Political media is broken

About last night

Trashing votes

The truth about inflation

A New York Times columnist went to Greenland and discovered fossil fuel talking points

The first five days of Elon Musk's Twitter

UPDATE: DeSantis' voter fraud arrests unravel

The Republican response to an attempted assassination

Shoot your shot

Amazon puts January 6 in the rearview mirror: "It's been more than 21 months"

The "fix" is in

"What happens when you put ideologues in charge of a university"

How Ticketmaster gets away with it

Nike just did it

The real stakes of 2022

Corporations donated more than $35.6 million to election deniers

Thousands of Adnan Syeds are still behind bars

UPDATE: NAACP calls on corporate backers of Tommy Tuberville to take action

How will Tommy Tuberville's corporate backers respond to his racist diatribe?

Who is really financing Herschel Walker's campaign?

How anonymous donors are dominating the 2022 midterm elections

The other Herschel Walker story

Criminally deceptive

What happened while Ron DeSantis was fighting the culture wars

Uncovered, exposed, and revealed

Billionaire-backed legal group sues to block student loan forgiveness

Servants of the Damned

UPDATE: Corporate lobbyist seeks revenge

The one Republican Party

UPDATE: Migrants file explosive class action lawsuit against DeSantis

UPDATE: DeSantis defends phony brochure; sheriff launches criminal investigation

The smoking gun in Martha's Vineyard

Donut break journalism

These corporations are backing the sponsors of a national abortion ban

Corporate America goes all-in on Dr. Oz

The radical legal theory that could upend the 2024 election

In new ads, GOP candidates brazenly misrepresent their position on abortion

What corporate media executives mean when they talk about "objectivity"

This multi-billion dollar corporation exacerbated the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi

UPDATE: DeSantis campaign attacks Popular Information

DeSantis promotes vicious smear against political rival

Google workers demand change

How DeSantis manipulates the media

Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Corporations are outraged about Indiana's abortion ban. But there's more to the story.

Corporate cash flows to Arizona extremist

The people behind the bizarre non-profit trying to kill Biden's climate agenda

What we can learn from Kansas

Twitter donates $25,000 to anti-abortion political organization

American Express' platinum-level duplicity

Corporations versus the climate

How corporate cash could help make an extremist the next governor of Pennsylvania

A radical attack on the First Amendment

The first four years and the next four years of Popular Information

Coachella's parent company is donating major cash to an anti-abortion political organization

Congress pushes in its CHIPS

Sound off

State legislators passed abortion bans. These corporations sent checks.

The billionaires buying the midterm elections

The right-wing smear campaign against a doctor who helped a 10-year-old rape victim

Catholic Church spending big on anti-abortion constitutional amendment in Kansas

Who broke capitalism?

These corporations wrote 6-figure checks to elect governors who will ban abortion

UPDATE: Tinder and Match end donations to Republican Attorneys General

Behind the curtain of Wells Fargo's corporate PAC

Trump's criminal culpability

Ron Johnson lied

The hypocrisy of abortion as a corporate perk

Ron Johnson tried to subvert democracy. These corporations are backing his reelection.

UPDATE: Pepsi responds

The corporations backing the Texas Republican Party

Popular Information x Oxford (Reader Survey)

Exposing hypocrites

Starbucks versus Gen Z

Drunk Giuliani

Crypto comes to Washington

The multi-trillion dollar greenwashing industry

Of, by, and for the billionaires

How CEOs cashed in on 2021

The NRA talks big on school safety, spends very little

These 25 rainbow-flag waving companies donated $13 million to anti-gay politicians since 2021

Social studies without social justice

Corporate Calvinball

5 facts about guns in America

What happens when every patient is a suspect

The expensive and unscrupulous campaign to keep an anti-abortion Democrat in Congress

Major cinema chain brings the Big Lie to theaters nationwide

Secrets and lies

The man who could rig the 2024 election

Supreme Court greenlights corruption

The right's embrace of a deadly racist conspiracy theory

The baby formula shortage and the twisted priorities of the American economy

After Roe

Ron DeSantis' math textbook hoax

PR giant advising corporate clients to stay silent on abortion rights

What corporations are saying about the end of constitutional protections for abortion

These 13 corporations have spent $15 million supporting anti-abortion politicians since 2016

The two flavors of Republican candidates in the 2022 primaries

Elon Musk's China problem

Major corporations quietly funnel millions to national group behind regressive state laws

Corporations get massive pandemic windfall, stiff workers

Musk is a "free speech absolutist" except when he's not

Toyota's second U-turn

UPDATES: Koch exits, DeSantis responds

Inside the "dangerous" math textbooks DeSantis claims would "indoctrinate students"

Passing the mic [CORRECTED]

Inflation profiteering

Koch-funded analyst raises doubts about Russian attacks on Ukrainian civilians

Democratic groups stick with union-busting consulting firm

How the Koch machine works

The big payback

Political blackmail

Tennessee Republicans pushing to undermine same-sex marriage are backed by major corporations

EXCLUSIVE: Koch group says U.S. should deliver partial "victory" to Russia in Ukraine

AT&T shareholders fight back

New York is on the brink of historic climate action. One man stands in the way.

American paper company maintains lucrative business relationship with Russian government

It's your turn

When money is no object

Top corporate lobbying group shows its true colors on climate change

These six corporations are financing an assault on reproductive rights in six states

UPDATE: Disney responds

Has Disney really changed?

You are (probably) paying for pro-Russian propaganda

UPDATE: Koch Industries breaks silence

As Koch Industries continues business in Russia, Koch-backed groups oppose sanctions

Decisions have consequences

Koch Industries continues doing business in Russia

These companies are still doing business in Russia

AT&T breaks pledge, directly donates to Republican objectors

The inside story of how Disney turned its back on the LGBTQ community

The audacity of oil

Corporations speak out against Texas' attack on trans youth

UPDATE: Indiana's anti-CRT bill defeated

Fossil fuel companies are exploiting Russia's attack on Ukraine

Two members of Congress spoke at a white nationalist convention. These corporations are supporting their reelection.

A far-right website created 36 days ago is more popular on Facebook than the Washington Post

How an obscure far-right website with 3 employees dominates Facebook in 2022

Florida representative proposes requiring schools to out LGBTQ kids to their parents — even if it puts them in danger

Florida politicians behind "Don't Say Gay" bill backed by corporations that claim to support LGBTQ rights

Tell me

Zero credibility

Rite Aid, wrong crime

How GOP Attorneys General joined forces with RFK Jr. to spread vaccine misinformation

UPDATE: College Board parts ways with top executive who wants to limit instruction about race and history

Republican Attorneys General Association accepts illegal contribution from RFK Jr's anti-vax group

Top College Board executive advocates limiting instruction of race and history in classrooms

What we learned from the first FEC deadline of 2022

Corporations send large donations to GOP group behind abortion bans and voter suppression

How a new proposal to stop Trump from stealing the 2024 election could backfire

North Carolina superintendent abruptly removes MLK-themed novel from 10th grade class

A strange meeting at the White House

UPDATE: Facing boycott calls, Pepsi defends donation to Texas Republican Party

2022: The year of the thought police

After Texas Republicans imposed a draconian abortion ban, these corporations sent checks

Why aren't there enough hospital beds?

How to make Congress less corrupt

Fire away

Martin Luther King Jr. said more than 35 words

Hero strike

The silence of 109 corporations who claimed to be champions of voting rights

Author of anti-CRT bill tells teacher he should stay "impartial" on Nazism

Red Lobster workers say they are forced to work sick

Corporate lobbyists bite back

The war on library books

Seven major corporations pledge not to support GOP objectors in 2022

The truth about corporate contributions to Republican objectors since January 6