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The year in Popular Information

Coinbase targets financially vulnerable young adults

The truth about Wreaths Across America

10 alarming things Trump has promised to do in a second term

Organized journalistic crime

Popular Information meets MTV

The report AT&T didn't want to produce

Florida says the purpose of school libraries is to "convey the government's message"

Texas Republican Party rejects ban on associating with Nazi sympathizers

Abortion word games

Mysterious woman tells school board that Scholastic book sparked porn addiction

Uncharitable giving

Kushner's Mexican connection

America's most unhinged, unelected official

Free speech does not require subsidizing bigotry 

How Trump plays the media on abortion

Talk to me

These companies spent over $100 million to avoid accountability for drinking water contamination

How Moms for Liberty and a notorious English teacher exploited a high school student 

UPDATE: School board voters fight back

UPDATE: Moms for Liberty activist accuses Popular Information of "Antifa-style tactics"

Criminalizing dissent

Moms for Liberty members call the cops on Florida librarians

Why reporters play dumb

The Virginia voter purge

UPDATE: The truth about Target 

Speaker Mike Johnson's corporate backers

What everyone should know about the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson

Trump, the UAW, and the electrified future

UPDATE: Woman charged with homicide of Mika Westwolf 

The $14 billion question

Talk it out

The resurrection of Jim Jordan

America's zombie "crime wave"

Scholastic's "bigot button"

Texas Republicans are fighting about whether it's OK to associate with white supremacists

Charles Koch's audacious new $5 billion political scheme

California cracks down on corporate greenwashing

Target says it's closing 9 stores due to theft. The crime data tells a different story.

UPDATE: A case study in unethical journalism

No Labels makes its choice

North Carolina Republicans create "secret police force"

I'll listen

UPDATE: Unraveling what's really happening in Florida school libraries

Florida school district orders librarians to purge all books with LGBTQ characters

Bob Menendez, Al Franken, and the presumption of innocence

Book banners target public libraries

Are corporations really committed to ending child hunger?

A real fact-check of Trump's appearance on Meet the Press

The Oklahoma City boondoggle

A closer look at California's $267 million war on "organized retail crime"

Child poverty is a choice

Wisconsin Republicans' nuclear option

The key to understanding Donald Trump's enduring appeal is Vince McMahon

Pennsylvania school district requires social studies classes to incorporate right-wing propaganda

The truth about Elon Musk and anti-Semitism

Disney tickets, PS5s, and big-screen TVs: Florida parents exploit DeSantis' school vouchers

Top North Carolina judge faces potential sanctions for talking about racial discrimination

UPDATE: Tennessee House Speaker silences critic, avoids vote on alleged residency fraud

The chaos in Florida school libraries

If the U.S. economy is doing well, why do so many Americans say it's terrible?

Inside the campaign to cancel sex ed

Your turn

Arkansas rejects AP African American Studies, cites Arkansas law on "prohibited topics"

In a small Kansas town, a brazen attack on press freedom

The truth about Monique Worrell

Judge orders Southwest Airlines to receive “training” from anti-abortion extremist group

Psyched out: How the DeSantis administration duped the media

Republicans publicly bash Bud Light, quietly pocket Bud Light money

The biggest misconception about Trump's third criminal indictment

Orlando Magic donates $50,000 to DeSantis Super PAC

Meet the "scholars" who created Florida's new Black history curriculum

The first five years and the next five years of Popular Information

Right-wing activists seek to ban "Arthur's Birthday" from Florida school libraries

Alabama legislators buck Supreme Court, cling to racially discriminatory voting districts

Is Corporate America biased against white people?

GOP donors fuel RFK Jr's presidential campaign

Fox News won't let new facts get in the way of a good conspiracy

United States Senator defends white nationalists

Iowa Republicans, backed by corporate America, push new abortion ban

Pride and prejudice

1500 environmental lobbyists are double-dealing with the fossil fuel industry

The right-wing scheme to upend public education — for $125 per hour

Keep talking

Democracy dodges a bullet

The House of Marjorie Taylor Greene

What makes a social studies textbook "woke" in Ron DeSantis' Florida

Did Hunter Biden get a "sweetheart deal"?

Weigh in

US murder rate declines dramatically in 2023 — but you probably haven't heard about it

The pernicious elite obsession with RFK Jr.

Why a South Carolina high school decided to censor Ta-Nehisi Coates

What the PGA Tour's corporate sponsors have to say about joining forces with the Saudis

Your guide to the nonsense about Trump's federal indictment

You get what you pay for

The Saudis buy professional golf

Fox News' favorite Democratic presidential candidate

These 25 rainbow flag-waiving corporations donated $13.5 million to anti-gay politicians since 2022

UPDATE: Inside the disturbing investigation of Mika Westwolf's death

Banning book bans

There is always more money for defense contractors

Tennessee Speaker appoints conspiracy theorist to develop state social studies standards

"Reimagining political journalism"

Mika Westwolf matters

Off Target

UPDATE: New federal lawsuit says Florida book bans are unconstitutional

How a grocery store mega-merger could cost workers millions

Florida teacher under state investigation for showing 5th graders a Disney movie

Musk bows to Turkey's autocratic government, censors Twitter before critical election

Ron DeSantis is about to make a mockery of campaign finance law

"Women's Bill of Rights" created by secretive group that opposes women's rights

Elon Musk's obsession with anti-white bias

REVEALED: These ten books are considered pornography in Ron DeSantis' Florida

Unhappy meals

UPDATE: In Tennessee, a cover-up is unraveling

Trans representative, banned from House floor, sues Montana Speaker

Student sentenced to 10 days in jail for peaceful protest of anti-trans policies

Express yourself

Watchdog group requests criminal investigation of Tennessee Speaker Cameron Sexton

Tucker has left the building

Florida school district bans dozens of books based on proposed bill

UPDATE: Tennessee's largest newspaper says House Speaker may not be a legal resident of his district

Florida's phony "exceptions"

Amazon allegedly sold "suicide kits" to vulnerable teens

UPDATE: Sexton responds, constituents call for resignation

UPDATE: Tennessee House Speaker secretly bought $600,000 home in Nashville

If at first you don't succeed, defund the public library

The truth about Budweiser

UPDATE: Tennessee Speaker admits his family lives hours away from the district he represents

Where does the Tennessee House Speaker actually live?

What happened in Wisconsin

After mass shooting, Tennessee House moves to expel three members calling for gun control

The opaque $70 million scheme that could make Trump the next president

FLASHBACK: When right-wing pundits thought political hush money payments were a crime

Right-wing pundits, with Musk's encouragement, respond to mass shooting with anti-trans propaganda

The dangers of Dollar General

The inside story of why a Florida school removed a movie about Ruby Bridges

Top Congressional Republicans bolster Trump's violent rhetoric

Say your piece

Trump allies misrepresent crime in NYC

The war on drag shows

Why Stormy Daniels matters

Ron DeSantis’ crackdown on “woke” banks could help a big Ron DeSantis donor

Silicon Valley Bank donated zero dollars to Black Lives Matter

Who gets bailed out? Who gets left out?

Deregulating child labor

Florida book bans are not a hoax

Tucker v. Tucker

UPDATE: Walgreens' deceptive damage control

A crime against democracy

How Walgreens supports the anti-abortion movement

Disney-backed Florida legislator proposes major expansion of "Don't Say Gay" law

Murdoch, exposed

Is it "OK to be white"?

DeSantis pushes ban on gender studies at Florida colleges and universities

Talk to me

Florida school board bans three books at the request of allegedly racist and homophobic teacher

Florida teacher fired for video of empty bookshelves after DeSantis complaint

UPDATE: College Board scrubs website to cover up deceptions about AP African American Studies course

The environmental awakening of Tucker Carlson

The truth about Biden, the GOP, Social Security, and Medicare

Inside the push for a nationwide ban on abortion medication

"Apartheid" in Jackson, Mississippi

This book is considered pornography in Ron DeSantis' Florida

How Koch manipulates the media

UPDATE: Michigan fights back

Why the College Board watered-down its new course on Black history

UPDATE: Florida Commissioner of Education attacks Popular Information

Kroger workers allege massive wage theft: “I’m tired of having to beg"

Inside the audacious new scheme to erase LGBTQ people from Michigan schools

Major corporations back book-banning North Dakota legislator

Spill it

Twitter can't handle the truth

Florida teachers told to remove books from classroom libraries or risk felony prosecution

The untimely death of Larry Price Jr.

The true priorities of the global elite

The GOP's bogus war with corporate America

How Walgreens manufactured a media frenzy about shoplifting

"Director of First Impressions": How corporations use phony titles to dodge billions in overtime

The right to compete

Florida English teacher pushing book bans is openly racist and homophobic, students allege

"Don't Say Gay": Florida schools purge library books with LGBTQ characters

The NFL's moral collapse