Deconstructing Barr

Failure is the new success

Suing fictional cows

Payday party

The rise of white nationalism

Flying solo

The price of admission

Read Trump's lips

The busted scales of justice

Deny everything

Babies behind bars

State TV

The secret life of Stony Rushing


Many crimes

Harris bows out

Muting Mueller

Protecting sleaze

The anti-Ivanka

Nuclear whistleblower

Taxing our patience

Ivanka takes leave

Return rage

Publishing schedule

Omar versus Hunter

Enquiring minds want to know

Enquiring minds want to know

The Virginia test

The mess in Texas

The lost children

The long conn


Fox conn

Mnuchin's Russian reversal

Big Tech's oil addiction

You helped buy the most expensive home in America

Cohen's disappearing act

Shutdown bait-and-switch

Obscene wealth

What does a $1.1 million lobbying contract buy in Trump's Washington?

Is the shutdown legal?

Ohhhhh, Wilburrrr

Gambling on Tucker Carlson

Steve King's America

Steve King's America

7 GOP politicians who spoke out against swearing, and are silent on white supremacy

Vampire economics

Vampire economics

Behind the black lines

Network propaganda

The authoritarian option

The authoritarian option

Rewinding Romney

How to pick a president

How to pick a president


December 2018

"I added a new trick"

151 days

After the fraud

A trillion dollar stock trick

Sears, you can’t be serious

Wreck-It Rudy

How to indict Trump

GOP waves white flag in North Carolina

The NRA's Russian spy problem

Financing the demolition of democracy

Vice Chair of Bladen County Board of Elections abruptly resigns

A middle finger to democracy

The second man

The lid blows off

EXCLUSIVE: Absentee ballot envelopes in North Carolina fit into "a pattern of fraud"

North Carolina election heist

Man at center of North Carolina election scandal was convicted of felony fraud

November 2018

The great unraveling

85,000 dead children

Don't be evil

Google asks Cindy-Hyde Smith to refund its contribution

Cindy Hyde-Smith strikes out

Major League Baseball donates $5000 to Cindy Hyde-Smith

A former Klansman and Cindy Hyde-Smith

Former Klansman donates to Cindy Hyde-Smith

Hyde-Smith goes off the rails

After lynching comments, Walmart donates to Cindy Hyde-Smith

The integrity deficit

After lynching comments, Hyde-Smith accepts $2700 contribution from notorious racist

Google corporate responsibility

Subsidizing the world's wealthiest man

Google donates $5000 to Cindy Hyde-Smith

Laughing about lynching

A silent slaughter

The Wednesday afternoon massacre

A note on the midterms

Rigging the next decade

Words kill

The secret life of corporate cash

October 2018

The hidden flow of corporate cash to Steve King's campaign

Butter, dog food, and Steve King

The Trump family pyramid scheme

72 hours of hell

UPDATE: Intel ends financial support of Congressman Steve King

How to rig an election

The puke funnel

Preexisting deception

💰 How Saudi money skews the news

White supremacist Congressman

Dismembering American morality

The positive power of partisanship

Blood and Kushner

Trump's accomplice

The missing link is dead

Hellscape 2040

Ending minority rule

Prime politics

A debilitating scandal

6 years in prison for voting

The confidence game

September 2018

100 seconds for sexual assault

The bonus mirage

Kavanaugh's wild conspiracy theory

The plot to destroy the American dream

The Anita Hill playbook

"What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep"

The smear campaign against Christine Blasey Ford

The education of Bart O'Kavanaugh

How a right-wing magazine became Facebook's fact checker

This could be the most important election of 2018

Trump's imaginary economy

Kavanaugh's epic mistake

BONUS: Kavanaugh confidential

Kavanaugh kan't rekall

Scenes from a sham

Supreme Court document massacre

August 2018

Florida man wins primary

Google authoritarian

Banks over students

Nothing is over until we decide it is

BONUS: Trump’s plot to muzzle Mueller

What’s next for the most powerful unindicted co-conspirator in the world?

Donald Trump’s crimes

Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage

Trump can win again

Capitalism as if workers matter

559 forgotten children

The ministry of propaganda

Our dysfunctional economy

Missouri shows everyone

Why Manafort matters

The impeachment wars

Jared Kushner's tower from hell

The case for obstruction

Trump’s groceries

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