Sitemap - 2019 - Popular Information

The year in Popular Information

Google's holiday gift to Devin Nunes

Ask Judd anything: 2020 edition

The third man

Less than zero

How the media blew the impeachment story

Purge the vote

Facebook's election training materials riddled with errors 

The bottomless pit of money

The racists and the antiracists

Blood money

RIP Rowdy Republican


Zuckerberg meets the press

The Democratic free-for-all

The makeup tutorial China doesn't want you to see

The forgotten crimes

Devin Nunes' European vacation

UPDATE: Facebook admits sponsoring Kavanaugh speech was "a mistake"


The Juul of Washington

Open season

Facebook fetes Kavanaugh 

The white nationalist in the White House

A viewer's guide to the impeachment inquiry

Facebook's top news executive has her own media outlet — and it's been savaging Elizabeth Warren

UPDATE: Trump campaign contest to win a meal with Trump was a fraud

An explosion of fake news on Facebook

Yanking Yovanovitch

The Trump campaign holds a lot of contests. Does anyone win?

The $2.3 trillion failure

Keeping it "real"

UPDATE: Facebook employees protest ad policy

Facebook allows prominent right-wing website to break the rules 

The eco-conscious corporations backing America’s most insidious climate villain


Zuckerberg speaks

Mulvaney keeps talking

The Republican political operatives who call the shots at Facebook

Father and son

Endless wars

Google misrepresentation


The tiny Alaskan public broadcaster in Facebook's crosshairs


Partners in crime

Facebook says Trump can lie in his Facebook ads

Obstruction junction

Popular Information just turned 1. Join the party.  

The second whistleblower

Huge "Police Lives Matter" Facebook page run from Kosovo, pushed misinformation about U.S. cops 

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?

An interview with the Ukrainians who created the "I Love America" Facebook page 

UPDATE: Facebook takes action

Massive "I Love America" Facebook page, pushing pro-Trump propaganda, is run by Ukrainians

The future of work

The cover-up of the cover-up

The Saudi money trail

Supreme Court Injustice

If you can't win, cheat

UPDATE: The Facebook diabetes scam

The dystopian solution 

Facebook giving massive distribution to dangerous misinformation about diabetes

Loophole kills seven

Criminalizing voter registration


Move slow and break things

Speak freely

An election without rules

Burning down the party

Drug the swamp

Since El Paso

Facebook's selective enforcement

Facebook admits Trump campaign is violating its rules, takes down numerous ads targeting women

The real GOP

Selling your Soul 

White supremacy and the last race of 2018 

How things change 

White terrorism

Every can of this energy drink helps Trump get re-elected

Paying for your own parental leave

Making legal immigration illegal

The truth about Deloitte

Trump using Facebook ads to lie about his Democratic opponents

Trump using Facebook ads to lie about his Democratic opponents

Starve the poor

Mueller theater

Trump's pink and purple pitch for women

The $15 question

What you can get from Trump for $360,000

Inside Deloitte's secret contracts with ICE 

Trump's racist diatribe and the future of the Democrats

How AT&T celebrated Pride Month

Ask Judd anything

Acosta defends his sweetheart deal for a pedophile

Do House Democrats really want Trump's taxes?

The rotten cabinet

Lying is profitable

The consequences of impeachment-phobia

Southern border horror

Children are suffering. These companies are profiting. 

Infowars host, still verified on Twitter, calls for lynching of Obama

Facebook's plan to upend the global economy

President for life

These rainbow flag-waving corporations donated millions to anti-gay members of Congress

Check your executive privilege

Trump's one true love

Investigation manipulation

All governments lie

EXCLUSIVE: Bayer stops advertising on Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham

Google harassment

Permanently rigging the game

The forgotten massacre

Hollywood studios bankrolled politicians behind abortion bans in Georgia and Louisiana

Mueller speaks. Will Congress listen?

Netflix's CEO has some explaining to do

How the Trump campaign scams its supporters on Facebook

10 million fake views


The real Jim

The state of the resistance

These six corporations are financing the war on women in six states

Trump campaign accepts cash from notorious white supremacist

The corporations backing Alabama's war on women

Q&A with Bernie Sanders

This is not a Constitutional crisis

EXCLUSIVE: How money flows from Amazon to 8chan

UPDATE: Trump campaign resumes false advertisements on Facebook

The biggest loser

The Epoch of Social Media

Open and shut

Reader research project: The Epoch Times

The Rudy Report

Barr's baby

Trump ad contagion spreads on Facebook, infects Google

EXCLUSIVE: Trump campaign moves deceptive ads from Facebook to Google

Facebook allows the Trump campaign to run false and misleading ads with impunity

Delay, obstruct, deny

Rage against the machine

UPDATE: Facebook admits it ran hundreds of Trump campaign ads that violate Facebook rules

How low can you go

Impeachment bait-and-switch

Google slinks back to Fox News

Mueller's slam dunk

Veto #2

Scamming the elderly

Trump launches deceptive new Facebook ad targeting seniors

Penny ante

All the president's tantrums

Inside Trump's manipulative new Facebook strategy


Cruel, but not cruel enough

Above the law

McConnell's long game

The politics of killing newborns

Summary judgment

How the lunatic fringe went mainstream

The ideas primary

Political self-destruction

A $50,000 photo with Trump

Deconstructing Barr

Failure is the new success

Suing fictional cows

Payday party

The rise of white nationalism

Flying solo

The price of admission

Read Trump's lips

The busted scales of justice

Deny everything

Babies behind bars

State TV

The secret life of Stony Rushing

Many crimes

Harris bows out

Muting Mueller

Protecting sleaze

The anti-Ivanka

Nuclear whistleblower

Taxing our patience

Ivanka takes leave

Return rage

Publishing schedule

Omar versus Hunter

Enquiring minds want to know

Enquiring minds want to know

The Virginia test

The mess in Texas

The lost children

The long conn

Fox conn

Mnuchin's Russian reversal

Big Tech's oil addiction

You helped buy the most expensive home in America

Cohen's disappearing act

Shutdown bait-and-switch

Obscene wealth

What does a $1.1 million lobbying contract buy in Trump's Washington?

Is the shutdown legal?

Ohhhhh, Wilburrrr

Gambling on Tucker Carlson

Steve King's America

Steve King's America

7 GOP politicians who spoke out against swearing, and are silent on white supremacy

Vampire economics

Vampire economics

Behind the black lines

Network propaganda

The authoritarian option

The authoritarian option

Rewinding Romney

How to pick a president

How to pick a president