Sitemap - 2020 - Popular Information

The year in Popular Information

Ten months, 29 days

Corporate lobbyists and slave labor

We don't know who is spending millions to help Georgia Republicans in the runoff election

Gaming vaccine priority

This election is rigged. Please vote.

Despite new policy, vaccine misinformation is spreading on Facebook and Instagram

These corporations are funding the GOP candidates in Georgia's Senate run-off elections

The Department of Defense Contractors

7 months later

Six corporations that talk green and spend dirty

Death by eviction

Before her scorched-earth attacks, Loeffler shared a pulpit with Warnock and praised his church

Corporate America will spend millions to keep McConnell in charge of the Senate

8 times David Perdue lied about his stock trades

The greed epidemic

A confederacy of dunces

Biden national security briefing included two board members of a massive defense contractor

There is no vaccine for misinformation

Dr. Death

Money talks

Trump's legal gambit fizzles — but it's still dangerous

Two corporate law firms are helping Trump attack democracy. What do their other clients think?

Why Trump won't concede 

Georgia on my mind

A brief guide to the Trump campaign's lawsuits

Let's talk

834 days later

Messing with Texas

Amazon donated $40,000 to the nation's leading source of vaccine misinformation

Facebook approves Trump ads that violate its pre-election rules

As COVID spikes, Bank of America ends pandemic pay increase 

The dark side of the Republican's newest star


Steve Bannon's unhinged version of the Hunter Biden conspiracy reaches millions on YouTube

Trump's "Eighth Wonder Of The World" is a few empty buildings

SmileDirectClub CEO sends cash directly to Trump

David Perdue attacked Kamala Harris with a racist trope. These corporations are still backing his Senate campaign. 

Yawning at depravity 

Clarence Thomas' surprise

Local propaganda 

Unpacking the narrative

King of Cruelty 

Trump's drugs

Facebook gives Breitbart a pass for COVID misinformation

The scandal up north 

Proud and Prejudice


The art of diversion

Facebook pledged to remove misinformation about voting posted by Trump. It's not following through. 

Pennsylvania Republicans are plotting to help Trump steal the election. These corporations support them. 

Nation's largest supermarket chain bans "Black Lives Matter" pins

The hypocrisy is obscuring the cruelty

Trump courts cult

UPDATE: Trump campaign accepts more cash from neo-Nazi leader

Facebook's climate of denial

Private neglect 

Dead meat

These 62 landlords received at least $60 million in taxpayer bailouts. Now they are evicting tenants.

Corporate landlords defy federal eviction "moratorium"

Large network of Facebook pages circulates voting misinformation from obscure right-wing website

Seeing double in Georgia

The real scandal isn't what Trump said about veterans. It's what he did to them.

The NBA's corporate sponsors donated $3.3 million to reelect politicians rated "F" by the NAACP

Fakes on a plane

The corporate conflicts of Trump's new coronavirus advisor

Trump campaign accepts donations from neo-Nazi leader

5 months, 75 days

As the pandemic rages, Facebook distributes dangerous health misinformation on a massive scale

Voices of San Quentin: The inside story of how a prison became the nation's biggest COVID cluster

How to return your mail-in ballot without using the postal service 

A comprehensive guide to the sabotage of the United States Postal Service

The inside story of an alleged victim of "cancel culture"

A Kodak board member's impeccable timing

Nevada rolls the dice

Trump dupes the press

219 Days of Popular Information

The Trump campaign's latest contest is a scam. Here's proof. 

Stealing the census

Greed infects college football

Trump goes postal

UPDATE: Kodak executives' surreptitious profiteering

What happened before Kodak's moment

Ultimate immunity

Sarah Palin's Facebook grift 

Congressman promotes notorious coronavirus conspiracy theorist 

This Congressman is attacking Black Lives Matter with white nationalist talking points. These companies are supporting him.

White the vote

Federal agents are snatching protesters off the streets of Portland. These companies are profiting.

Fact-check of viral climate misinformation quietly removed from Facebook

Kelly Loeffler is running against Black Lives Matter. These corporations are supporting her campaign.

4 months, 112 days

Kids as pawns

Three corporations backing a California initiative to incarcerate more people

Inside Facebook's dysfunctional approach to civil rights 

How Facebook and YouTube mask the truth

Inside the black box

Amid new COVID surge, corporations keep wages flat for frontline workers

Facebook admits Ben Shapiro is breaking its rules

UPDATE: Comcast severs ties with right-wing lobbyist Matt Schlapp

Hemorrhaging advertisers, Facebook launches PR blitz

The entertainment industry is speaking out in support of Black Lives Matter. Will they act?

UPDATE: Facebook's tipping point

The dirty secret behind Ben Shapiro's extraordinary success on Facebook

Facebook creates fact-checking exemption for climate deniers 

Facebook advertisers hit pause

A Schlapp in the face

Murder exposes Facebook's Boogaloo problem

The $500 billion black box

The game has not been changed 

Kroger unmasked

UPDATE: Disney and Papa John's drop Tucker Carlson

Three corporations that say they support Black Lives Matter but sponsor Tucker Carlson [UPDATED]

UPDATE: More Facebook ads promote violence against protesters

These companies are publicly embracing Black Lives Matter. Will they continue to bankroll Tom Cotton?

Facebook runs ad from Congressional candidate urging people to shoot "looting hoards"

Facebook mutiny

Corporations tweet support for Black Lives Matter. Their FEC filings tell a different story.

The "outside agitator" trope

Twitter tantrum

Legal immunity from grandma

Infecting the vote

Facebook and Twitter are terrified of Trump

Rise of the quacks

Seven weeks later

Facebook, unmasked

The new abnormal

UPDATE: Kroger's $21 million man

Veterans as guinea pigs


Return to work, or else

The ugly truth

COVID conspiracies infect Facebook

UPDATE: Multi-millionaire Trump donor returns $128 million 

Trump's chicken man


Corporate shield leaves workers exposed

LeBron James works for a small business

Multi-millionaire Trump donor is top recipient of funds intended for struggling small businesses

UPDATE: Ruth's Chris returns $20 million

Death sentence

32 millionaire CEOs who scooped up taxpayer money meant for struggling small businesses

Make America Protest Again

A raw deal

Someone to blame

Playing favorites 

In the dog house

How private equity is using the pandemic to extort taxpayers 


Failing small business

As pandemic spreads, Petsmart reopens its dog grooming salons

Pizza pandemic

A deadly corporate lobbying campaign


Mailing it in

UPS not delivering on promises, workers say

UPDATE: Spectrum moves to improve working conditions for cable technicians

A Dollar short

Amazon soliciting public donations to pay workers' sick leave

Installing cable during a pandemic

UPDATE: Kroger expands paid sick leave policy for COVID-19

Publix health

Who is dividing people?

Prime responsibility

Supermarket sick

Extracting the truth

America can't count

UPDATE: Free breadsticks now come with paid sick leave

Free breadsticks during a coronavirus outbreak [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Facebook reverses course, removes over 1,000 deceptive Trump campaign ads 

UPDATE: Facebook reverses course, removes over 1,000 deceptive Trump campaign ads 

Facebook allows Trump campaign to run deceptive Census ads [UPDATED]

A Super Tuesday discussion

The Daily Caller uses status as Facebook fact-checker to boost Trump 

The Mike Pence show

Conspiracy Rush

Political infection


The Supreme Court quietly goes full MAGA

The fate of 1.4 million Florida voters

How much does the presidency cost?

The anatomy of a smear

The facts about Facebook's fact-checking program

Poll position 


Ripping reality apart 

Trump's play for the black vote

Understanding Iowa

Lying with numbers

These corporations are quietly bankrolling Congress' top climate denier

The cover up

Facebook gets Foxy

Quid pro whoa

Promises broken

The best defense

Facebook allows pro-Trump Super PAC to lie in ads

McConnell's thin line

Extremist groups descending on Virginia are using Facebook to promote violence 

YouTube broadcasts climate disinformation to millions — and major brands make it profitable 

Three updates and one new hack

Greenwashing BlackRock

A war of the mind

9 Iran pundits with undisclosed ties to the defense industry

Money for nothing

Not even trying

2020 is the new 2003

The fundamental question for 2020