Sitemap - 2021 - Popular Information

The year in Popular Information

Why more than half of Taco Bell workers are unvaccinated

DeSantis proposes legislation to let parents sue teachers who tell the truth about U.S. history

Say your piece

Amazon's moral collapse

PowerPoint to overthrow democracy tracks Trump's public statements

Snap, crackle, profit

Trump's Michigan allies are plotting to bypass the governor and impose new voting restrictions

How Realtors® are making it more difficult for students to learn about housing discrimination

Trump's new media company is a $10 billion mirage

New Hampshire bill would require teachers to put a positive spin on slavery

Inflation exposed: The REAL reason prices are going up

"Moms For Liberty" says book about MLK violates new law banning CRT in Tennessee

Olympic sponsors stay silent on Peng Shuai

A tale of two thefts

These corporations back the sponsors of an Ohio abortion ban that's more extreme than Texas

The 43-year incarceration of Kevin Strickland

The corporate war against child care

Your turn

GameStop revisited

New North Dakota law can't be discussed in North Dakota schools

The truth about shoplifting in San Francisco 

How concentrated corporate power makes inflation worse

UPDATE: Republican lobbyists are "frustrated," push corporate PACs to resume contributions

Right-wing operatives deploy massive network of fake local news sites to weaponize CRT

One thought about Tuesday's election

GM says it supports Build Back Better... and the lobbying campaign to kill it

Youngkin campaign pushes election fraud claims: "I know how Democrats are cheating" 

The truth about Glenn Youngkin's closing ad

The political exploitation of sexual assault in Virginia high schools

The billionaires are angry

5 things you should know about Facebook

The new bugaboo

Banks engaged in multi-million dollar lobbying effort to protect wealthy tax cheats

A small step for political transparency

How Joe Manchin's policy positions impact West Virginians

How Virginia school boards are being weaponized to help elect a GOP governor

The right-wing operatives orchestrating the attack on America's school boards

Tell me how you really feel 

A citizen's guide to Trump's 2024 strategy

How brands are getting tricked into advertising on The Daily Wire

How AT&T fuels right-wing extremists

The truth about crime in America

Chamber of deceit 

What's really happening with the mail 

Walmart calls for "strong climate policy now," backs campaign to kill strong climate policy

UPDATES: The corporate campaign to tank reconciliation

Bad Apple

Fox News embraces white nationalism and these advertisers embrace Fox News

Florida legislator imports Texas abortion ban

AT&T abandons pledge, makes contributions supporting Republican objectors 

The Manchin industry

Apple's Texas problem

Very wealthy people can afford very good lobbyists

The January 6 attack never ended

GM under fire for campaign contributions to GOP objectors

DeSantis embraces anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists

In key states, corporate donations go overwhelmingly to legislators that oppose abortion rights

Treating billionaire private equity managers like everyone else

The shameful treatment of American families 

These corporations bankrolled the sponsors of Texas' abortion ban 

Where are the anti-war voices?

The media's systemic failure on Afghanistan

The January 6 corporate accountability index

How to unrig democracy

How to keep kids in school

Corporate PR will not solve the climate crisis

Texas Governor focuses on denying workers paid sick leave 

Proof that change is possible 

GM said it was a champion for voting rights, sent 125K to GOP group pushing voter suppression

These corporations just donated to a Republican group that helped create the January 6 mob

The eviction blame game

Before Florida COVID surge, major media outlets lionized DeSantis

3 years of Popular Information

Sound off [corrected]

The FBI's garbage chute

Lies, damn lies, and Facebook's statistics

Taking it to the Banks

Department of Injustice

31 major companies that have kept their promises after January 6

Lockheed Martin is now the top corporate donor to GOP objectors

How corporations give Republicans a massive financial advantage in state politics

A strategy, not a stunt

The obscure foundation funding "Critical Race Theory" hysteria

The persecution of Hervis Rogers

UPDATE: Toyota reverses course, says it will stop donating to Republican objectors

The comedy and tragedy of Trump's new lawsuit against Facebook

Behind the rainbow: How AT&T really celebrated Pride Month

Despite pledge, Google's campaign cash flows to Republican objectors

The dog days

Dropping the hammer on "cancel culture"

1 truth and 3 lies about Critical Race Theory

What happens next on voting rights

These companies can't quit Mo Brooks

How Facebook's algorithm devalues local reporting

What corporate PACs are doing 6 months after the attack on the Capitol 

How to pull back the curtain on secret corporate political spending

Trump attempted a coup. Now there are emails that prove it. 

UPDATE: Something extraordinary is happening in Texas

These 25 rainbow flag-waving corporations donated more than $10 million to anti-gay politicians in the last two years


Biden DOJ: Trump attacking a woman he allegedly raped was part of his job as president

Where Joe Manchin gets his talking points

The dirty secret behind the success of top Republican fundraisers

RIP Trump's blog (May 4, 2021- June 2, 2021)

UPDATE: Texas Republicans abandon key provision voter suppression bill

The myth of corporate neutrality

How voter suppression legislation was defeated in Texas — and what happens next

A very bad day for Big Oil (+ discussion)

Amazon sued for inflating prices across the internet

The economic obstacles to vaccination 

These corporations broke the commitments they made after January 6

Trump demands a coverup

UPDATE: Google says it is reevaluating its support for GOP group pushing voter suppression laws

A perilous new era

Google, Deloitte, and Citigroup quietly collaborate with GOP group pushing voter suppression

Lying is non-negotiable

Shareholders push to end secret political spending

Senator Anti-Vax

EXCLUSIVE: How corporate PACs are plotting to "move beyond" January 6

Facebook's problem isn't Trump — it's the algorithm

UPDATE: Some corporations break their silence on Texas' voter suppression bills

The counting will continue until results improve

Is your T-shirt a human rights violation?

The radicalization of the Texas GOP

America's tax cheats

The myth of the "woke corporation"

Tucker, Lachlan, and subsidized speech

Request for feedback: What's next?

Mob tactics

Why the body count hasn't slowed down America's gun industry

What we learned from the first major FEC deadline after the insurrection

How the GOP uses Facebook to scam Republican donors

Top climate leaders will participate in Big Oil-sponsored "sustainability" conference

A Zoom call will not save democracy

These rainbow flag-waving corporations are backing the sponsors of anti-trans legislation

How not to protect free speech

Dan Patrick and the damaged Republican psyche

McConnell versus the First Amendment

Facebook pledged to suspend political donations, then quietly funneled $50,000 to GOP group pushing voter suppression laws

A corporate reckoning on voter suppression

Texas' voter suppression bills are fueled by millions in corporate cash

Media crisis, border facts

What really happened in Georgia. And what's next.

Corporate-backed Florida Republicans push perplexing new voting restrictions

These corporations broke their pledge to stop donating to Republican objectors

The enemies list

Popular Information in Space

The hillbilly and the billionaire

UPDATE: Georgia corporations respond to pressure on voter suppression bills 

Corporate accountability campaign in Georgia gains momentum

Major corporations announce opposition to voter suppression bills in Arizona

The white to vote

The empire strikes back

UPDATES: Voter suppression and corporate cash in Georgia

The Georgia legislators pushing voter suppression bills are backed by millions in corporate cash

McConnell asks the Supreme Court to obliterate the Voting Rights Act

Truth without consequences

A festival of lies

The bare minimum

Powerful Congressman buying cannabis stock, pushing legalized weed 

After January 6 riot, major credit agency donated to Republican objectors 

Immoral hazard

Trump sued for violating the KKK Act

The truth about Cuomo

The next insurrection

Impeachment, Take 2

The war on voting

The MyPillow guy made a movie of lies about the election. These corporations beamed it into millions of homes. 

DeSantis, Big Tech, and the future of Trumpism

Trump's answer

An outbreak of greed

Publix accountability

The merry adventures of Robinhood 

The Texas Republican Party has gone off the rails. Corporate America is along for the ride. 

Threading the needle

Microsoft's ugly truth

Top D.C. lobbying firm quietly hires controversial Trump advisor 

A new day

Corporations expand donation freeze to members of Pennsylvania legislature

Where things stand

After riot, major corporations suspend donations to the Republican Attorneys General Association

The dam breaks

UPDATE: More corporations suspend donations to Republicans who objected to Electoral College vote

Major corporations say they will stop donating to members of Congress who tried to overturn the election

The chickens come home to roost

20 corporations, $16 million, and 138 Republicans trying to subvert democracy

Trump's call was despicable. But was it criminal?

Facebook fails Georgia